Cheap Cancer Hospitals in India – Free, Low Cost Treatment

Cheap Cancer Hospitals in India

According to the latest predictions by World Health Organization (WHO) – number of people succumbing to the deadly cancer will reach the figure of 7 Lakh by the year 2015. The major reason for cancer deaths in India is the high treatment cost and poor/inferior quality of facilities/equipments available in nearly 40% of cancer centers in India. So best solution to avoid expensive treatments is early detection and adopting preventive measures and lifestyle changes. But for the people having no alternative than to take medical services, there are many cheap cancer hospitals in India which offer very high quality medical care services. Along with these there is cancer insurance provided by ICS and NIA which has very low premium amongst other benefits.

Free Cancer Hospitals in India

  1. Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai: Established in the year 1941 and one of the oldest in India, the hospital offers free cancer treatment to nearly 70% patients with world class facilities, justifying the Tata Group’s motto of returning wealth to the society. You can contact TMC – Mumbai on +91-22-24177000, 24146750 – 55 or E-mail at [email protected] Website: In a latest update, doctors at TMC are working on development of low cost medicines for cancer which would cost less than Rs.1000/month which otherwise costs, nearly Rs. 1,00,000.
  2. Tata Memorial Hospital, Kolkata: Offers nearly 50% of underprivileged people, free treatment or at a subsidized rates. You can contact TMC – Kolkata on +91-33-6605-7000 or E-mail them at [email protected] Website:

Cheapest/Low Cost Cancer Treatment in India

Listed below are the hospitals offering low cost cancer treatment in India along with contact details:

  1. Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Center: At a very nominal cost, the centre offers detection of breast, colon and gynaecological cancer. You can contact them on +(91)-(11)-27051017. Website:
  2. Shree Santram Samdhi Sthan, Nadiad (Gujarat): The trust provides consultation on cancer at a free cost or on a small token fee. Phone: +91 (268) 255-0005, E-mail: [email protected].  Website:
  3. Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology, Bangalore: Offers free treatment for cancer to the poor people. Also the medicines sold here are priced nearly 40%-60% less than the ones sold in the market by branded drug companies. In addition to this poor people are given financial assistance through various schemes run by Karnataka government. Phone: +91-80-26094000, E-mail – [email protected] Website:
  4. Regional Cancer Center, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala: This hospital offers low cost cancer treatment to poor people than the ones offered by the private hospitals. Also the service is of extremely high quality. Phone: +91-471- 244 2541. Website:
  5. ICS Cancer Detection Centre, Mumbai: Offers cancer detection to people at a very nominal price. Average cost is very low as compared to the ones at private centres. Phone: +91-22-24125238, +91-22-24139445. E-mail: [email protected] Website:
  6. Dharamshila Hospital and Research (DHRC): They offer free breast and cervical cancer screenings for wome aged above 40 years and low cost screenings for women aged below 40 years. Phone: 8130000120/9650392403. Website:

Cord Blood Banking in India – Cost, Insurance, Companies

Cost of Cord Blood Banking In India

Until 2007, cord blood banking in India was considered very alien. However it has now become very popular and parents are now opting for cord blood banking since it future protects their child from harmful diseases especially the ones with family history of diseases such as anemia, thalassemia, leukemia and others. On average the cost of cord blood banking in India is INR 70, 000 till 1,00,000.

Why Cost of Cord Blood is High

But looking at the high cost of cord blood banking. parents in India stay away from it. Another reason is the unproven fact of it’s efficiency.

But why is the price so high? Since the procedure involves collection and storage of cord blood for many years in special medical freezers, parents have to pay charges annually or sometimes prepaid option is also available wherein parents pay a one time fees of upto 20 or more years depending on the bank.

