Bank Mitr for Opening Account Under Jan Dhan Yojana

How to Open Bank Account Under Jan Dhan Yojana

Pradhanmantri Jan Dhan Yojana has reached a milestone as over 11 crore accounts have been opened.

For those who’re yet to open account, there are two ways to open the same as follows and avail all the benefits:

  1. Contact your nearest bank (public/private). Check out this list here
  2. Contact bank mitr i.e. business correspondence agents (BCA) outlet. You can ask banks to provide the list so that you can approach them directly.

Benefits of Bank Mitr for customers

  1. Create awareness of the various benefits offered under PMJDY
  2. They help in opening bank accounts, document verification etc.
  3. Provide detailed information on limited range of products such as – loans, debit/credit cards, insurance and others.

Benefits of Bank Mitr for banks

  1. They are representatives of the bank and act as mediators between bank and the customer.
  2. They are trained individuals to expand bank’s operation to remote and rural areas where access to banking is not possible as opening of branches everywhere is not possible for a bank.
  3. In order to reduce work load of the banks, they’re hired to promote various banking services/products to the customers.
  4. Banks would provide online devices to these bank mitr’s so that eKYC can be done
  5. Bank mitr are employed on low commission

Documents required to open account under PMJDY

  • Aadhar card or Aadhar number
  • In case an individual does not have Aadhar, then he/she needs to provide either voter ID, PAN Card, driving license, passport, NREGA card
  • Driving license and passport will serve as an address and identity proof

You can still open bank account if required documents are not available. Such accounts are called as small account.

want to become bank mitr, what should I do?

Eligibility criteria to become bank mitr:

  • Age 18 years or above
  • Retired bankers, school/college teachers, army personnel are few of the candidates eligible to become bank mitr. For other criteria/rules, you need to contact respective bank
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