6 Ways to Earn Money doing Household Chores

Do you want to start earning money? When you’re a kid, you may be too young to get a job, but you’re not too young to do some basic household chores. If you want to earn money for doing them, you can learn what kinds of tasks are good for earning money, how to ask questions, and how to keep track of your work.

Doing household chores

Clean the house. If you want to get an easy way to make a difference at home, there’s nothing better than cleaning. There will always be something to clean, if you do a good job. Talk to your neighbours about taking responsibility for cleaning several rooms and earning money in return.

  • Bathroom, living room and kitchen are always good options, as they get dirty easily.
  • Think of other spaces, such as the attic, garage and sheds, that may need cleaning. They may not need to be cleaned regularly, but you could do it for money once or twice a year.

Do other basic household chores

There are many household chores that you can learn to do if you don’t know how to do them yet, and earn money in return. These are all household chores that you can offer yourself:

  • Taking out the trash
  • Feeding pet
  • Walking pet
  • Dish washing
  • Washing dirty laundry
  • Folding clothes
  • Making the beds

Work outdoors in the spring and summer

When it’s sunny outside, you can also go out and make money in return, right? In the summer there are lots of things to do in the yard, in your driveway and around your neighborhood:

  • Try washing cars
  • Try opening a lemonade stand when it’s hot outside
  • Offer to take care of your neighbors’ children during summer vacation
  • Mow the lawn at your home or your neighbors’
  • Take care of the garden, pruning and planting vegetables

Work in the yard during the fall

As summer turns into fall, there will be different kinds of outdoor activities you can do. If your neighbours have a yard, talk to them about winterizing it. Any of the following tasks can be good for fall:

  • Cleaning ditches
  • Prune shrubs
  • Raking leaves
  • Collecting branches, acorns, or other debris

Do some winter chores

When winter comes, offer to hang or design decorations for your neighbors’ houses. Bring firewood if they have a fireplace and offer to shovel snow.

  • Removing snow from the driveway can be a great task if you live in a snowy area. It can be hard, which means you can make a lot of money. You can also remove ice from cars, or offer to scrape them every morning as a regular task.
  • Find out about handing out food to your older neighbors, or about helping them during the long winter months.

Do computer tasks

If you’re a technology genius, you can make money doing things you’d do in your spare time. Instead of getting money in exchange for doing boring cleaning tasks, find out if you can charge for helping neighbors do computer tasks.

  • Help the elderly learn to navigate a computer. Teach them to do the basics, such as turning it on, using the keyboard and touchpad, and connecting to the Internet.
  • Help them create e-mail accounts and send e-mails to friends and family.
  • Help them create accounts on social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Show them how to create accounts, add friends, and upload photos and updates.
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