Family Cord Blood Banks in India

While finalizing the best stem cell bank, it is very important to consider factors such as doctor’s reputation, technical expertise amongst many other factors. So here are the top banks in India for cord blood present in the metro cities along with their contact numbers:

  • Kolkata: Cordlife India (+91 98301 66200)
  • Mumbai: Babycell(1800 209 0309), ReeLabs(+91 22 2207 2526), ReliCord (Reliance Life Sciences) (+ 91 (22) 6767 8000)
  • Bangalore: Cryo-Save (+91 79 4005 0444), International Stemcell Services Ltd. (+91 80 6565 2220)
  • Gurgaon: Cryobanks India (+91 99 99 673602), NovaCard (1800 103 7836)
  • Pune: StemOne Biologicals (+91 20 2545 1509)
  • Ahmedabad: StemCyte India (+91 79 6170 1001)
  • Chennai: LifeCell (1800 419 5555 or SMS ‘LIFECELL’ TO 53456), Jeevan (+91 44 43524242)

It’s an Insurance for Your Child

Considering the high cost many stem cell banks offer an option to pay in instalments. Since stem cells bank protects against any potential health problem which might arise in the future, stem call banks have become a kind of an insurance provider for the child. The term used in the cord blood industry is called biological insurance.

Buy Cheap Generic Medicines in India at Jan Aushadi, Jeevandhara Stores

Buy Cheap Generic Medicines in India

Amritsar in Punjab is the first city in India to open generic drug store. And Punjab government has fully supported the government to make affordable medicines available to Indian people. The main reason for Indian government to initiate the selling generic medicines is to reduce burden of poor people who are not able to afford branded medicines due to extreme high price and help people know about the cost effective generics. Compared to branded medicines, generics are sold at cost which is 70%-80%* lower. Medically there is no harm in taking generics since active ingredients are same and stringent scrutinization is done before approving the drugs for sale in the market. The only difference is that they are not associated with any brand, price is lower, medicine design is different.

Where to Buy Affordable Generic Medicines in India or Get Information on Generics

1) Jan Aushadhi Stores: An initiative of Government of India, Jan Aushadhi Stores have been opened in various locations in India. Jharkhand (24), Punjab (22) and Odisha (21) are three states where the maximum number of stores are present and most of them are open 24*7. You can buy generic drugs at Civil Hospital in following locations:

Punjab – Amritsar, Mohali, Bhatinda, Ludiana & other locations

For exact locations – visit this page:

National Toll Free Number: 1800-180-8080

2) Jeevandhara Stores – Hyderabad: It is an government of India initiative and stores are located at various cities/towns in Andhra Pradesh. Here are few the contact details:

Osmania General Hospital – Hyderabad

Govt. General Hospital, Anantapur

More detailed list can be found here.

3) Prabodhan Goregaon Grahak Sahakari Sanstha Maryadit – Mumbai – After doing thorough research on senior citizens and medicine cost for ailments such as diabetes, blood pressure etc, they found that expenses incurred by a single person is INR 3000-4000/Month. So this organization started promoting generic medicines. They’ve displayed list of such medicines here. You can read testimonials of the customers who have been taking generic drugs regularly and benefiting from the same.

Address: 12, Mangalya Society, Siddhartha nagar, Road no 17, Goregaon (W), Mumbai – 400062

Phone: +91-22- 28797590/+91-9820241931

E-mail: [email protected]

4) – On this site, you can search for branded drugs and it’s generic alternative and then chemists in your nearest location.

Listed below are measures taken by the government in order to make medicines affordable in India:

1) Fixing and controlling the MRP of the scheduled drug

2) Regulated the price rise by reducing the abnormal increase in the annual price of the medicines from 20% to 10%

3) Reducing sales tax on medicines

4) Reducing the excise duty from 16% to 8%

5) Fixed VAT of 4% for all the drugs

Now Free Medicines & Diagnostic Services In India

Free Medicines in India

In order for affordable healthcare to reach poor and middle class people and those located in remote part of India, very soon free medicines would be available at government hospitals, dispensaries and treatment centres in India. Government wants replication of the scheme currently available in two Indian states Tamilnadu and Rajasthan. This facility would be offered only to patients admitted in these hospitals. 50 essential generic medications would be provided to Indian citizens across the nation. These medicines are for common health problems such as pain, infections, high blood pressure, patients with diabetics and few others. World health organization would release this list. Once successfully rolled out, it would bring a great sigh of relief to India which is already affected with high inflation rates. As of now, cheap medicines in India are available in Andhra Pradesh, Amma Pharmacy – Tamilnadu and few others.

