Free Treatment during Pregnancy: PM Surakshit Matritva Abhiyan

Pregnancy is a period during which women needs extreme care and precaution. However due to lack of medical services in India (especially in the rural areas) the number of maternal and neonatal deaths are high. Here are the key facts as sourced from official Indian government website (

  • Every year, approximately 44000 women die due to pregnancy related causes and 6.6 lakhs infants die within the first 28 days of birth.

The main reason behind these deaths is the poor quality of healthcare provided to the pregnant women. Because of this many ailments such as anemia, pregnancy related hypertension etc. go undetected leading to death.

Good quality healthcare is very expensive and poor people cannot afford cost related to pregnancy and delivery of baby. Coupled to this, in rural area there is a lack of quality service. Looking at this condition, government of India offers free medical treatment to pregnant women under the name of Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Matritva Abhiyan (PMSMA).

Objective of PMSMA:

  1. Healthy life to every pregnant women through high quality healthcare service
  2. Reduce the maternity mortality rate
  3. Make pregnant women aware of medical problems and diseases arising during pregnancy
  4. Safe delivery and healthy life to the baby

Free treatments offered to pregnant women under PMSMA:

  1. Ante-natal checkup would be provided to the pregnant women
  2. All kinds of medical checkups would be provided at zero cost
  3. Tests include blood sugar, blood pressure, sugar level, weight, haemoglobin, blood test
  4. Screening for conditions detected during the tests such as anaemia, pregnancy induced hypertension, gestational diabetes.
  5. Counselling on diet, sleep, breast feeding, contraceptives, regular ANC check-up
  6. Lab Investigations include: Hemoglobin, Urine Albumin and Sugar, Malaria, VDRL, HIV, Blood Grouping, Screening for GDM using OGTT etc.


  • For pregnant women who are in their 2nd or 3rd trimester will be provided free treatments as listed above.
  • Tests are organized on 9th day of every month
  • If there is a holiday or Sunday on 9th day, then the treatment would be provided on the next working day

Where can pregnant women avail the free healthcare services?

Services under PMSMA will be provided at government recognized health centers and hospitals.

Additional reading low cost IVF treatment in India.

Who will offer medical treatment?

Government has taken special care in terms of the quality of the doctors. And the treatment would be carried out by expert:

  • Medical officer
  • OBGY specialist/radiologist/physician who would be supported by doctors from private sector

How to Save money on Pregnancy Expenses – Buy Insurance Policy

Other option to save money on pregnancy related expenses is buying maternity insurance or buying health insurance which cover maternity expenses as well. In India, there are many insurance companies offering maternity insurance, covering maternity expenses which include:

  • Pre and post hospitalization including delivery of baby
  • Pre and post-natal care
  • Ambulance charges

However, if you are covered under group cover then nothing better than that as there is no waiting period. Although there might be a limit on the maternity spend and coverage. But the money saved is very high compared to an exclusive maternity insurance plan.

Jan Aushadhi Scheme: Benefits, 50% Off on Generic Medicines

What is Jan Aushadhi Scheme

Rising healthcare cost in India has made it difficult for the poor section of the society to avail even basic health services. Keeping this in mind, Jan Aushadhi Scheme was launched to ensure medicines can be availed by anyone and at a very cheaper price.

  • Objective: To offer quality generic medicines at 50% discount rate which otherwise are sold at a very high price by companies. Total 504 medicines would be sold.
  • Benefits: Generic medicines would be sold at an affordable rate (50% less than the branded ones) from government authorized stores called “Jan Aushadhi Stores”. Also see tips on getting low cost healthcare in India.
  • How to buy these low cost medicines: You need to ask chemist for Jan Aushadhi brand medicines. Make sure to check all the drugs, packagings, equipments etc. bearing Jan Aushadhi logo and text. Also see cheapest heart surgery in world offered in India.
  • Where to buy cheap medicines from: Jan Aushadhi stores would be opened in all the states in the premises of hospitals, NGOs, charitable societies and others. They’ll also be sold by authorized individuals by the state government. Currently there are over 100 JAS
  • From where will government get these medicines: Government will procure these medicines in large quantity from private companies at a discounted price and pass this benefit to the consumer. The medicines are sold in the brand name of “Jan Aushadhi”.
  • Quality of generic medicines: Despite of being priced low, these generics are very good in quality.
  • What types of medicines will be sold: Most common drugs would be available for health conditions such as pain, fever, heart problems, diabetes and others.

