Employer Not Providing Salary Slip? 5 Steps to Take

Employer not providing salary slip

A salary slip, also known as a pay slip, is a document that provides a detailed breakdown of an employee’s salary and earnings for a given pay period. It is issued by an employer to an employee on a regular basis, typically on a monthly basis or at the end of a pay period. The document typically includes details such as the employee’s basic salary, allowances, bonuses, deductions, taxes, and net pay, among others. It serves as a record of an employee’s salary, and may be used for various purposes, including filing income tax returns, applying for loans or credit cards, and other financial transactions.

What to do when employer does not provide salary slip?

If your employer does not provide you with a salary slip, you can take the following steps:

  1. Request your employer: The first step is to request your employer to provide you with a salary slip. You can explain to them the importance of having a salary slip for various purposes, including for applying for a personal loan, filing taxes, or for your own financial records.
  2. Check online portals: Some companies have online portals that employees can access to view their salary details. Check if your employer has such a portal and try to access your salary slip from there.
  3. Use bank statements: If you receive your salary directly into your bank account, you can use your bank statements as proof of income. However, bank statements may not always be accepted by lenders or other organizations as a substitute for a salary slip.
  4. Create a salary certificate: If your employer is unable to provide a salary slip, you can ask them to issue a salary certificate instead. This document should contain details of your salary, deductions, and allowances, and can serve as proof of your income.
  5. Legal action: If your employer is consistently refusing to provide you with a salary slip or salary certificate, you can take legal action against them. You can file a complaint with the labor commissioner or take the matter to court.

In summary, a salary slip is an important document for various purposes, and if your employer is not providing you with one, you can take the steps mentioned above to obtain it or a substitute document.


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