For successful implementation; government would be required to purchase necessary medications in bulk.

If we consider an example of Rajasthan which offers Paracetamol tablets (500mg) at Rs. 1.91/strip of 10, whereas the equivalent branded drug sold in the market – Crocin is available to the consumer at Rs. 20.35. Such reduced rates will definitely reduce burden on poor and middle class people in India.

Free Medicines in West Bengal

West Bengal government had made an announcement on offering free medicines and diagnostics services for the patients seeking medical care in government hospitals in January 2014. Free beds is also provided to rural health centres run by West Bengal government. Free medications and diagnostics services can also be availed by pregnant mothers and child upto 1 year of age.

Initiative by Maharashtra Government

Free medicines and equipments are offered to the patients in state run hospitals from March 01, 2014. WHO listed 429 essential drugs which includes drugs for treating cancer and heart problems.

No Cost Medicines for Drug Addicts in Punjab

Punjab government is offering medicine at no cost for drug addicts at 141 community health centres present in the Punjab. In addition to this, patients would be provided pick and drop facility from rehabilitation centre to their home until they become fully de-addicted. After the successful treatment patients would be offered outdoor rehabilitation facilities in both state run and private hospitals.

Medical Tourism in India, Growth, Advantages, Disadvantages

Rise of Medical Tourism in India

With rising health care costs in developed countries like United States and United Kingdom along with rising inflation in these countries, patients who cannot afford such an expensive health care costs are seeking medical treatments in countries which offer same treatments at a very low cost. In fact, celebrities, sportsmen & other people from western countries flock to such countries. This has given rise to medical tourism (or medical travel) which has now become a growing sector as it creates lots of job opportunities and adds to the growth of the country. And amongst the countries which offer low cost health care services, India is one country. Growth of medical tourism in India has been very rapid in the last 10 years and according to Confederation of Indian Industry over 1, 50, 000 patients travelled to India to seek health care services in 2005. And according to Ministry of Tourism, India, medical tourism growth in India is expected to see an exceptional growth rate of 30% by 2015 and set is to become a 2billion USD industry.

Advantages of Medical Tourism in India

1) The biggest advantage of medical travel in India is the low cost health care service

2) Technological advancements and highly educated doctors

3) Availability of latest medical instruments

4) High health care standards offered

5) No language barrier as English is widely spoken across India. Moreover many hospitals in India hire native translators for patients from African countries so that they can communicate effectively.

6) Relaxed visa rules

7) Visa on India arrival for patients from specific countries

8) Availability of low cost generic medicines

Disadvantages of Health Travel in India

Despite of above mentioned advantages there are few disadvantages of medical travel in India. Listed below are drawbacks:

1) Medical Malpractice: Misdiagnosis during the treatment can result in unforeseen damages even though hospitals provide malpractice insurance. And since travellers are not aware of the legal rules in India, this can cause further troubles.

2) Insurance Coverage: Your insurance coverage varies on the type of medical treatment taken. So before seeking any treatment understand all the facts to avoid any unnecessary expenses during your stay abroad. And since medical travellers are unaware of legal issues, it may cause problems to them since in countries like US & UK legal procedures are very transparent.

3) Post Operation Recovery: Most of the times after the medical procedures, patient has to do routine health check with the same hospital. But issues arise when the recovery time of procedure is longer and in such cases medical tourists in India have to arrange stays outside the hospital on their own.

4) Travel Cost: It is always recommended for medical tourists to accompany someone while travelling abroad for medical treatment. But this spurts the travel, accommodation and other bills.

