Not Responded to Income Tax Notice? 5 Things Will Happen

The income tax department issues an income tax notice to taxpayers for various reasons such as seeking clarification, providing information, initiating an inquiry, or conducting an assessment. Failing to respond to an income tax notice within the stipulated time frame can result in significant consequences and implications.

The following are some of the things that may happen if you don’t respond to IT notice:

(1) Penalties and Interest: The income tax department may impose penalties and interest charges for non-compliance with the notice. These penalties may be for non-response, late response, or incorrect response to the notice. Additionally, interest charges may be applied on any outstanding tax liability.

(2) Assessment of Income and Tax: If you do not respond to the notice, the income tax department may assess your income and tax liability based on the available information. They may estimate your income, disallow deductions, and calculate the tax payable. This assessment is known as a Best Judgment Assessment.

(3) Reopening of Assessment: Non-compliance with an income tax notice may lead to the reopening of your income tax assessment for the relevant financial year. The income tax department may initiate a reassessment or reopen the assessment to verify the income, deductions, or any other aspect of your tax return.

(4) Prosecution and Legal Consequences: If you willfully evade or fail to comply with the notice, the income tax department may initiate legal proceedings against you. This can result in prosecution, fines, or imprisonment, depending on the severity of the offense.

(5) Garnishment or Attachment of Assets: If you have outstanding tax dues and do not respond to the notice, the income tax department may take further action to recover the tax amount. This can include garnishment or attachment of your bank accounts, properties, or other assets to recover the outstanding tax liability.

It is crucial to understand that non-compliance with an income tax notice can have severe implications. It is advisable to respond to the notice within the stipulated time frame, provide the necessary information or clarification, and cooperate with the income tax department. Disregarding or neglecting these notices can result in penalties, additional tax assessments, and potential legal consequences. If you require assistance or are unsure about how to respond, consider consulting a tax professional or chartered accountant who can guide you through the process and help ensure compliance with the income tax laws.


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