These Millionaires Want their Children to Learn Chinese

Do you think it’s important that your child knows more than one language? You could be right!

Learning a second language could improve cognitive development, creativity and academic performance, is indicated on the site of the University of Tennessee in Martin, USA. But what language should they learn?

Besides being the most talked about in the world, according to the Ethnologue publication, Mandarin Chinese is the most chosen by millionaires.

Some examples:

Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos: The founder of Amazon and his wife have four children. According to her in dialogue with Vogue magazine, one of the activities that children do is to learn Mandarin Chinese.

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan: Inspired by his wife, the Facebook founder would have learned Chinese Mandarin self-taught, he reports on the Business Insider site. In addition, in 2016 he uploaded a video to his social network in which he sees how a personal assistant with artificial intelligence helps his daughter Max to practice that language:

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner: In an interview with the Hong Kong newspaper, South China Morning Post, the daughter of the current president of the United States said her daughter had a Chinese nanny who taught her Mandarin.

Prince William and Kate Middleton: The eldest son of the royal couple, Prince George, is expected to learn Mandarin at the school he attends in London, Business Insider reports.

Why choose mandarin

Are you already considering Mandarin language for your child? In addition to the millionaires, several experts endorse the decision.

“The tone of the language makes it sound like a song, which is a tool that is used when teaching young children other topics.” The written characters look like images, which is attractive to children, who usually learn in a visual way “, says Nicole St. Leger, a mandarin teacher, in dialogue with Parents magazine. And that’s not all!

“Learning Mandarin provides a key understanding of one of the oldest civilizations in the world, which is also one of the fastest growing economies globally,” explains Corinne Dillon, founder of the site to learn the language. Discover Mandarin.

“Employers need people to speak Mandarin in order to carry on their business, this is not a trend that is going to change soon,” adds St. Leger.

Finally, keep in mind some of the additional benefits extracurricular activities can bring for your children, such as learning a language:

  1. Flexible thinking
  2. Best investment for your child both from education and
  3. Chinese is the business language of the future. And learning it, will make you child more employable and give an added advantage in the ever increasing competitive world. China being the second largest economy in the world and biggest trading partner to the world’s biggest economy i.e. United States (in fact many other countries), every company wants a Chinese speaker to assist in their business.

Budget Facts – Every Indian Should Know

Interesting Facts About Budget

Being an Indian, we were anxiously waiting for the budget by the new government. But let’s get to know some interesting facts about the budget.

1) Origination of the word BUDGET – This word used across the world got it’s name derived from the word “BOUGETTE” (in French) which means “SMALL BAG” in English.

2) Finance minister doesn’t present interim budget in the parliament – Although this has not happened in the history. But if such a scenario occurs then it does not mean that people don’t have to pay taxes. But in reality, the whole government comes to a standstill in case budget is not presented.Budget Interesting Facts

3) Number 11 – Is the total number of times interim budget been presented in the parliament by the finance minister of India.

4) Length of budget speech –  In India, budget speech are shorter as compared to other countries. However the trend of giving longer speeches was started by Mr. Pranab Mukherjee in 1982 which lasted for one hour and 35 minutes. And since then the duration of budget speech in India has increased.

5) Dream Budget – Was the one presented by Mr. Palaniappan Chidambaram (P. Chidambaram) in 1997 . The budget aimed at lowering the income tax and corporate tax rates and removed surcharge on corporate taxes.  He has been finance minister of India for four times in his career and is a corporate lawyer.

6) Preparation of Finance department is responsible for preparing the union budget in India.

7) 01 April – Which marks the start of financial year is the day on which the union budget which is presented on the last working day of the month of February comes to effect.

8) Annual Financial Statement – In the constitution of India, Union budget is referred to as Annual Financial Statement.

9) Morarji Desai is the only finance minister who has presented the budget on his birthday and has also presented 10 budget which is maximum number so far.

10) Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru is the only prime minister who has presented union budget which otherwise is presented by Minister of Finance.

11) Budget Presentation Time – Until the year 2001, budget in India was presented to the parliament at or after 5 PM. But in 2001, Yeshwant Sinha, finance minister at that time presented the budget at 11AM.

12) On the day of budget, the minister of finance poses for the photographs before entering the parliament to present the budget by holding the leather briefcase near the chest.

Money: Interesting Facts, Invention of Coins, Paper Notes

Facts About Money

What is Money?

An object exchanged between two parties in return of goods or services.

How the word “money” did get originated?

Though not confirmed, the word was originated and associated from Hera (a temple in greece) situated on Capitoline Hill (amongst one of the 7 hills of Rome).

What was the oldest form of money?

Cattles are considered to be the first trading object.

Who invented metal money?

It is believed Phoenicians (people from ancient civilization of Canaan from Egypt) made the invention of metal money.

Who invented coins?

Lydians (from the kingdom of Lydia; now Turkey) were the ones who invented coins in 600-55BC. Gold and silver coins were established by them.

What was exchanged before money came into existence?

Before 1550 BC, exchange took place in the form of pet animals – cattles, goats, pigs, lambs.

How invented first paper currency?

Paper currency was introduced by the people of china in 7th century.

What are the two different types of currencies used by any country?

Banknotes and Coins.

How the word “BUCK” came into existence?

Prior to the paper money came into effect, elf bucks were exchanged for goods and services. And that’s how the word “buck” was coined.

Material used to prepare currency notes:

Cotton paper is main material used and textile fibres like linen and abaca which are permeated with polyvinyl alcohol or gelatin. Proportion of cotton paper is 75% and of linen is 25%.

Metals used for making coins:

Alloys like brass, zinc, copper, nickel and etc.