Health Care Cost – India Vs USA

Here’s the summary of important heart surgical procedure in India compared to US. (Source: American Medical Association)


According to the projection by ASSOCHAM, medical tourism growth in India is set to rise and by the year 2015 – over 3, 200, 000 medical travellers will come to India to seek it’s low cost health care services.

How To Get Low Cost Health Care In India – Medicines, Surgeries

Low Cost Health Care in India

After Thailand, India is the second country which offers the world’s cheapest health care services with best quality. So how can a common man get low cost health care (medicines and surgeries) in India for their health care needs.

Low Cost Medicines in India

1) Affordable Medicines: Government of India is taking tremendous initiatives by offering generic medicines which are the cheapest medicines available. These are basically sold under their chemical name and has no negative effects on the patient provided they are taken under medical supervision.

So where to buy cheapest medicines in India:

  • Jeevandhara Stores – Hyderabad
  • Akunuri Medical – Hyderabad

You can get detailed information here.

  • Amma Pharmacy -In June’14, Tamilnadu government started Amma Pharmacies where people can buy quality medicines at low price as compared to branded medicines sold by big pharma companies. And for easy accessibility medical shops are being set-up in busy places like bus stop so that they can be purchased very easily. And so far ten stores have been launched across 7 districts – Madurai, Sivaganga, Chennai, Salem, Cuddalore, Erode and Virudhunagar.

Cheapest Medical Procedures & Surgeries

  • Heart Surgery: Dr. Devi Shetty founder of Narayana Multispecialiy Hospital offers world’s cheapest heart surgery in India at just INR 50,000. Read more information here.
  • Plastic Surgery: Sassoon Hospital in Pune offers cheapest plastic surgery (reconstructive and cosmetic procedures) in India at a cost of INR 500.
  • Cancer Insurance: ICICI prudential has ventured with Indian Cancer Society (ICS) and The New India Assurance Company Limited (NIA) to offer low cost premiums for cancer patients. Get detailed information here:

So what are the main reasons for the low cost health care in India.

1) Low Skilled Workers: Indian hospitals focus on work transferring model wherein day to day tasks are given to low skilled workers (for e.g. nurses) who are trained in performing routine medical tasks. Whereas high skilled tasks are performed by doctors which helps them focussing on technical aspects so that they can handle more patients since routine tasks are done by skilled workers working at low wages.

2) Buying and Using Cheap Medical Products: In order to offer low cost health care services in India, hospitals use cheaper stents or intraocular lenses or use discarded products after a single use.

3)  Operations in Rural Areas: With an aim to offer low cost healthcare to poor people in India, hospitals have spread their wings in remote areas by opening smaller clinics where basic amenities are available at a very affordable rates.

I will keep on adding more affordable health care services in India. Readers can also E-mail me on [email protected] in case they come across any service. I’ll then add relevant ones on this page. Thank You.

EMI for Medicines in India

Buy Medicines, Health Care Products on EMI

You must have paid for your loans car, home, personal, education and others on equated monthly instalments i.e. EMI. But now paying for expensive health care products or medicines won’t put a burden on individuals pocket as you can now pay for them on EMI or take short term loans.

Companies Offering EMI for Medicines

Health care and pharma companies are now partnering with financial institutions or credit companies to offer health care products on monthly instalments or by offering short term loans.

Recent example is Merck and Co. made an announcement on offering financial support to patients without charging any extra money. This announcement was made for their hepatitis-C drug named Interferon and the company has partnered with a leading financial credit company. This project named “Project Samhav” will help people living in rural area and people with no banking exposure previously. Although not much details are available on this project but such an initiative can bring good health to people who are otherwise deprived of proper health care services due to their financial problems. Also read buying cheapest medicines in India

Another US based company  Medtronic headquartered started offering EMI for medicines schemes in West Bengal and Gujarat and later spread their wings in over 30 Indian cities. Via this scheme, loans were made available for expensive heart devices such as stents, CRT’s, heart valves and many other products. So far the company has provided loans worth INR thirty thousand to INR 8 lacs 5o thousand.

