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MS 70-487 Test

This article is designed to give the candidates an overview of what they should expect in the Microsoft 70-487 exam. It focuses on the core target as well as the details of the test. It also explores the different exam topics and the components that should be studied before taking this certification test. It’s no longer a secret that Microsoft has retired many of its skill-based credentials and their exams, and more will be withdrawn soon.

Microsoft 70-487 is one of those tests that the vendor plans to retire by January 2021. This means that if you want to earn your MCSD certificate by passing this exam, you have to sit for it on or before January 31, 2021.

Microsoft 70-487 Exam: Target Audience

Get More Info Here candidates for this certification test are the qualified developers. They utilize Visual Studio 2017 & Microsoft .NET Core Framework to design and deploy web solutions. It is recommended that the applicants have about 3 to 5 years of work experience in creating ASP.NET MVC based solutions.

Moreover, they should also have the relevant skills in the following:

  • Design and development of web applications that can access different services and data such as Windows Azure;
  • Complete life cycle software development for service and data solutions;
  • Design and development of asynchronous solutions;
  • Development and deployment to multi-tier environments such as Windows Azure;
  • Creation and consumption of HTTP services.

By passing the Microsoft 70-487 exam, the students fulfills part of the requirements for obtaining the MCSD certification visit – http://www.certbolt.com/.

Microsoft 70-487 Exam: Key Details

The exam focuses on Microsoft Azure and Visual Studio 2017 technologies and measures the candidate’s skills in developing Microsoft Azure &web services. The 70-487 certification test is made up of 40-60 questions of different types covering multiple choice, build list, active screen, drag and drop, and short answer.

The students have 120 minutes to complete all these questions, and the passing score for the exam is 700 on a scale of 1000. Microsoft 70-487 is available in English, Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese (Simplified), French, Japanese, and German. As soon as you pass your test, you will get the result, so you’ll be able to know your pass or fail status before leaving the testing center.

Registration for this exam is done through the Pearson VUE platform, and the applicable fee varies from one location to another. The payment for the individuals who are the residents of the United States is $165, and the test takers from other country can check the exam webpage for more details about the fee for their locations.

Microsoft 70-487 Exam: Topics and Subtopics

This Microsoft exam evaluates one’s ability to perform some technical tasks. These tasks form the basis for the topics of the test. In this part, we’ll delve a little into the details of the exam content that the candidates will be tested on. Before going further, it is important to mention that the percentages associated with the objectives reflect the comparative weight for each major topic area.

The subjects with a higher percentage will likely have more questions administered from them. So, let’s explore the main domains of Microsoft 70-487.

Accessing Data: (20-25%) – The areas covered under this topic include:

  • Choosing data access technologies
  • Implementing caching
  • Implementing transaction
  • Implementing data storage within Microsoft Azure

Manipulating & Querying Data Using Entity Framework: (20-25%) – The skills that will be measured with regards to this objective are:

  • Querying & manipulating data through the use of Entity Framework
  • Querying & manipulating data through the use of Data Provider for Entity Framework
  • Querying data through the use of LINQ to Entities
  • Querying and manipulating data through the use of ADO.NET
  • Implementing Entity Framework using 3rd party databases
  • Creating a data model for Entity Framework

Building & Consuming Web API-Based Services: (20-25%) – The subtopics under this topic are as follows:

  • Designing Web API
  • Implementing Web API
  • Securing Web API
  • Consuming Web API web services
  • Hosting & managing Web API

Designing & Implementing Web Services: (15-20%) – The candidates are required to develop competence in the following areas:

  • Consuming WFC services
  • Implementing server-less Azure web services
  • Implementing traffic management within Azure
  • Monitoring web services
  • Implementing Azure API management

Deploying Web Applications & Services: (15-20%) – The areas of focus within the components of this subject include:

  • Designing a deployment strategy
  • Choosing Azure strategy deployment
  • Configuring web application for deployment
  • Managing packages with the use of NuGet
  • Sharing assemblies among multiple servers and applications

Microsoft 70-487 Exam: Preparation Resources

Although the scope of study for this certification test is wide, there are enough preparation tools that will help the students cover the exam content faster. Let’s look at some of the resources available to you.

  • Training Courses

You can take advantage of the different training courses available for this exam. If you don’t know where to start, check out the links to the preparation options on the official website. You will find online training, video tutorials, instructor-led courses, and study guides. You can also explore other platforms that offer virtual training courses for Microsoft 70-487. PrepAway is one such site.

  • Study Guides

The recommended book for this Microsoft certification test is Exam Ref 70-487: Developing Windows Azure & Web Services. The guide is designed to equip the candidates with the relevant skills and knowledge for the test as well as help them develop real-world competence in developing Azure &web services. The tutorial is designed for the experienced professionals that want to advance their career status. This book is available on Amazon.

  • Practice Tests

Your preparation cannot be effective without practice tests. You can check the Microsoft website to find the link to the official mock test. For more advanced practice questions, you should visit PrepAway where you’ll find the latest questions and answers that will guarantee your exam success.


Before you commence your preparation, take your time to go through the exam webpage. You will find a lot of information and resources to help you prepare for your Microsoft 70-487.

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