BelleoFX: Best CFD Trading Platform in UAE 2023

Best CFD Trading Platform in UAE

Whether you’re a new trader thinking to broaden your scope or an experienced investor wishing to diversify your portfolio, this guide will provide you with the knowledge you need to navigate the dynamic world of CFDs. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll explore the world of CFD which includes all about CFD, how it works, and why BelleoFX is the best CFD Trading platform in UAE

What is CFD Trading and How Does it Work?

A CFD is a financial instrument that allows traders to make bets on the price movements of various assets without holding the asset that they are trading. Trading CFDs involves entering into a contract with the broker, BelleoFX, where you agree to trade the difference between the opening and closing prices of the underlying asset. 

What Instruments Can be Traded as CFDs?

CFDs give you access to a variety of financial markets by offering a broad range of tradeable instruments. Trading CFDs on popular assets like stocks, indexes, commodities, currencies (Forex), ETFs, and cryptocurrencies is easy with BelleoFX. The company provides you the benefit of exploring numerous markets and taking advantage of a wide range of opportunities in this diverse collection. 

Selecting Between going long or going short

Going long or short on an asset is one of the primary benefits of CFDs. Purchasing a CFD with the hope that its price will increase allows you to take advantage of an upward price movement. This strategy is referred to as going long. 

On the other hand, going short is selling a CFD with the expectation that its price will drop, allowing you to profit from a decline in price. However, you can potentially profit from rising and falling markets due to this flexibility. 

Margin and Leverage in CFD 

CFD trading generally involves trading on margin and leverage:


Margin serves as the amount of money used by a trader to manage a position that is leveraged. The minimum account balance required to maintain a position is known as the maintenance margin, whereas the deposit margin, also known as the initial margin, is the initial capital needed to create a position ($1,000 in the case above). A margin call is made when the account balance drops below the maintenance margin, prompting the investor to either contribute more money or risk having the securities liquidated.


Leverage – permits you to control a greater percentage of the market with a smaller initial cash investment. You accomplish this by taking out a financial loan from your broker. With a 10:1 leverage percentage, traders can manage a $10,000 investment with just $1,000 of their own money.

Trading Cost of CFD

One should be aware of the cost structure involved in your CFD trades. The spread and overnight costs are the two main costs:

The Spread reflects the difference between a CFD’s buy and sell prices which serves to compensate the broker

Overnight fees, also known as swap fees or rollover costs, often apply when holding CFD positions overnight. These fees are related to the cost of holding leveraged positions after the market closes and can be affected by factors such as interest rates and market conditions. 

BelleoFX, the biggest online broker in online trading offers its customers a diverse knowledge and cost structure that will equip clients to start trading in UAE (United Arab Emirates). 

Why Trade CFD with BelleoFX?

Trading CFDs with BelleoFX provides traders with several benefits and opportunities. These are:

Regulation and Security: BelleoFX,  operations are licensed and controlled by multiple foreign authorities, representing our commitment to delivering a safe, fair, and transparent trading environment. Select BelleoFX, where your safety is our top-most priority. 

Risk-Free Demo Account: Practice trading CFDs with our risk-free demo account, which is available to all of our clients for free. Test your trading methods in real-world market situations without putting your money at risk. It’s an excellent opportunity to gain confidence and enhance your skills.

Seamless Transition to Real-Money Trading: When you’re prepared to trade with real money, BelleoFX offers the best trading experience and investment platform with cutting-edge features and a variety of trading tools. Trade a variety of instruments with reliable execution and competitive spreads. Other tools provided by BelleoFX include social trading, automated trading, and standard stop losses.

Take advantage of our advanced trading instruments and tools, such as consisting of Trading Central for in-depth market research and leverage the benefits of the best online trading platform, BelleoFX to protect yourself against potential losses. 

Powerful Trading Platform: Traders can fund their accounts and use Belleofx’s feature-rich MetaTrader 5 platform that gives you potential trading strategies. MT5 supports advanced charting, one-click trading, EAs, algo orders, and other features.

Competitive Spreads: At BelleoFX, competitive spreads and pricing help traders reduce trading costs while maximizing possible earnings.

Facts: Unfortunately, there are costs associated with trading CFDs, so it’s not entirely free. A spread is often measured by a CFD trading platform in Dubai that provides commission-free trading. It is possible for this spread to be less than 0.1% or more than 5%, depending on the broker fees.

Advantages of CFD Trading 

Leverage: Potential CFD brokers allow you to trade with leverage, which allows you to control a larger position with a smaller initial deposit. This means that if the market goes in your favor, you could potentially increase your profits. It is vital to note, however, that leverage increases the danger of loss, therefore good risk management is essential.

Access to a wide market: CFDs provide access to a diverse range of tradeable products, such as equities, indices, commodities, currencies, and cryptocurrencies. This enables you to diversify your trading portfolio and capitalize on opportunities in different online marketplaces.

Long and short positions: You can earn from both rising and declining markets with CFDs. Going longer allows you to profit from an increase in price while going short allows you to profit from a decrease in price. This adaptability allows you to capitalize on changing market conditions.

Liquidity: Because CFDs are traded on liquid markets, you may usually enter and exit positions swiftly. This allows you to profit from market swings and maintain greater control over your forex trading activity.

Hedging Opportunities: CFDs offer hedging strategy opportunities. By establishing opposing CFD holdings, you can offset potential losses or hedge your current positions in the physical market. This enables you to safeguard your portfolio from unfavorable market conditions and manage risk properly.

Note: However, you should always keep in mind that trading involves certain risks that should not be avoided. As a result, CFD trading is extremely dangerous and inappropriate for beginners. A very high percentage of retail accounts lose money when trading CFDs.

Best Trading Platform in the UAE, Dubai 2023

Didn’t find the best broker for you? When it comes to selecting the best broker in the UAE 2023, BelleoFX stands out as one of the best forex and CFD traders. BelleoFX has established itself as the best CFD broker firm with a strong dedication to excellence and a track record of trustworthiness. To provide top-notch security, Belleofx holds licenses and permits from several renowned regulators, including the Dubai Financial Services Authority. 

BelleoFX takes pride in providing quick and informed client service. Whenever a trader needs help, be it with a technical problem, a question regarding a trade, or general guidance, customers may seek it. One essential element of this best online CFD platform is reliable and competent client service.

Belleofx offers serious consideration to anyone looking for a dependable foreign broker to gain access to international markets. Belleofx is the best broker in UAE for beginners to expert traders due to its excellent trading tools, security, and excellent service.

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