Like these more and more companies are jumping into EMI schemes for medicines and health care products so that they reach people with no access to such products due to poor financial health.

Cheapest Medicines in India | Buy & Compare

Cheapest Medicines in India

In an Indian TV show Satyamev Jayate in 2012, one of the theme of the show was about generic medicines/drugs or simply called generics. In basic terminology, they are defined as drugs which are sold to the consumers under its chemical name and are cheapest and affordable than the branded drugs manufactured which are sold at extremely high rates. And most importantly these cheapest medicines in India cause no harm/health effects to an individual provided they’re taken under medical supervision. Generic medicines which are the cheapest medicines in India are highly cost effective for poor people who cannot afford costlier medicines being manufactured and sold by big pharmaceutical companies in India and abroad. In fact after watching this TV show many people across India and world became aware about the generic drugs.

Comparing Branded Medicines with Generic Medicines in India

In order to make affordable medicines/health care available for people in India, various resources are available. Following websites can help in finding generic name for branded medicines and get more information about them:

  1. – Here you can search for generic name, it’s price , quantity and matching branded drug sold along with it’s manufacturer name, quantity and price.
  2. Jan Aushdhi – An government of India initiative, you can find generic medicine name and it’s MRP.

Where to Buy Generic Medicines In India

Being one of the cheapest medicines in India, there are many medicine stores in India which sell generic medicines at 30%-90% discounted price.

1) Jeevandhara Stores: An Government of India initiative. Jeevandhara Stores are located at various places in Hyderabad. Listed below are the store locations in the premises of government hospitals. Store timings are 9AM-8PM -Monday-Saturday. On Sunday stores are open from (10AM-3PM).

  • Government Osmania Hospital, Hyderabad – M/s.Vyshnavi Medical and General Stores
  • Gandhi Hospital Premises – M/s.Sri Sai Medical and General Stores, Secunderabad
  • Osmania Hospital, Hyderabad – M/s.Quli Qutubsha Medical and General Stores

You can find detailed list here:

2) Akunuri Medicals: You can also buy generic medicines in Hyderabad at Akunuri Medicals located at Ashok Nagar, Near RTC XRoads (+91-9246841384)

3) Sasti Medicine (– Here you can search for nearest local pharmacy stores offering more than 10% or higher discount on all branded and generic drugs. Some stores also offer free home delivery or charge small amount depending the order amount. But it’s worth paying as you are getting cheapest medicines at a fraction of price.

4) Very soon Government of Rajasthan is planning to set-up shops which will sell generic drugs directly through the hospitals. Efforts are in progress and low cost generic drugs would be soon available and most importantly prices are going to be slashed further so that poor people can afford them. Thus reducing health care cost without compromising the individual’s health. (I’ll keep on adding list of more generic drug sellers in India so that people get easy access to them).

If you know any drug any more sites/places where these affordable drugs are available then do send an E-mail to me at [email protected]. And I’ll get relevant ones added on this post.

Thank You. Wishing you a good health!!

Note for Users: Any medicine (generic/branded) should be taken after consultation with the doctor.

Also read about cheapest heart surgery in the world at Mysore, India.

Cheapest Heart Surgery in World – USD 800 (INR 50000) in India

Cheapest Heart Surgery in World

It’s said that charity begins at home and Dr. Devi Shetty from India has proved it. And this generous human being is marching towards his sole objective in life of offering cheapest heart surgery in India and the whole world. Affordable cardiac surgery in India for poor people had always been a distant dream but obsession of Dr. Devi Shetty from Mysore has made impossible to possible. He has performed over 15000 surgeries on patients spread across more than 25 countries and number is increasing.

According to Shetty a heart surgeon by profession; cost of bypass surgery in his hospital costs INR 50, 000 (USD 800) which is the cheapest heart surgery in the world. So how this has been possible by Dr. Shetty?

