5 Best Apps to Earn Money that Pay via PayPal

Need some extra income but don’t have time for a part-time job? If you use your mobile device for at least 2 or 3 hours a day, you should check out apps that pay you for doing various tasks (they usually make payments through PayPal).

These are the best money-making apps that pay through PayPal. Before we show you the respective apps, it’s essential that you create a PayPal account, as they only allow you to withdraw the generated balance to that payment platform. Also, the PayPal account must be verified. What does this mean? It means you’ll have to add a bank card to avoid problems when receiving money.

(1) SwagBucks: your opinion is worth a lot of money

Safe, reliable, and above all, easy to use. This is one of the best apps for making money using your mobile phone. Within the app, you can complete surveys, play video games, watch product videos, and endure hundreds of advertisements, methods that will allow you to accumulate balance to exchange for real money.

When you create an account within SwagBucks, the platform will indicate that the app’s objective is to help large companies understand what the outcome of those products they plan to launch in the market could be. Thanks to your opinion, these companies will access real information in exchange for a few euros.

Once you download and install it on your mobile device, you’ll need to reach a certain “cashback” amount to be able to exchange it for money through your own PayPal account.

(2) Sweatcoin Pedometer: earn money by walking

Need an app to motivate you to walk and exercise daily? If your answer is “yes”, and the only thing that motivates you in life is making money, then you should take a look at Sweatcoin Pedometer. It’s one of the most popular apps when it comes to tools for making money using your mobile device. Its operation is based on delivering euros and dollars through PayPal based on the number of steps you take each day.

Basically, the more you walk throughout the day, the more money you’ll earn. However, to withdraw the money you’ve earned to your PayPal account, you’ll need to pay attention to this payment method, as it’s only activated a few times a month.

(3) Cash App: earn money using your phone

If you spend a lot of time using your mobile phone and want to make some extra money from it, Cash App is definitely the app you should have installed on your phone. By doing various daily activities, ranging from playing video games, answering surveys, and watching videos, you can earn money and then withdraw it to your PayPal account. It’s worth noting that the more you use the app, the more money you can earn, as Cash App rewards users who use it for at least 2 to 3 hours a day.

(4) BlaBlaCar: travel with other people and earn money

Do you make the same journey every day in your car? If you want to earn some additional income when going to work with your car, this app will give you the opportunity to become a kind of Uber. By sharing your car with other people, who must also have the app installed, you can earn money and then withdraw it via PayPal.

Its operation is extremely simple: Once you indicate to the app the route you will take, users needing to be transported to a specific point will appear (which is within the route you will take). If you manage to get several people to travel with you, BlaBlaCar will pay you for your service.

(5) Cashzine: reading news has never been so profitable

If you enjoy reading news from your mobile device, Cashzine is one of those apps you should have installed. It allows you to earn money by reading local and international articles, commenting on them, and sharing them with your friends. Among its many advantages, it encourages the habit of reading while keeping you informed about the events happening around you. However, it’s important to clarify that in order to withdraw the balance you’ve generated, you’ll need to have a certain number of referrals (you’ll need to invite other people to use the app).

Note that these money-making apps for your mobile are also available on iOS. If you have an iPhone, you can find them in the Apple App Store.


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