2019: 15 Mobile Apps to Earn Money – Android & iOS

Almost everyone has mobile device today. And the interesting fact is that usage of internet on mobile devices has surpassed desktop. There are multiple reasons to this shift. However the main reasons are lowering of internet prices, technological advances in mobile devices, and convenience and others.

But do you know that you can make effective use of mobile phones to earn money? If you are one of those who spend a lot of time on smartphone then why not start taking advantage and use it to make money? But remember that these apps may not be available to users of all the countries.

Companies and advertisers already know that promoting products through mobile phones can be very profitable and therefore have proliferated in recent years many applications with which you can make the mobile phone profitable. There are many smartphone apps available in the market using which you can make extra money easily, conveniently and quickly. Of course, you won’t make a lot of money, but money is money and extra money every month is always welcomed especially when it comes from the comfort of your home, waiting for the train or from any location of the world.

Apps for making money with your mobile phone can be downloaded from official app stores App Store for Apple phones and Play Store for Android devices.

Nowadays, there are more applications for Android because in the case of Apple devices the requirements of the App Store are stricter and from the consumers point of view the cost is on a higher side. Though they are beginning to proliferate and usually pay better.

So here are the mobile apps to earn money.

1. mobileXpression

MobileXpression is an application that records your mobile phone usage to find out first-hand what the most popular mobile trends and services are. The App monitors your actions with your mobile phone, such as downloads or websites that you visit and is kept in the background. As it is very valuable information for companies, mobileXpression will reward its users with part of the benefits. The first week, you will receive €5 (Euro) from Amazon and from then on you will receive guaranteed money.

The app guarantees that it does NOT monitor your calendar, messages or photos, but obviously, if you are very concerned about your privacy, it is not the best application.

The most important features of mobileXpression are the following:

  • Minimum prize money: €5 on Amazon after one week of use
  • Countries: Available in Spain, Mexico and United States
  • Payment methods: Gift vouchers, cash, prizes….
  • Language: Spanish, English
  • App Size: 13 MB

2. AppKarma: Make money trying Apps

AppKarma is a very complete application to earn money from any country and any mobile phone with Android or iOS operating system. You earn money by watching videos, completing offers, downloading other apps, referrals, badges.

The most important features of AppKarma are the following:

  • Minimum prize money: 3$ which equals 4000 points in the application.
  • Countries: International! *
  • Payment methods: Paypal and gift vouchers for Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks, PlayStation Store, Xbox live, Google Play, etc. They make payments in less than 48 hours.
  • Language: English
  • Referrals: Single level. You’ll earn 30% of what they accumulate. They also have a VIP referral program for Youtubers or bloggers and win 40%. Plus, if you become a VIP user, the referral bonus is 400 points.
  • App Size: 13 MB

3. StreetBees: Earn money by doing chores

Streetbees is a mobile application that allows you to earn money for doing work (some of them just answer questions). They are usually very well paid and can earn more than 10 euros an hour, without referrals, when several tasks are available. Although this App is originally from the UK, it is currently available in 87 countries!

  • Minimum prize money: There is none! What do you do, what do you do, what can you collect!
  • Countries: International! (87 countries)
  • Payment Methods: Paypal
  • Language: Spanish, English, Portuguese
  • Referrals: Single level. You can earn up to 5 Euros per referral. If the friend you invite does a €1 task, you get €1. If the friend you invite does a 5€ task, you will get another 5€.
  • App Size: 26 MB

4. Simply Tasks: Make money doing missions

Simply Tasks is a mobile application that you can use to earn money for missions. The App allows you to quickly mobilize people to collect large amounts of data and information for businesses. In return, they remunerate each user who participates in one of their tasks.

Missions are simple tasks like checking prices in stores, promotions, giving your opinion about the attention you received, etc. Upon completion of each mission you will receive a payment that you can easily redeem via Paypal.

  • Payment Methods: Paypal
  • Minimum prize money: 10 Euros
  • Language: Spanish, English

5. BeMyEye: Make money doing missions

BeMyEye is an App available in Spain and some other European countries that can be used from iOS and Android. With this App you earn money for small jobs for large companies that contract BeMyEye’s services.

