4 Ways Tax Department Sends Notice to Income Tax Payer

Various methods are used by the income tax department in India to send notices to taxpayers. The following are some common ways:

(1) Physical Mail: The income tax department may send notices through registered post or speed post to the taxpayer’s registered address. The notice will be enclosed in a sealed envelope, and the recipient will have to sign for it upon delivery.

(2) Email: The income tax department has started sending notices through email as well. The email will usually come from a designated email address of the income tax department and may contain a digitally signed PDF attachment with the notice.

(3) E-Filing Portal: If you have registered on the income tax e-filing portal, notices may be sent to your registered account on the portal. You will receive an email notification informing you about the notice, and you can access and download the notice from your account.

(4) SMS or Mobile App Notifications: In some cases, the income tax department may send SMS notifications or notifications through their mobile app to inform taxpayers about a notice. These notifications may contain a reference number or instructions on how to access the notice.

It is crucial to ensure that your contact information, such as address, email ID, and mobile number, is updated and accurate in your income tax records. The income tax department will use the contact details provided by the taxpayer during the income tax return filing process or updated through subsequent communications.

When you receive a notice, it is important to verify its authenticity by checking for official logos, letterheads, and contact information. If you have any doubts about the notice’s authenticity or need clarification, it is advisable to contact the income tax department directly through their official helpline or visit the nearest income tax office for assistance.

Remember to respond to the notice within the specified time frame and provide the requested information or clarification as required. Failure to respond to an income tax notice can result in penalties or further legal consequences.


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