Save Money on Movies after GST: Amazon Prime & Netflix

Post Goods and Service Tax (GST) implementation 28% tax is levied on entertainment. Which means you will have to pay more money to watch movies in theatres compared to pre-GST era. Remember that the tax varies from state to state in India.

As most people watch movie on weekends during which tickets are priced extremely high, the overall cost of watching movie has further gone up.

For example: A single ticket which was earlier costing Rs. 300 will be now priced at Rs. 380. Assuming minimum two persons watch movies, you will have to shell out minimum Rs. 760. In addition, if you buy food items in the theatre, you will most probably end up spending additional money. Food items purchased in theatres are taxed at 28%.

So how can you save money by watching favorite movie at low cost with your family? Answer is Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Online streaming offered by these two companies let you watch TV shows and movies at a very minimal cost that too paid annually.

The annual membership fee is Rs. 500 for Amazon Prime. Whereas Netflix offers three plans priced at Rs. 500, 650 and 800 respectively.

Benefits of watching movies on Amazon Prime and Netflix:

  1. Both offer one month free trial after joining. And if you don’t like the service, you get full refund. This is not the case when you buy tickets at a theatre.
  2. Unlimited movies and TV shows can be watched anytime, anywhere provided device has internet connection.
  3. Any number of individuals can watch movie at the same time. You can calculate the money saved.
  4. You can save select movies for offline watching.
  5. Moreover when you book movie tickets online, internet handling fee is also charged. This further increases the cost of buying movie.
  6. You can watch on any device – television, desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet.
  7. Multiple formats are available such as Standard Definition (SD), High Definition (HD), Ultra High Definition (4K or UHD) and High Dynamic Range (HDR) giving you ultimate movie experience.
  8. These are the most authenticated and secured options for entertainment buffs. No risk of viruses. You also get advertisement free movie experience.
  9. No more standing in queue to buy movie tickets.

Everything has pros and cons and the same is true when it comes to watching movies online on Amazon Prime and Netflix or any other online service.

Here are the cons:

  1. Movies are available after some delay. So you will have to wait to watch your favorite movie.
  2. Slow internet connection can make movie experience frustrating.
  3. Your internet bill will go up. But if you buy decent plan offering unlimited download, then you do not have to worry about the bills.

There are more such services such as Hulu which are not very famous in India. This shift from watching a movie in a theatre to online is certainly worth trying. And definitely they are big money savers (provided you are piracy hater:). and you need to have patience to wait for your favorite movie to come on these two websites.

Discounts, High Interest, Schemes for Senior Citizens in India

When someone retires especially private salaried individuals with no pension as a backup, the most worrying factor is sudden stop of monthly income. With no monthly salary, there is always a tension on how to manage funds during medical emergency, meet day to day expenses, and many others.

However to protect the life of seniors during the old age; Indian government and few private bankers & companies offer special discounts/offers or run various schemes especially for seniors typically in the age bracket of 60 years and above.

In this article we’ll explore important benefits or discounts for seniors in India:

Income tax: Let’s start with income tax, which is a certain pre-fixed percentage of income paid by every earning person (depending on the income slab) in India to the government. Depending on the income earned, individuals are offered tax benefits which are better than normal individuals. Shown in the table below is the income tax for seniors:

Annual Income SlabIncome Tax
Upto Rs. 3 LakhsNo Tax
Rs. 3 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs5%
Rs. 5 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs20%
Rs. 10 Lakhs & above30%

Railway Ticket: Male senior citizens get 40% and women get 50% concession on all classes for passengers of Indian Railway. However remember that, misuse of this quote or concession by mentioning incorrect age, will result in traveler being considered as non-ticket traveler and will be charged accordingly.

Flight ticket: Few airlines offer discounts to seniors aged between 55 to 65 years. For e.g. Air India offers 50% discount on economy “M” RBD basic fare to individuals who’ve crossed 63 years as on the travel date. Indigo, GoAir & SpiceJet, offers 8% discount on basic fare.

Check out how to earn money after retirement.

