Pregnancy Insurance in India – Companies, Coverage, Buying Tips

Health Insurance Policy for Pregnancy in India

Total cost of pregnancy and childbirth in India varies according to city, hospital, area and many other factors. But on an average, the cost is between 25,000-30,000 for a normal delivery whereas for c-section (also called as caesarean section) the expenses are very high and normally falls in the range of 60,000-70,000. With such rising costs, it has become very essential to provide some kind of financial relief to the individual.

Considering the cost factor along with the medical expenses incurred during and after the delivery; few providers offer insurance for maternity and delivery but only as a component of group policy to corporates. Or else it is offered under rider on main health insurance or benefits can be availed by paying small amount of extra premium.

Currently no companies in India offer insurance explicitly for expectant mother.

Companies offering Maternity Insurance Under Group Policy

List of these insurance companies along with the benefits offered and their contact number:

1) Star Health Insurance: Toll free number: 1800 425 2255 / 1800 102 4477 or visit here.

2) Max Bupa: Also covers consulting and vaccination expenses. +91-22-3301-9520

3) Apollo DKV: Covers expenses for day care, pre and post hospitalization. +91-124-4584000 (Gurgaon)

4) ICICI Lombard: Covers OPD including pre-natal check-up. 097 20895034

5) Cholamandalam General Insurance. 022-3964-8700

6) United India Insurance: Maximum amount that can be reimbursed is INR 50,000 or the assured sum whichever is lower. Toll Free: 1-800-425-33333

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Coverage offered includes mainly the following and might vary according to the insuring companies:

1) Expenses for visit to obstetrician or gynaecologist

2) Pre and post hospitalization expenses which includes room rent, routine check-ups, etc.

3) Cashless claims

4) Coverage for new born baby right from the day of birth till the policy is next renewed, free vaccination

5) Tax saving benefit under income tax section 80D

Things to consider before buying medical insurance for pregnancy

1) Waiting period. Normally it is very high and can be claimed after 3 years from the date of buying the policy

2) Any cap on the claim amount

3) If you have already purchased an insurance policy then ask your insurer on whether coverage for pregnant women is included. If not, then ask whether it is available as a rider option

4) If your employer offers health insurance then check whether maternity is covered under the group plan and the waiting period for the same

5) Maximum coverage

6) Coverage offered in case of pre-mature birth and what type of expenses are covered

7) Whether any expenses incurred after delivery are covered or not

8) Most importantly go through all the documents to understand the terms and conditions

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