Jan Aushadhi Scheme: Benefits, 50% Off on Generic Medicines

What is Jan Aushadhi Scheme

Rising healthcare cost in India has made it difficult for the poor section of the society to avail even basic health services. Keeping this in mind, Jan Aushadhi Scheme was launched to ensure medicines can be availed by anyone and at a very cheaper price.

  • Objective: To offer quality generic medicines at 50% discount rate which otherwise are sold at a very high price by companies. Total 504 medicines would be sold.
  • Benefits: Generic medicines would be sold at an affordable rate (50% less than the branded ones) from government authorized stores called “Jan Aushadhi Stores”. Also see tips on getting low cost healthcare in India.
  • How to buy these low cost medicines: You need to ask chemist for Jan Aushadhi brand medicines. Make sure to check all the drugs, packagings, equipments etc. bearing Jan Aushadhi logo and text. Also see cheapest heart surgery in world offered in India.
  • Where to buy cheap medicines from: Jan Aushadhi stores would be opened in all the states in the premises of hospitals, NGOs, charitable societies and others. They’ll also be sold by authorized individuals by the state government. Currently there are over 100 JAS
  • From where will government get these medicines: Government will procure these medicines in large quantity from private companies at a discounted price and pass this benefit to the consumer. The medicines are sold in the brand name of “Jan Aushadhi”.
  • Quality of generic medicines: Despite of being priced low, these generics are very good in quality.
  • What types of medicines will be sold: Most common drugs would be available for health conditions such as pain, fever, heart problems, diabetes and others.

For more information on Jan Aushadhi Stores, you can call on toll free number 1800-180-8080


Latest update on 27Jan’2016:

Indian government would be offering 439 life saving medicines at a heavy discount ranging from 40%-50%. These medicines will include cancer and cardiac drugs. In addition to this, medical devices like stents and implants will also be sold at similar discounted price.

The department of pharmaceutical, is also planning to 300 Jan Aushadhi stores in India by March 2016. Moreover 3, 000 stores would be opened by the year 2017.

Basic information on generic medicines

Also called as generics, these are unbranded drugs sold at a very low price compared to the branded medicines manufactured and sold by private companies.

Difference in pricing of generic drug Vs. branded

Let’s take an example of the most common medicine we all know – Paracetamol 500mg tablet. If you buy one strip (10 tablets) from the local medicine store, you will have to pay around Rs.10-15. Whereas the same drug in JAS would be sold at just INR 3.02.

Precautions to be taken by the user: Always consult doctor before taking medicines.

  • Vinayak Karandikar

    In pune sales outlet of Jan aushadhi is situated in Pimpri. 20 KM off pune. Hence I want to know if these medicines will be available at my near by medical stores. I will also try to contact the local JA outlet and try to know if any such facility is available with them.

    Vinayak Karandikar

  • vg

    The role of generics is very important…

    for example drugs used in infertility treatment are extremely exorbinant commissions exists.

    persinal HP 150 IU MRP is Rs. 1700/- in kerala it is available at Rs. 670/- if you buy without bill there are some stores in andhra pradesh you can get at 30-50% discount on MRP. same situation applies to similar brands like
    GMH HP 150/75 IU. assuming a patient needs 4 injections for 10 days you can imagine there is nearly 60000/- rupees needs out of which real medicinal value is rs. 15000/-.. this is just looting fertility seeking couples who are in high degree of societal and mental agony condition.

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