Assured pension: For the coming financial year 2017-2018, government of India has approved pension scheme – Varishtha Pension Bima Yojana 2017. Under this scheme, individual would be offered 8% guaranteed pension for 10 years. Applicant will have 4 options to choose pension which can be as follows:

  • Every month
  • Every quarter
  • Half yearly
  • Annually

Investment of up to Rs. 7.5 Lakh is possible in this scheme.

26 authentic ways to earn extra income in India from home.

Higher interest on SCSS: Most of the Indian banks offer special discounts to senior citizens holding savings account with them in the form of higher interest rates. These rates are slightly higher than the ones offered to other account holders. Listed below in the table are the rates offered by various banks:

Name of BankInterest Rate per Annum
State Bank of India9.3%
ICICI Bank8.5%
HDFC Bank8.6%
Canara Bank9.2%
Bank of Baroda8.5%
Andhra Bank8.5%
Bank of India9.3%
Allahabad Bank9.2%
Punjab National Bank8.5%
Corporation Bank9.2%

Higher interest on Fixed Deposit: In comparison to FD rates offered to individuals not falling under the category of seniors, banks offer interest rate which is higher than 0.5% over and above normal rate. Here’s the table showing leading banks and rates offer to the seniors:

Name of BankFD Interest Rate
State Bank of India7%
ICICI Bank7%
HDFC Bank7%
State Bank of Mysore7%
Indian Bank6.5%
YES Bank7.6%
Punjab National Bank7.4%
Karnataka Bank7.65%
Kotak Mahindra 6.6%

Senior Privilege Savings Account: Axis bank has launched this product especially for individuals with age 60 years and above. The benefits offered under the account are:

  • 25% discount on safe deposit locker
  • 50% off on diagnosts tests done at pre-fixed 200 centers
  • Up to 15% discount on purchasing medicines at Apollo pharmacies in over 1400 locations
  • 0.5% preferential rate on FD/RD account

OLA Cab: Recently cab aggregator OLA announced special offers for senior people residing in Pune with an additional discount of 50% on 10 rides every month. Although this discount was only till 28th Feb 2017, a 30% discount was also announced in January 2017. So stay updated on any new offers for seniors on OLA

Save Money on Electricity Bill – Refrigerator, AC, Geyser

We often end up spending more on stuffs or unknowingly waste money on utilities which could be controlled. However if you start saving money through following listed ways, it will surely guarantee in making you rich. Some of these options will help in saving you small amount of money or some will help in saving thousand of rupees in a year.

Let’s look at tips on how to save money on electricity bills:

Refrigerators, air conditioners, geysers are the amongst the most power consuming electrical appliances. However you are unknowingly burning money on using them incorrectly which is resulting in higher electricity bills. Let’s consider ways to save money on each of these one by one.


  • Never keep refrigerator in a place where it doesn’t get sufficient air. Atleast keep it in a position where it gets sufficient air from atleast two sides.
  • Also make sure there is no direct sunlight hitting the refrigerator. This results in refrigerator utilizing more power and hence more bill.
  • Never overload fridge. Over crowded space result in insufficient circulation, leading to more energy consumption. Moreover, it will also cause food spoilage.
  • Do not make defrosting a regular practice.
  • Do not keep hard plastic sheet at the base of any object. For e.g. to keep refrigerator away from dust or spills, we often make use of plastic sheets or mats. However if the sheets are very thick, the fridge will consume more energy for cooling the product. So make use of very thin mat.

Air conditioner:

  • Another pocket burner as it consumes highest energy, yet it cannot be avoided. However there are small tips which can help in saving money by reducing electricity bill due to AC.
  • Do not let direct sunlight to directly fall on the outer part of the air conditioner.
  • Regularly clean AC filters.
  • When AC is switched ON, keep doors and windows closed.
  • Many people use blankets or thick bedsheets to prevent themselves from cold temperature due to AC. Such people should switch the AC off for certain time and use fan. The room will continue to give a feeling of coolness. Another option is to set a timer.
  • Another way to reduce electricity bill caused to heavy usage of air conditioner is to increase the temperature from 22 degree to 25 degree. Not everytime you will need cool temperature. This will save good amount of energy.

