Is Liposuction Covered By Health Insurance: How It Can Be Still Covered

Can Health Insurance Cover Liposuction

Typically none of the insurance company would provide coverage for liposuction, though it is costly. The fact is, any surgery which involves improvising someone’s appearance is not covered by the insurer. On the other hand, surgeries which medically improvises a person’s health condition is partly or fully covered by the insuring company.

But when liposuction becomes essential with other surgical procedures like removal of fatty tumors, reducing breast size, it can be covered by your medical insurance provider.

How liposuction can still be covered?

(Recommended only after consultation with your surgeon) You can undergo suctioning of your flanks and stomach so that the cost of liposuction can be greatly reduced. In both these cases, patient has to medically prove that – procedure would adversely affect health, if not done. For e.g. you can prove your claim by providing medical reports stating side effects of breast reduction surgery has harmed your body in the form of scarring, loss of sensitivity in nipple, shoulder pain etc.

Some of the purely cosmetic surgeries which are NOT covered are:

1) Septum surgery
2) Plastic surgery
3) Liposuction


Whereas following surgeries are covered PARTLY or FULLY:

1) Breast Reconstruction
2) Cleft Palate
3) Blepharaplasty
4) Correcting a deviated septum


1) Person should always cross check with the medical doctor as well as insuring company whether or not any surgery will be covered or not

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