For more information on Jan Aushadhi Stores, you can call on toll free number 1800-180-8080

Latest update on 27Jan’2016:

Indian government would be offering 439 life saving medicines at a heavy discount ranging from 40%-50%. These medicines will include cancer and cardiac drugs. In addition to this, medical devices like stents and implants will also be sold at similar discounted price.

The department of pharmaceutical, is also planning to 300 Jan Aushadhi stores in India by March 2016. Moreover 3, 000 stores would be opened by the year 2017.

Basic information on generic medicines

Also called as generics, these are unbranded drugs sold at a very low price compared to the branded medicines manufactured and sold by private companies.

Difference in pricing of generic drug Vs. branded

Let’s take an example of the most common medicine we all know – Paracetamol 500mg tablet. If you buy one strip (10 tablets) from the local medicine store, you will have to pay around Rs.10-15. Whereas the same drug in JAS would be sold at just INR 3.02.

Precautions to be taken by the user: Always consult doctor before taking medicines.

Cheapest Diabetic Test Strips @ Rs. 599 & $23.49

Cheapest Diabetic Strips

Diabetes is considered to be biggest lifestyle disease across the world. And sedentary life style is one of the major cause of diabetes. Apart from this other reasons for diabetes are:

  1. Lack of exercise
  2. Obesity
  3. Consumption of high fat and cholesterol food

And in order to test and monitor the blood glucose level, diabetic test strips are widely used by the patients as they give instant results. And depending on the need, strips are used every day, multiple times in a day, weekly as recommended by the doctor. Market is flooded with wide varieties of test strips manufactured by different companies. However the highly recommended test strips are from the following companies and are reliable and promises accuracy:

  1. Accu-Chek
  2. Bayer Contour
  3. Johnson & Johnson
  4. Dr. Morepen

Working of Diabetic Test Strips

Strips work along with blood glucose monitor. Patients has to take out blood by themselves and then apply the same on the test strip. Blood glucose monitor then calculates the blood glucose present.

Where to buy low cost diabetic test strips in India & US

Cheapest diabetic test strips are available at and in India.

At flipkart the cheapest diabetic test strips are available at Rs. 599 and Rs. 673

At Amazon following low cost diabetic test strips are available:

All these products are very convenient to operate and customers have given 4-star rating.

Cheapest Kidney Transplant in India, Free & Low Cost

Cheapest Kidney Transplant in India

Kidney transplant also known as renal transplant is a surgery under which healthy kidney is placed in the body of the patient. Donors are typically family members or persons who have died. In India, nearly 6 lakh people require kidney transplant every year. The cost of kidney transplant in India at private hospitals is high and normally costs between 2-3 lakh because of which the treatment is not affordable by patients from low income group resulting in death of the patient which is slow and painful. However there are few hospitals which offer cheapest kidney transplant in India as compared to private hospitals.

  1. Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi: Started offering free kidney transplant. In October 2013 they operated on a patient suffering from end-stage kidney disease for free of cost. The hospitals offers selected medications free of cost especially to poor and needy people. You can contact the hospital at 011-26164186 (Nephrology Department)
  2. Tamilnad Kidney Research Foundation(TANKER Foundation): The foundation offers dialysis treatment at subsidized rates and also offers financial assistance to poor and needy people. You can contact them at +91-044-28341635 / +91-044-43090998. E-mail: [email protected] (Website –
  3. AIIMS, New Delhi: All India Institute of Medical Sciences also offers low cost kidney transplant which is less than Rs. 65, 000. You can reach AIIMS Nephrology department at 011-26593292 (9.30 AM to 5.00 PM). Click here for more details on kidney transplantation at AIIMS
  4. Gujarat Kidney Foundation: Cost is very low even than the one offered by government hospitals. They also offer special discounts for transplantation and donations to the poor patients. You can contact at 079 2665 2220. (Website –
  5. Indira Gandhi Government General Hospital, Puducherry: Offers full fledged renal transplant at free of cost provided the patient and donor has first degree relationship. You can contact the hospital at +91-0413-2274552, 91-0413-2274552 / 2277545. (Website:

Preventing is the best solution

Since treatment is still not feasible, doctors advice that preventing kidney disease is one of the best solution to avoid transplantation in the future. Control on diabetes and high blood cholesterol is the first and most important step in preventing kidney failure.

