EMI for Medicines in India

Buy Medicines, Health Care Products on EMI

You must have paid for your loans car, home, personal, education and others on equated monthly instalments i.e. EMI. But now paying for expensive health care products or medicines won’t put a burden on individuals pocket as you can now pay for them on EMI or take short term loans.

Companies Offering EMI for Medicines

Health care and pharma companies are now partnering with financial institutions or credit companies to offer health care products on monthly instalments or by offering short term loans.

Recent example is Merck and Co. made an announcement on offering financial support to patients without charging any extra money. This announcement was made for their hepatitis-C drug named Interferon and the company has partnered with a leading financial credit company. This project named “Project Samhav” will help people living in rural area and people with no banking exposure previously. Although not much details are available on this project but such an initiative can bring good health to people who are otherwise deprived of proper health care services due to their financial problems. Also read buying cheapest medicines in India

Another US based company  Medtronic headquartered started offering EMI for medicines schemes in West Bengal and Gujarat and later spread their wings in over 30 Indian cities. Via this scheme, loans were made available for expensive heart devices such as stents, CRT’s, heart valves and many other products. So far the company has provided loans worth INR thirty thousand to INR 8 lacs 5o thousand.

Like these more and more companies are jumping into EMI schemes for medicines and health care products so that they reach people with no access to such products due to poor financial health.

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