To do this, you’ll find “missions” in the App near you. To complete the mission they will have to perform all the details that are specified of the mission. When you finish it, you only have to upload it (usually through photographs)

  • Minimum prize money: €5 and pay by paypal and bank transfer.
  • Countries: Spain and Europe
  • Payment methods: Paypal and bank transfer
  • Language: Spanish, others
  • Referrals: Single level. Your friends will earn an extra euro when they have completed their first mission and you will earn the same.
  • App Size: 13 MB

6. GiftPanda: Make money testing Apps

Like the other applications mentioned, with GiftPanda you can earn money by installing applications on your mobile phone, conducting surveys and registering on pages through your smartphone. The minimum payment for this platform is $2.5 via Paypal.

  • Minimum prize money: $2.5.
  • Countries: International! *
  • Payment methods: Paypal, Bitcoins or gift vouchers.
  • Language: English and Spanish
  • Referrals: Two levels. You will earn 10% of first level referrals and 5% of second level referrals. To encourage your referrals you will be given a referral link with which your friends will earn $0.50 (500 points)

7. Gelt: Earn money as you shop

Gelt is a very simple mobile app to make money from the everyday shopping we do in the supermarket.

You buy a product from their catalog, upload the photo of the purchase ticket to the application and in 48 hours you get the commission. Very useful and fun to save money. It also has a good referral system.

  • Minimum prize money: At ATMs from 20 Euros.
  • Countries: Available only in Spain
  • Payment method: Paypal, books, music, gift cards, etc.
  • Referrals: 1 level of referrals.
 You will earn 0.50 per valid registration
  • Language: Spanish
  • Available for Android and iOS mobiles.
  • Size: 4,3 MB

8. CashPirate: Rescue your treasure

CashPirate is an application to make money with your mobile phone available only to Android users for now but for all countries. You can make money by installing and testing other apps, doing surveys, playing videos, conduct free product trials. As you complete tasks, you accumulate credits that you can then redeem for cash in your PayPal account. 1000 credits equals $1.

  • Minimum prize money: $2.50. In other words, 2,500 credits.
  • Countries: International *
  • Payment Method: Paypal, and Facebook Gift Cards.
  • Referrals: 2 levels of referrals.
 You earn 10% of the earnings of your direct referrals and 5% of the earnings of your indirect referrals.
  • Language: English, Spanish
  • Available for Android phones Size: 1.3 MB

9. WhaffRewards: Make money testing Apps

Similar to CashPirate and AppKarma, Whaff Rewards is one of the international applications that offers more options to earn money with your mobile phones. Like the two applications mentioned above, with WhaffRewards you will earn money by downloading and testing other applications on your mobile. Some of the features of Whaff are:

  • Minimum prize money: Payments by PayPal starting at $10.50.
  • Countries: International *
  • Payment method: Paypal, Amazon, Xbox, PlayStation or Facebook Gift Cards.
  • Referrals: 1 level of referrals.
 You earn $0.30 for each friend who uses your code
  • Premium picks: In addition to earning money for downloading other apps, you also earn money everyday by using the apps you download.
  • Available for Android and iOS phones
  • Size: 14 MB

10. Verse, mobile payment transfers

VERSE is a mobile payment application that currently has an exceptional guest promotion in Europe.

You can take advantage of their promotion and earn 1 Euro for every friend you invite!

  • Minimum prize money: You can withdraw the money as long as you have something in your account
  • Countries: International * (Guest promotion for Europe only)
  • Payment Methods: Bank Transfer
  • Language: Spanish and English
  • Referrals: You will earn 1 Euro for every friend you invite to the application
  • App Size: 58.4 MB

11. GrabPoints: Earn money testing Apps

GrabPoints is another highly recommended application if you are interested in making some extra money available. It is available to users all over the world and has infinite ways to accumulate points and money.

You earn money for making the recommended offers, paid surveys, playing videos, downloading and testing other applications on your mobile…

  • Minimum prize money: Payments by PayPal starting at $3.
  • Countries: International *
  • Payment method: Paypal, and gift cards
  • Referrals: 1 referral level. 1 point for each referral and when the referral reaches 1,000 points, another 500 points are awarded to the sponsor.
  • Available for Android and iOS phones
  • Size: 15 MB

12. AppDown: Discover Apps and win

With AppDown you can earn money on Paypal or earn gift cards on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play by downloading games and other recommended applications. The minimum fee to be paid is only $2. However, the app is in English.