Cheapest IVF Treatment in India @ Rs.20,000

Cheapest IVF Treatment in India

Since last 7-8 years Indians opting for IVF treatment has increased rapidly. Although cost of IVF treatment in India which is normally above 1.5 Lakh is lowest as compared to countries like US, UK and others, the treatment is still not affordable by couples from poor or middle class section of the society. And with rising infertility problems in Indian couples due to hectic life style, work pressure and other reasons there is a need of low cost IVF treatment centres in India. There are also insurance available for this treatment.

Low Cost IVF treatement centers

Here are few treatment centres offering In Vitro fertilization treatment at cheap rates and with highest quality:

  1. AIIMS: All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) is going to offer cheapest IVF treatment in India at Rs. 20, 000. You can contact department of obstetrics and gynaecology at AIIMS at: Phone: +91-11-26588500/26588700 Extn. : 4323 for more details. Currently AIIMS charge between Rs. 60,000-Rs. 70,000 for the hormones given to the couples.
  2. Indira IVF, Udaipur Rajasthan: Recognized by Government of Rajasthan, this IVF treatment centre offers very cheap IVF treatment at Rs. 50, 000 excluding the medication charges. You can reach Indira IVF at 0294-2412063, [email protected],
  3. Morpheus ART (present in various cities): They charge IVF treatment on a per cycle basis. Each cycle costs Rs. 65, 000. If patients undergo second cycle within six months after completing first cycle then discount is offered. They also offer a plan called Double Your Chances under which second cycle is offered free of cost when the first cycle does not lead to pregnancy. Cost of the plan is Rs. 90,000. Morpheus fertility centers are located at various cities in India. However patients can reach their Mumbai location at 022-26100506, Bangalore 080-49670000, Hyderabad 040-23393483, Pune 020-41265050, Chennai 044-28213136 or visit for more details. People across India can SMS BABY to 58888 and their customer service will contact you.
  4. Shachi Women’s Hospital, Ahmedabad, Gujarat: This center also offers low cost In Vitro fertilization treatment at Rs. 60, 000 (medications cost not included). You can reach them at +91 79 27560330, [email protected],

Why India is preferred choice for IVF treatment by couples from other countries?

Medical tourism is a big business in India and when it comes to IVF treatment, the number is very high because of the following main reasons:

  1. Compared to countries like US, Canada and others the cost of IVF treatment is very less. It is less than half.
  2. The primary reason for higher cost in these countries is due to the expensive facilities, medical devices etc. which are available at less price in India.
  3. IVF specialists in India are highly educated with years of experience.
  4. Specialists are also well versed in communicating in English, which makes patients feel comfortable as they can explain their condition in detail. This is an added advantage compared to doctors in competing countries like Brazil, Thailand, Mexico and others.

Cheapest Lasik Surgery in India @ Rs. 7000

Cheapest Lasik Surgery in India

LASIK is an acronym for laser in-situ keratomileusis. And it is a type of eye surgery done for reshaping the cornea. It is performed on individuals having vision problems – near-sightedness, far-sightedness or are astigmatic. At private hospitals in India, the normal cost of lasik surgery is between Rs. 25, 000-Rs. 40, 000 because of which poor people cannot afford this surgery. However there are few hospitals in India offering lasik surgery at a very cheap rates making it affordable to poor and middle class.