Health Tip: Remember that prolonged use of AC results in dry and flaky skin problem. This is because AC removes humidity from the room resulting in skin to loose moisture and making it dry. This cause itchiness. And in the long run, lack of skin elasticity due to moisture loss causes wrinkles, giving it an aging appearance. Skin problem is one of the health hazard AC poses besides fatigued body, breathing problems, joint issues such as arthritis, and intolerant to heat.

Interesting read: How to save money on medicines in India.

Water heater or Geyser:

  • We often keep geysers ON until the bucket becomes full or till you bath if if taking shower bath. This results in higher energy consumption and also loss of water. If you have a habit of using bucket full of hot water, then switch the geyser OFF once the bucket is 60%-70% full. The hot water will continue to flow despite of it being OFF. This will definitely save electricity.
  • There are also auto off feature geysers in the market whose main purpose is to automatically switch the appliance OFF when someone forgets to do it.

All the above listed tips will definitely help in decent amount of money every month. And the same can be invested to grow your wealth.

Cheapest Hair Trimmer @ Rs. 149, Low Cost Trimmers

When it comes to trimming your beard hair, relying on a salon is always time consuming and expensive too. In addition to this salons are not available at all the time. So the best solution is to buy a hair trimmer. You can either buy a low cost hair trimmer/shaver or the ones which are priced higher either in-store or online. But buying online has many benefits such as discount deals, products from multiple brands can be compared, get reviews and most importantly it saves time and many other benefits which ideally is not possible while purchasing at a retail store.

Here are the low cost hair trimmers available on Flipkart (Rs. 149) and Amazon (Rs. 169):

What to look for in a hair trimmer?

With range of options available online, it is very difficult to choose the best hair trimmer. So here are the basic and important points to be considered while choosing a hair trimmer irrespective of whether you choose cheapest or high price:

  • Blades should be of a very high quality and it should not pull off hair while in use
  • Cutting of thick hair should be smooth
  • Light weight, so that it is easy to handle and carry
  • It should not get very hot when used continuously
  • Blade changing and adjusting should be easy
  • It should fit perfectly in the user’s hand. Length too should be good enough
  • Should be less noisy
  • Run time should be long. Preferably 30 minutes and more
  • Fast recharge time
  • Cordless and corded both should be available
  • Cleaning brush should be provided
  • Easy to wash and clean

Which companies sell hair trimmers?

There are many companies which manufacture hair trimmers and the products from following brands are highly recommended:

  • Nova
  • Brite
  • Philips
  • Braun
  • Panasonic
  • Wahl

You can see the extensive range of trimmers available on Flipkart and Amazon

Things to keep in mind while buying online:

  • Always buy from a seller which offers original products
  • 100% return guarantee
  • Seller rating is high
  • Customer reviews are good

How Indians Should Save Money on Abroad Holiday

According to the data from World Bank website Indian’s have spent nearly INR 13.8 Billion during the year 2011-2015 on abroad travel and the number is expected to rise in the coming years because of higher disposable income and lifestyle changes. With such an enormous spend on travel, it is very much essential for everyone to understand the necessity of careful and advanced planning while travelling abroad which includes choosing the right destination and arranging money without affecting the financial goal and in turn save money.

So here are the do’s and dont’s of how to arrange money for abroad travel in an efficient manner and save money especially when you are on a tight budget:

  • Never borrow money by taking a personal loan: Holiday in a foreign country requires huge amount of money. For e.g. when travelling to Europe, a 3 member family would need around Rs. 3.5 Lacs, assuming 1.2 Lacs per head. So if you think of taking a personal loan, which is very easy to get but then you’ll fall under the trap of EMI. Personal loan interest rate which falls between 13%-25% will further strain on your wallet. And ideally personal loan tenure is minimum 3 years, so monthly EMI will keep on haunting you.
  • Try to limit use of Indian credit card abroad: When you use credit card abroad although it protects you from theft when carrying cash then be careful. You should know various charges while using credit card abroad such as foreign currency conversion which is in the range of 1%-3% which further add up to the monthly bill. Read in detail on pros and cons of using credit card abroad and various charges.
  • Do not use money from your investment products: If you are thinking of taking money out of your investment products then it would be a big mistake. This would impact you in the long run and returns would be on a lower side which will ultimately affect your financial goal.