  • Minimum prize money: $2.
  • Countries: International *
  • Payment methods: Paypal and different gift cards.
  • Extras: Daily scratches to earn free points.
  • Language: English.
  • Referrals: 1 Level of Referrals. You win 50% of the points.
  • Operating Systems: Android, iOS

13. GumsUp: Earn money for testing Apps

Great application to win multiple prizes completely free of charge. Its operation is very similar to the other mobile applications we are discussing in the article. With GumsUp you can download and test other apps, view ads, do surveys and some other tasks. All these actions are always free and you will earn points called “Gums” in this application. These points are redeemable for prizes and cash on PayPal.

  • Minimum prize money: €0,80.
 Corresponds to 2400 points.
  • Countries: International *
  • Payment method: Paypal, books, music, gift cards, etc.
  • Referrals: 1 level of referrals.
 You will earn 500 points when the referral has reached 3000 points.
  • Language: Spanish and English.

14. Gift Hunter Club: Money for watching videos

Gift Hunter Club is a website that has a mobile application where you can win a lot of gifts and earn money online. You’ll earn points by viewing ads, downloading free apps, filling out surveys, and many other offers. In return you will be given points that you can redeem for cash through Paypal or Payza or fashionable gift cards, shops, games, electronics, music and more. The application can be used to download apps, watch videos, invite friends, etc.

  • Minimum prize money: $2
  • Countries: International*
  • Payment methods: Paypal, Payza, Amazon Gift Cards, etc.
  • Language: Spanish, English
  • Referrals: 2 levels of referrals
  • Operating Systems: For now Android or web

15. App Trailers, money for watching videos

With this mobile app you’ll earn money for watching videos and downloading some apps to your mobile. (It is only necessary to download them, open them and then uninstall them). Points are redeemable for cash through Paypal. The minimum prize money you can earn is only $0.50.

The only drawback? It’s in English, but even if you don’t know the language, it’s very easy to use.

  • Minimum prize money: $0.50
  • Countries: International *
  • Payment methods: Paypal
  • Extras: Daily scratches to earn free points
  • Language: English
  • Referrals: No referral system
  • Operating Systems: Android, iOS

Not Recommended: TappOrod

Like the other applications mentioned, this application lets you earn extra money with your mobile phone for watching videos and installing applications but currently is not paying the users. The minimum fee on this platform was $5. Although the App is in English, the offers will appear in Spanish. Money is received via PayPal. It has a referral system with which you can also earn points.

  • Minimum prize money: $5
  • Users: Available in all countries
  • Payment methods: Paypal and gift vouchers for Amazon, Game Cards, etc.
  • Language: English
  • Referrals: Single level. You’ll earn up to $0.60 for every guest you invite. In turn, the guest will earn $0.25 using your invitation code.
  • UPDATE: TAPPORO has not made payments to its users for 6 months. Hence this app is not recommended.

Payment methods for mobile apps

These type of application has different payment methods, the most common being Paypal. If you want to make money with these applications you must have a Paypal account. They also offer gift card payment options for Amazon, iTunes, Steam, Google Play Store and many other stores.

Things to Keep in Mind When Making Money with Apps

Don’t expect to make large sum of money. These apps pay their users to try other Apps and need a huge database to complete their studies. At most you will get paid 1 Euro per downloaded App and you will have a limit of downloads per day.

Be careful with some Apps. It is not convenient to download everything they offer in order to earn money. Some users have complained that some Apps have filled their cell phones with Pop Ups. Normally uninstalling the App will solve the problem but as a general rule I advise you to download the Apps that you might be interested in and not all the ones that are available (especially Apps that you don’t know what they are).

To withdraw the money, you will usually need an online payment processor. The most common is Paypal.

To reach the minimum payout, you’ll need to have a little patience as the first day is difficult to reach that minimum.


These applications are intended to bring some extra income to the user but in no case can you earn large sums of money. You make money with patience, but it’s a very entertaining way to do it by discovering new applications, new game apps available or watching interesting ads.

Best of all, you can do it anywhere and at any time by using your mobile phone. You can use time waiting for the bus, train, queuing up to buy tickets…. any opportunity is good for adding up money. At the end of the day, profits can come in handy to buy a treat, pay a house bill or cover an unexpected expense.

Another important aspect to note is that all these apps are completely free and you can uninstall them whenever you want. It’s recommend you to visit this section from time to time as more money making  apps would be added to the list.

Have you tried any of these apps to make money with your mobile phone, or what other apps do you know to make money with? Any doubt or suggestion, do not hesitate to mention it in the comments section.

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