When to File Revised Income Tax Return?

If you’ve found errors or omissions in your original tax return, it is advisable to file a revised tax return.

Here are some common scenarios when you may need to file a revised IT return:

Correction of Errors: If you notice mistakes or errors in your original tax return, such as incorrect income figures, deductions, or credits, you should file a revised return to correct those errors.

Updated Information: If you receive new or updated information after filing your original return that affects your tax liability, you should file a revised return. For instance, if you receive a revised Form 16 from your employer, additional income statements, or revised TDS certificates, you may need to revise your return accordingly.

Missed Reporting: If you inadvertently omitted reporting certain income, investments, or other relevant details in your original return, you should file a revised return to include the missing information.

Changes in Filing Status: If your marital status, residential status, or any other factors that impact your filing status change after filing the original return, you may need to file a revised return to reflect the updated information.

Deadline to File Revised IT Return

It is essential to note that a revised return can only be filed within a specific time frame. In India, the deadline for filing a revised return is typically before the end of the relevant assessment year or before the completion of the assessment by the Income Tax Department, whichever is earlier. It is advisable to check the current rules and guidelines provided by the Income Tax Department or consult a tax professional to determine the applicable deadlines for filing a revised income tax return.

When filing a revised tax return, ensure that you include all the accurate and updated information. You will need to mention the details of the original return, such as acknowledgment number and date of filing, in the revised return. Once the revised return is filed, the original return is considered superseded, and the revised return will be taken into consideration for assessment and processing by the Income Tax Department.


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