So how can you save and arrange money in an efficient manner?

  1. Plan Early: This is the most important tip for you. When you plan out 6-8 months in advance, you can get best deals on airfare, foreign exchange, hotel booking etc. And this can save you not less than 15% compared to the last minute planning which naturally turns out to be painful as the expenses for the above mentioned things increases as you get limited choices. Look for sites offering cheapest flight offers. And book your tickets on weekdays as airfares are expensive especially on weekends.
  2. Give a detailed thought on various expenses: Your planning should also involve researching on various expenses required for restaurants, visiting attractions, internal travelling etc. For e.g. you should make use of coupon deals for food, make use of Uber deals for internal travel, if you are travelling in a group then look for bulk discounts offered especially by hotels etc. This way you can save decent amount of money.
  3. Start investment especially into equity: Although such investments are subject to market risks and various other factors, when someone plans abroad trip starts 2-3 years in advance, then the return on investments from equities can help in generating good money and eventually you will have to save less every month. But if you planning period is short and you have decided to travel within a year then debt instrument is a favorable investment option although the returns would be less considering the short tenure, you will have to save more money every month. Other safe option is recurring deposit with any bank. Another way to invest in RD is through travel planning companies like SOTC, Thomas Cook and others who have partnered with leading banks. They have started various savings plan for people who are planning to travel. So if you save money in RD through these schemes then benefits would be as follows:
    • 13th month installment will be paid by the travel company
    • You will get discount by the company in addition to the interest
  4. Do not use Indian credit card at ATM abroad: Using credit card for withdrawing cash either in India or abroad carries a charge. But when you withdraw money when you are abroad then you would end up paying higher and also affect credit score as banks might think that due to lack of funds you are relying only on credit card. Read tips on improving credit score in India.
  5. Carry basic medications: You are always at a risk of health problems when travelling abroad. This can be due to change in food, weather conditions etc. So it is best to carry medicines for stomach infections, fever, headache and other common illnesses rather than visiting local doctors as cost of medical expenses are on a higher side compared to India. You can also buy travel insurance which will provide coverage for many things such as malfunctioning of electronic device, flight cancellation etc. Check out how to buy cheapest medicines in India.

With above mentioned tips you can save decent money during your abroad travel.

PAHAL Scheme Last Date 31/03/15, Parking Period 30/06/15


PAHAL scheme was launched on 01stJune 2013 by Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas and covered 291 districts. But since Aadhar number was mandatory in order to avail subsidy, consumers faced a hard time in getting enrolled as procedure to get Aadhar card was tedious in addition to the delay in delivery of Aadhar card.

However in Nov’14 the scheme was re-launched and under this, LPG consumers of Indane, HPCL, Bharat who have enrolled in the scheme under two phases as mentioned below can avail Direct Benefit Transfer for LPG (DBTL) without even having Aadhar number. Only condition is that the consumer must have bank account and LPG account on his/her name.

  • Phase-I: PAHAL started on 15Nov2014 in select 54 districts and ended on 14Feb 2015
  • Phase-II: Launched in remaining 622 districts on 01stJan 2015 and will end on 31stMarch 2015. 

Parking Period: Those who couldn’t join PAHAL scheme before 31stMarch 2015 can still enroll before 30th June 2015. The period is called parking period. However until they join, LPG cylinders can be purchased ONLY at market rate and no subsidy would be transferred. Once they get enrolled, they will get permanent advance along with the due subsidised amount for the financial year. This parking period is actually because of government’s generosity. Check out benefits of PAHAL scheme in detail.

People from rural areas still do not have bank account and they face hard time to get enrolled in DBTL scheme. For such people, a very simple solution is to open zero balance savings account at free of cost under Pradhanmantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY). Procedure to open account under PMJDY is very simple and also offers various benefits to the account holders such as RuPay card, accident insurance and other.