Hospitals offering cheapest lasik surgery in India

  1. J.J. Hospital, Mumbai: Offers low cost lasik eye surgery at just Rs. 7000 for both the eyes. In fact for poor people/below the poverty line, the surgery is performed free of cost helping them in getting rid of spectacles or contact lens. You can contact – J.J. Hospital at 022-2373 5555 for more information
  2. Sankara Nethralaya,Chennai: This non-profit offers opthalmic care at a very low cost @ Rs. 21, 000 which is very less as compared to private hospitals. Contact no: +91-44-28271616, E-mail – [email protected]/[email protected]
  3. Laser Vision Centre, Mumbai: Offers first consulting involving pre lasik/ESA evaluation free of cost. And also the lasik operation is done at a very affordable rate as compared to private hospitals
  4. Ahalia Foundation Eye Hospital, Palakkad, Kerala: Also offers surgery at a very cheap rate. You can contact them on +91-4923-225-000 or E-mail: [email protected]

Cheapest Insulin Injections in India @ 140 – 210 Rs.

Cheapest Insulin Injections in India

Insulin injections most commonly recommended to type-1 and type-2 diabetic patients for controlling blood sugar level. It serves the purpose of moving sugar from the blood to the other body tissues for producing energy. As they are required multiple times in a day as recommended by the doctor, it is best to buy cheapest insulin injections in bulk so that you can save good amount money.

Cheap insulin injections in India are manufactured by following companies but sold under different brand names:

1. Manufacturing Company: Novo Nordisk India Pvt Ltd

Brand/Trade Name:

  • Actrapid 40 iu, 10ml at Rs. 145
  • Human Insulatard (40iu) – Rs. 140.52
  • Human Insulatard (100iu) – Rs. 208.95
  • Human Insulatard (100iu), 3ml – Rs. 208.95

2. Manufacturing Company: Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Brand/Trade Name:

  • Human Actrapid 40iu) at Rs. 158.58
  • Human Actrapid 40iu), (3ml) at – Rs. 158.58

3. Manufacturing Company: Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Brand/Trade Name:

  • Human Actrapid 40iu) at Rs. 158.58
  • Human Actrapid 40iu), (3ml) at – Rs. 158.58

4. Manufacturing Company: USV Limited

Brand/Trade Name:

  • Human Fastact at Rs. 199.24
  • Human Fastact, (10ml) at Rs. 199.24

5. Manufacturing Company: Abbott India Ltd.

Brand/Trade Name:

  • Human Insulatard at Rs. 197.64
  • Human Insulatard, (10ml) at Rs. 208.95

Where to buy these low cost insulin injections

You can buy these money saving health products online at You can also contact them on +91 124 4616 400 (between 10am and 7pm). You can also order by sending an E-mail to [email protected]

Payment options available only cash on delivery. Benefit of ordering from this website is that all the medicines are procured directly from certified pharmacists and regulated manufacturers.

Note: Any type of medications mentioned on this site should be taken only after consulting physician or health provider.

Cheapest Hospitals in Mumbai, Low Cost Healthcare

Cheapest Hospitals in Mumbai

Mumbai accommodates everyone; from poor to extremely rich. Person can make living on cheapest wada pav as well. However when it comes to quality health care service, only rich people can afford the facilities provided by private hospitals. But not many people are aware that, there are many hospitals in Mumbai offering low cost treatments and medicines especially to needy people who otherwise cannot afford expensive treatments in private hospitals. Listed below are the cheapest hospitals in Mumbai offering high quality services:

  1. Shushrusha Heart Care Centre, Navi Mumbai: Offers free heart check-up and makes cardiac care possible for poor section of the society. They also offer loan and EMI option for purchasing stents and pacemakers.
  2. KEM Hospital: India’s most recognized hospital offers liver transplant at Rs. 5 Lakh. In private hospitals, the cost of this operation is above 15 lakhs. You can contact KEM hospital at 91-22-2413 6051 or E-mail them at [email protected]
  3. Conwest Jain Clinic Group of Hospitals: This charitable hospital offers low cost health care treatment in Mumbai for oral care, ENT, gynaecology, cardiac care and many more. You can contact this hospital at following address: Conwest Jain Clinic Chowk, 8/10, S.V. Somani Path, Kandawadi, Girgaum, Mumbai – 400 004. Tel.: 2382 0909 , 2380 8933/34
  4. Shree Borivli Gujarati Seva Mandal: This registered charitable hospital offers health care services at concessional rates or totally free to the poor section of the society. In 2008, the hospital operated 110 patients with lens implant, pathological tests, ECG at free of cost. In 2010, the hospital conducted colour Sonography & Colour 2 – D Echo at the most lowest cost than the ones offered by municipal and government medical centres. Following are few low cost health check-up/treatment done at this hospital:
  • Eye check-up – Rs. 80
  • Imported Lens – with Cataract Operation – Rs 3500 and cataract Phaco Operation – Rs 7000
  • Cataract Operation with Imported Folded Lens Rs 15000.