With right business acumen this India’s pride reduced the price by purchasing scrubs, using pre-fabricated buildings and usig air conditioning only in operation theatres and ICU but without comprising the patients’ health. Whereas in US the same surgery costs over USD 1, 00,000.  Narayana Hrudayalaya Health City is present in India at 14 locations with total 23 hospitals.


Narayana Multispeciality Hospital
Helpline: 0821 7122 222
CAH/1, 3rd Phase, Devanur
Mysore, Karnataka – 570 019
Email id: [email protected]

For nearest location, please visit:

Low Cost Cardiac Surgery at AIIMS – New Delhi, India

Other place where low cost cardiac surgery available is AIl India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, India. But this service is available only for the general ward patients. Listed below are the few surgery costs:

1) Heart Hole Repair – INR 45000 (USD 750)

2) Bypass Surgery – INR 52000 (USD 863)

3) Surgeries for Congenital Heart Disease – INR 40000 (USD 664) and INR 52000 (USD 863) which is present since child birth

4) Total Anamolous Pulmonary Venous Connection – INR 50000 (USD 830)

5) Repairing Conduits and Valves – INR 55000 (USD 880)

Similar to Narayana Multispeciality Hospital mentioned above, affordable cost was possible due to purchase of disposables with lower costs.

For more details you can contact AIIMS at:

Phone: 91-11-26594856, Website: Click here for reaching cardiology department

Note: Readers of this blog are requested to mention hospitals/surgery centres where cheapest heart surgery are carried out in the comment box below. I’ll make sure to include relevant ones in my blog. This will benefit the patients worldwide. Thanking you in advance.

Cheapest Plastic Surgery In India – INR 500 Only

Cheapest Plastic Surgery in India

What is a plastic surgery – It is a medical procedure involving reconstruction or repair of parts of body such as face, breasts, nose, lips etc. This surgical procedure is done for improving the aesthetic appearance of a person caused due to burns, accidents, injuries, birth defects and many other reasons. But these days it is also done to give your body a complete makeover to either improve a person’s self esteem or improve overall look. However for getting a good look for any body part from head to toe, you need to shell out big amount of money. In India the average cost of plastic surgery in private hospital is minimum INR 1 Lac which can go up to 2 Lac depending on the city, hospital type, it’s reputation, hospital charges and various other factors. So here’s the list of cheapest hospitals in India offering plastic surgeries:

1) Sassoon Hospital, Pune, India – Sassoon hospital in India offers cheapest plastic surgery treatment in India. The hospital is located in Pune, Maharashtra and cost of surgery is INR 500. This prominent hospital offers both major reconstructive and cosmetic procedures at this cost. For minor surgeries the hospital charges a negligible amount of INR 200 only. With such a reasonable cost, Sassoon has becomes India’s favourite destination for any kind of surgery be it – breast augmentation, birth defects, burn injuries and many others for poor people within the state and country.

You can reach the hospital at following address:

Address: Jai Prakash Narayan Road, Pune, Maharashtra 411001.

Phone: +91-20-2612 8000, Website:

Cheap plastic surgery offered in Sassoon does comes with high quality too.

2) VM Plastic Surgery, Chandigarh: Minor surgical procedures here costs INR 20000-45000 whereas for major surgeries person needs to shell out INR 45000-1,50,000.

Address: VM Plastic Surgery, Landmark Hospital, Sector 33 – C, Chandigarh (India)


Phone: +91-981-533-5532

3) Cosmetic Laser Surgery Center, Pune: Cheapest surgery option available here is Laser Tattoo Removal & Chemical peels (INR 500-3000) and Laser Facial which costs INR 3000.

You can read pricing: here:

Address: 27, Prasad Chambers, 2nd Floor, Above Opp. Bata Shop, Near HP Petrol, Swatyantra Chowk, Karve Road, Pune – 411004 Maharashtra, INDIA.

Phone: +91-93735-04565/+91-75880-23200