  • It is the world’s largest cash transfer scheme with over 9.75 crore consumers covered till Jan’15.PAHAL (DBTL) Scheme
  • As of now, over 5,500 Crore has been deposited into the bank account of consumers who have enrolled for this scheme.
  • Although this scheme is for every Indian household, it’s main aim is to benefit people from poor section of the society. So people with higher income are welcome to opt out of this scheme. This way amount worth crores can be saved.

PAHAL Scheme: Benefits, Joining Form to Get LPG Subsidy

PAHAL (DBTL) Scheme for LPG Subsidy

Pratyaksh Hanstantrit Labh (PAHAL) scheme also called as Direct Benefit Transfer for LPG (DBTL) was launched to provide liquified petroleum gas (LPG) cylinder of Bharat, Indane, HP at subsidised rate to the Indian consumer. This will mark an end to duplicate or misuse of LPG connections which are very common in India. Customers who get enrolled in PAHAL scheme are referred to as Cash Transfer Compliant (CTC). Last date to join the scheme is 31stMarch 2015

Benefits to the consumer

  • Once the customer is enrolled in PAHAL and books cylinder for the first time, he/she will get cash subsidy (Rs. 568) as an permanent advance directly into
    their bank account which can be used to pay for the first cylinder.
  • This advance then can be used to buy 12 LPG cylinders weighing 14.2 Kgs OR 34 5 Kgs cylinders. Subsidy amount = Current subsidised rate – market price. This difference amount is credited to the customer’s bank account.
  • New LPG’s would be available in the market in a much simpler way as compared to previous process as back logs would be reduced.

How to get LPG cylinder at subsidised rate?

  • Those to want to get enrolled into PAHAL scheme to get gas cylinder at subsidised rate should have either Aadhar number or an active bank account.
    Hurry, those who do not have bank account, can open zero balance account under Pradhanmantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) which offers many benefits.
  • Aadhar card holder should get Aadhar number linked to the bank account in order to avail the subsidy amount.
  • Individuals meeting above mandatory requirement, then needs to link Aadhar number or bank account number to the 17 digit LPG connection ID.
  • For linking, individual should approach his/her area’s LPG distributor who will then save these details in their computer system.

PAHAL Scheme Joining Form

It’s a one page form and looks like below (due to space constraints, I’ve split it into 2 images):

Pahal Scheme Joining Form

Pahal Scheme Joining Form – (I)

There are 3 sections to be filled as mentioned below depending on which option you’ve checked from 1-3.
Part-A: Put your 17 digit LPG consumer number/ID and exact name as mentioned in LPG connection. You can get this number from blue book or cash receipt of the gas cylinder.

DTDL Scheme Joining Form

Pahal Scheme Joining Form (II)

Part-B: Mention your 12 digit Aadhar card number

Part-C: Mention your bank account details. Details of LPG connection holder’s and bank account should match. Otherwise your application will get rejected. Details required are:

  • Bank account number and branch name
  • Account holder name (this should be same as mentioned in your LPG book)
  • IFSC code of the respective bank

Sign on the declaration by entering date and place. Finally you’ll get an acknowledgement slip.

Other documents required: Photo copy of Aadhar card, LPG bill or blue copy with your 17 digit LPG consumer number and one cross check in the name of LPG distributor.

How to track status of your enrolment?

LPG consumers who have provided their mobile numbers with their distributors when they join PAHAL scheme will receive SMS about the status. So make sure to provide mobile number while filing joining form. Also read about parking period under PAHAL scheme.

How to opt out of DBTL scheme

It is very easy procedure. In order to do this, you need to fill subsidy surrender form and give it to LPG distributor.

Cheapest Glucometer Test Strips @ Rs. 499-525, Low Price

Low Price Glucometer

Glucometer is also called as Glucose meter and is used to measure glucose level in the blood of patients suffering from diabetes. The procedure to check the level is very easy – by placing the small drop of blood after pricking the skin with lancet on a disposable test strip, the meter displays the glucose concentration in mg/dl or mmol/l present in the blood of the person within 5-10 second. You can purchase the glucometer online and any medical store.