You can contact hospital at: +91-022-28981066, +91-022-28989011, +91-022-28988093 or E-mail at [email protected] Address: A/1-4, Marble Arch, 51 T.P.S. Road, Opp. Factory Lane, Borivali (W), Mumbai- 400092.

I will keep on adding more medical centres in Mumbai offering low cost treatments to needy people who cannot afford expensive services offered by private hospitals.

Cheapest Hospitals for Liver Transplant in India

Cheapest Hospitals for Liver Transplant in India

Health care costs in India has risen to such a level that poor and middle class section of people cannot even afford to take the treatment. And when it comes to getting operated for liver transplant involving replacement of damaged liver with healthy liver which is life threatening as success rate is not 100%. And even after paying for expensive surgery which does not reverse the liver damage, patient has to take costly medicines. At any point in time in India, around 25000-40000 patients are in need of this surgery.

However low cost medicines (generic) are available in India at Jan Aushadi and Jeevandhara stores which can save good amount of money as the quality of generic medicines is same as that of branded drugs sold in the market by big pharmaceutical companies.

In order to save money on liver transplant surgery, you can contact below hospitals offering low cost liver transplant surgery in India.

The cost of liver transplant in India at private hospitals is between 18 -20 Lakh and varies according to the hospital, city, surgeon amongst few other factors. However following hospitals offer cheap liver transplant in India

  1. KEM Hospital, Mumbai: This is the cheapest hospital in India to offer liver transplant at Rs. 5 Lakh. Patients with liver failure can avail this surgery by contacting King Edward Memorial at 91-22-2413 6051/[email protected]
  2. Amrita Hospital, Kochi, Kerala:  Offers the surgery for Rs.12-14 Lakh. Although expensive but comparing it with other private hospitals it is very low cost. +91 9400998074. E-mail: [email protected]
  3. Lake Shore Hospital, Kochi, Kerala: Another hospital in Kerala offer low cost liver transplant surgery for 12-14 lakh. You can reach the hospital at Tel: 91-484-2701032/2701033/2703951, Mobile : 9961630000/9961640000 & E-mail: [email protected]

Other options to cut back on liver transplant cost is increasing the health insurance coverage and manufacturing generic medicines.

Cheapest Insulin Pen (Generic) in India at Rs. 46

Cheapest Insulin Pen in India

Insulin pen is used for injecting insulin in the body of diabetic for treating it. Most of the diabetic care products such as insulin & pen are imported from foreign countries. And since they are highly priced, common man is out of reach. However you can buy cheapest insulin pen in India manufactured by the top pharmaceutical company – Sanofi Aventis under the brand name B D Micro Fine and Insuman 25/75 Optiset.

Here are the details of low cost Insulin pen:

  • 1 Insulin (Human)-80 iu/40iu/100iu Pen can be purchased at Rs. 46
  • Pen Insuman 25/75 Optiset (100 iu) 5 pen costs Rs. 241.33

(Note: Local taxes are not included)

Quality wise generic medicines are similar to branded drugs sold by big pharmaceutical companies and do not pose any health risks provided they are prescribed by the doctors.

How to Buy

Diabetics can buy cheap insulin pen at healthkartplus with following buying options available:

1) Buy directly online at OR

2) E-mail [email protected] along with all the product details. And you will get all the products delivered at your doorstep. Make sure to include your correct mailing address, contact number and PIN code. You can then pay by cash upon receiving the product.

Products are delivered within 1-2 days (24*7)

Save Money on Diabetes Treatment

Apart from buying cheap insulin pen, diabetics can save money on their healthcare costs:

  • Purchasing medicines in bulk as you’ll get discount
  • Buy online as medicines are sold at cheaper rates
  • Many sites also run offers for returning customers. Even if they don’t then you should ask them to provide discounts for all the purchase made
  • Compare prices online at various websites and then buy
  • Always ask your doctor for generic substitute for the prescribed drug