“Virtual” RuPay Card: Benefits, How to Apply, Documents Required

Virtual RuPay Card

In order to increase the penetration of India’s first payment gateway system RuPay Debit Card, National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) is soon going to launch Virtual RuPay Card. This would be replacement of physical card and requires single factor authentication. Get to know about the differences between RuPay vs Mastercard.


  1. Sending and receiving money would be done through smartphone via 16 digit number displayed on the RuPay debit card
  2. Transaction charges would be less as compared to the ones which NPCI currently charges
  3. For making any transaction, there is no need to enter bank account details which is currently required. Only details required would be either:
  • Aadhar number
  • 10 digit mobile phone number
  • Virtual payment address

In order to send money, account holder needs to enter beneficiary’s valid E-mail address or mobile number. As of now, person requires IFSC code and account number in order to make any transaction. But with this system, the process would become much simpler. Check out benefits of RuPay debit card and offers for the card holders.


  1. Person should have a smartphone
  2. RuPay debit card

How to Apply for RuPay Debit Card

Application for RuPay card is very simple. Interested person needs to first open savings or current account in the banks offering RuPay debit card. While making this application specify that “I want RuPay card”. There is another way to get RuPay card by opening account under Prime Minister Jan Dhan Yojana in which RuPay card is offered for free. Also see RuPay Prepaid Debit card for train ticket booking which was launched on 24March2015 by IRCTC and Union Bank of India.

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