2023: 12 Credit Cards with No Minimum Income Requirement

Banks across the globe set a minimum income requirement for providing credit cards in order to facilitate the payment of credit card bills. These criteria ensure that individuals who earn a certain level of income, will make timely bill payments.

However, the minimum salary requirement for credit cards varies from bank to bank and even from card to card. Consequently, the eligibility criteria, including the minimum salary requirement, will differ based on the features and benefits of each card. This criterion ensures that customers will diligently pay their credit card bills without any outstanding dues.

12 Credit Cards with No Minimum Income Requirement

Kotak Mahindra Bank offers credit cards with no minimum income requirement. Therefore, these cards for best recommended for individual with low income.

Here are the list of 12 cards requiring no minimum income and are offered on the basis of age, location, features, benefits, and resident status.

(1) Essentia Platinum Credit Card
(2) 811 #DreamDifferent Credit Card – Requires fixed deposit of Rs. 10,000
(3) Delight Platinum Credit Card
(4) Best Price Credit Card
(5) PVR Kotak Gold Credit Card
(6) PVR Kotak Platinum Credit Card
(7) Wealth Management Infinite Credit Card
(8) NRI Royale Signature Credit Card – The minimum fixed deposit should be Rs. 1 lakh.
(9) Corporate Wealth Signature Credit Card
(10) Corporate Platinum Credit Card
(11) Corporate Gold Credit Card
(12) Privy League Signature Credit Card

Credit Limit for Cards for Low Income Earners

The credit limits for credit cards can vary significantly depending on various factors, including income, credit history, credit score, and the policies of the Kotak Bank. Depending on the salary, an individual may be offered lower credit limits by credit card issuers compared to those with higher incomes. Bank will also evaluate evaluate your debt-to-income ratio, which represents the portion of your monthly income allocated towards debt payments. A lower debt-to-income ratio can have a positive influence on your credit limit.

The credit card you choose to apply at Kotak Mahindra Bank can have an impact on the credit limit you are assigned. Basic or starter credit cards, designed for individuals with limited credit history or lower incomes, may have lower credit limits compared to premium or rewards credit cards.


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