21 Expensive Credit Cards with High Joining & Annual Fees in India

We have talked about credit card for low income earners here. But for a card company individuals with high income earners/who are wealthy and spend heavily are the main targets as returns from them makes company’s balance sheet green. Considering the spending habits of high income individuals as they splurge money on expensive things such as 5 star hotels and clubs, jewelries and many others, card companies have designed many expensive cards having very high joining and annual fee. And card companies offer wide range of benefits to entice wealthy individuals to buy and spend more. So here’s the list of credit cards for high income individuals along with joining and annual fee:

Bank NameCredit Card NameJoining Fee (Rs.)Annual Fee (Rs.)
Kotak BankPrivy League Visa Signature7,5005,000
Kotak BankPrivy League Visa Signature5,0005,000
Kotak BankRoyal Signature Card19,000-
ICICI BankSapphiro6,0003,500. Waived off for first year if the spend is Rs. 5,00,000
ICICI BankRubyx3,0002,000. Waived off for first year if the spend is Rs. 2,50,00
ICICI BankCoral American Express1,000500. Waived off for first year if the spend is Rs. 2,50,000
Axis BankSignature Credit Card5,0006,000. Waived off for first year if the spend is Rs. 6,00,000
Axis BankSignature Credit Card with Travel Benefits1,5001,000. Waived off for first year if the spend is Rs. 2,40,000
Axis BankWorld Select Card10,0004,500
Axis BankWorld Card3,5003,500
State Bank of IndiaSignature Card4,9994,999
State Bank of IndiaPlatinum Card2,9992,999
State Bank of IndiaSignature Contactless Card4,9994,999
State Bank of IndiaAdvantage Signature Card4,9994,999
State Bank of IndiaAdvantage Platinum Card2,9992,999
State Bank of IndiaBMB Platinum Card2,9992,999
CitibankRewards CardNA3,000
CitibankPremierMiles CardNA3,000
Ratnakar Bank LimitedTitanium CardCommunicated at the time of buyingUpto 2,000
Ratnakar Bank LimitedPlatinum DelightCommunicated at the time of buyingUpto 4,000
IndusInd BankPlatinum CardNA3,000

Also check out credit cards with no annual fee and joining fee.

There are many privileges offered by card companies for owners of such expensive cards such as:

  • Very high credit limit
  • Expensive welcome gifts after joining
  • Access to airport lounges
  • Highest security
  • Club memberships
  • Travel accommodations and insurance
  • Discounts on events and many more
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