Here are some of the best and cheapest glucometer test strips available online by famous brands on The product kit contains test strips in 10, 50 & 100 numbers and also contains usage method. Make sure all the recommended steps are followed correctly so that the results are accurate.

Also displayed below are the glucose meter test strips in higher price range starting from Rs. 600 and above by the famous healthcare brands such as Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, Accu-Chek, Omron and others. These are available at discounted price.

Precautionary Measures

Here are the most important tips while using glucometer:

  • Always wash your hands before taking the test to avoid incorrect results. If your finger contains germs then it affects the blood glucose measurement
  • If your finger comes in contact with fruit/sugar coated eating items then the device will show increased high blood glucose level
  • Make sure enough blood is taken out after puncturing the finger otherwise the monitor will show low blood sugar level

6 Ways Lemon Saves Money, Protects Clothes, Utensils….

How Lemon Saves Money

Everyone use lemon to give taste to their food. But have you ever thought that buying a lemon can actually save you money and protect your belongings? Then read this…

As a dishwashing bar

Every household makes use of dishwashing bar or liquid to clean utensils everyday. But you can try this simple money saving solution: Take few slices of lemon and add it in dishwashing water. This solution will give a sparkling look to your utensils.

Perspiration marks on woollen clothes

People who perspire more often see perspiration marks on sweaters/jackets or other woollen materials. Ideally people would use expensive liquids to remove such marks. But instead, you can create solution of lemon juice and water to clean these marks and then keep clothes out in air for drying. You will see marks disappear.

Shine your shoes

Your office/school shoe loses shine as it gets older. But rubbing a cloth dampened in lemon juice solution can get back it’s original shine increasing the life of the shoe. No need to put money on shoe polish. In case of leather becomes hard, apply lemon juice. Once it gets dried, apply polish in a normal way. Doing this will soften the leather material.

Remove stains on kettles

Removing stains inside the kettle is very difficult. As an easy solution to this, take 2-3 lemon skins and keep it on boil. Then pour this water inside the kettle and then rinse it. This will remove the stain and also add lemon aroma.

Protect your clothes

Many a times your detergent powder/bleach keeps stains on your clothes as it is. Best solution to this is to add small cup of lemon juice along with your usual washing detergent. You will notice visible change in any stains and also your clothes would smell nice. Also remember, lemon juice does not harm your clothes.

Hard stains on dishes

Scrubbing your dishes/spoons with lemon after sprinkling baking soda on it’s top is one of excellent remedy to remove hard stains.

Cheapest Hair Extensions @ Rs. 269 | Buy Online

Cheapest Hair Extensions

You can beautify your hair artificially using hair extensions with ease and save time. This artificial synthetic product helps to style your hair in any shape or size and giving natural look to your hair. There are many methods of integration such as clip-on, bonding, fusion, micro rings, nettings, lace fonts and tracking available online on and with price ranging from Rs. 200 to thousands. But here are the cheapest hair extensions available on these two sites:


  • Gets attached to your existing hair quickly and saves time
  • Gives any desired length such as long, short, curls and trimmed as per the requirement
  • Various colors are available such as black, brown, burgandy, red and others
  • Application is very easy
  • Washable. See below for more details on cleaning your extension.

(Instructions to use is available along with the product)

How to Care

In order to increase the life span of your extension following simple precautions should be taken:

  • Never brush it harshly
  • For cleaning the hair extension, take small quantity of water and add natural shampoo. Then rinse and wash in this solution
  • Rubbing, wringing and twisting should be avoided when the extension is wet
  • With proper care, you can increase the life span to 3+ years

Best Natural Products for Healthy Hair

Homemade shampoo using reetha, amla and shikakai is the best natural cure for your hair. Soak this mixture at night and then in the morning keep it for boiling and let it cool. Then filter the thick leftover and use it as a shampoo. Also see how to use basil leaves for hair care.

Interesting Facts

Hair extensions are also called hair hats or artificial hair integrators. It is believed that Egyptians were the first to use it human hair extensions by using simple application system of weaving and knotting.