Best Credit Cards for Housewives: Empower Homemaker with Financial Tools

Housewives have always played a critical role in managing household finances. From our grandmothers to our aunts and mothers, the women in our family have displayed remarkable resourcefulness and ingenuity when it comes to saving money. They have often stashed away cash in unconventional places such as almirahs, safe boxes, or even in the kitchen. Some have even invested in fixed deposits (FDs) that no one was allowed to touch. However, despite their impressive financial management skills, housewives are often overlooked by traditional financial institutions and may face difficulty accessing critical financial tools such as Credit Cards.

In this blog post, we will explore the importance of empowering housewives with financial tools and discuss the best credit card options available for them. By providing housewives with access to Credit Cards, we can have a positive impact not only on their individual lives but also on their families and communities.

The Challenges Faced by Housewives

Housewives often face challenges when it comes to obtaining traditional credit cards. Financial institutions typically require a substantial credit history and extensive documentation, which can be difficult for housewives to fulfill. This lack of access to credit cards can limit their financial independence and hinder their ability to manage day-to-day expenses effectively.

Secured Credit Cards: A Great Choice for Housewives

For housewives who face challenges in obtaining traditional Credit Cards, secured Credit Cards are an excellent alternative. These cards do not require a substantial credit history, and the documentation process is minimal. All that is needed is a deposit that works as collateral.

One of the best Credit Cards for housewives is the FIRST WOW! Credit Card. This premium Credit Card offers a range of benefits and privileges that make it a valuable tool for building credit and managing day-to-day expenses.

The Benefits of the FIRST WOW! Credit Card

The FIRST WOW! Credit Card offers several significant benefits that make it an ideal choice for housewives:

1. Credit Limit Tied to Fixed Deposit Value

The most significant benefit of the FIRST WOW! Credit Card is its credit limit, which can be up to 100% of the FD value. Unlike many other institutions that offer a credit limit of up to 80% of the deposit value, the FIRST WOW! Credit Card offers a minimum of 100% of the FD value. This means that the cardholder’s credit limit is directly tied to the amount of the fixed deposit they make. What’s even better is that the FD continues to earn interest while the cardholder enjoys the benefits of the Credit Card.

2. Welcome Benefit and Cashback Offers

The card offers a welcome benefit of up to Rs. 1,000 as cashback for new cardholders. This cashback can be a great way for housewives to offset some of their initial expenses. Additionally, the card offers 4X rewards on every spend, making it an excellent option for those who frequently use their Credit Card.

3. Merchant Offers and Discounts

The card provides access to over 300 merchant offers and discounts at over 1500 restaurants. This feature can help cardholders save money on their day-to-day expenses, making it even more convenient for housewives to manage their finances effectively.

4. No Forex Markup Fee

For housewives who frequently travel or make purchases in foreign currencies, the card offers a significant advantage. It has no forex markup fee, which means that cardholders can save money on foreign transactions and enjoy a seamless shopping experience.

5. Additional Privileges

Apart from the above benefits, the card offers several additional privileges. These include a 1% fuel charge waiver, complimentary roadside assistance, personal accident cover, and lost card liability cover. These privileges can provide housewives with peace of mind and added security.


Empowering housewives with financial tools can have far-reaching effects. By providing them with access to Credit Cards, we can enhance their financial independence and enable them to manage their household finances more efficiently. The FIRST WOW! Credit Card, with its unique features and benefits, is an excellent choice for housewives. It offers a high credit limit tied to the FD value, cashback offers, rewards on every spend, access to merchant offers and discounts, and additional privileges. With the FIRST WOW! Credit Card, housewives can take control of their finances and unlock new opportunities for themselves and their families.

Other Option for Homemaker to Get Credit Card in India

One option is to obtain an add-on card linked to the primary credit card held by another family member. This allows the homemaker to enjoy the convenience of a credit card while being supported by the primary cardholder’s creditworthiness. However, it is crucial that the primary cardholder has a strong credit score and a flawless payment history, as any missed payments on the add-on card can have repercussions for both parties. It could potentially impact the primary cardholder’s future credit prospects.


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