Rs. 2 Lakh Consumer Loan for Rs.10000 Earner: UCO Bank

Consumer Loan

Consumer finance is credit taken out by a private individual (consumer) from a business (usually a credit institution) for purely private purposes. According to the type of credit, consumer credits are mostly typical installment credit for buying consumer durable products. The demand for such product is very high and growing because of the technology evolution leading to development of innovative products which are priced high. Price of the product is the reason why not everyone can afford such durable items.

However to ease this problem, lending institutions offer consumer loan. There are many lenders offering consumer loan in India and UCO Shopper Loan Scheme is one of the most sought loan for buying electronic gadgets such as smartphones, TV, fridge and other electronic/digital appliances or gadgets.

The reason is that the minimum income required for consumer loan is very less. Listed below are the frequently asked questions about shopping loan

Does UCO bank offer consumer loan for salaried and self employed?

Yes. UCO bank offers loan for shopping durable products to self employed, salaried and businessmen.

Is the minimum income required for consumer loan same for salaried, self employed or businessmen?

No. The annual income required for loan by UCO Bank for buying mobile phone, refrigerator, air conditioning appliances etc. is different.

What is the minimum monthly income required to get avail UCO Shopper Loan for a SALARIED person?

The minimum monthly salary required is Rs. 10,000 which excludes all deductions, EMIs, etc.

What is the gross monthly income required for UCO Bank Consumer Loan for an SALARIED individual living in Mumbai?

Depending on the city applicant lives in, the gross salary required is Rs. 30,000 per month for an individual living in cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata and other metro cities.

What is the gross monthly income required for UCO Bank Consumer Loan for working professional living in non-metro cities?

If the applicant is staying is non-metro city, the gross monthly required is Rs. 20,000.

I’m self employed person, can I get loan for shopping?

Yes. UCO Shopper Loan scheme can be availed by self employed, salaried employee, and businessmen.

What is the minimum annual income required for a self employed or business person?

The minimum net yearly income of Rs. 4,00,000 is required as per the latest income tax return.

Is Rs. 4,00,000 income required for consumer loan after all deductions?

No. Loan requires self-employed or businessmen to have minimum 40% surplus (i.e. Rs, 1,60,000) after considering EMI of proposed loan and Income Tax and any other obligations or Rs.10000/- whichever is higher.

What is the loan amount offer by UCO Bank and the loan tenure?

Rs. 2 Lakh or 10 times of monthly take home pay. And the tenure is 5 years i.e. 60 months.

I’m salaried individual, what is the minimum time period for which I should have been employed?

Salaried professional should have minimum 1 year of service.

I’m a senior person and want to avail consumer loan. Can I get UCO Shopper Loan?

Seniors are also eligible for the loan. However they should meet the minimum income criteria as mentioned above and the number of years remaining in their service should be greater than 5 years.

What products can I purchase through consumer loan?

Loan borrower can purchase consumer durable items such as television, refrigerator, air conditioner or any other electronic or digital gadget.

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