11 Unmissable Movies on Finance & Stock Market

Movies on Finance & Money

For all those who want to learn about finance or are generally interested in the topic related to stock market, money, investments, etc. here are the probably the 11 best films of the genre, which you should watch atleast once.

1) The Wolf of Wall Street

Let’s start with probably the best film on money and stock market of all time: The Wolf of Wall Street. Jordan Belfort, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, lives the American dream through his rapidly increasing success as a broker.

The rapid rise and a life in luxury are followed by a crash: crime and corruption. This film takes place after a true event and shows you the career and the case of the US-American stockbroker.

2) Wall Street

Gordon Gekko sets the standard on Wall Street with the slogan “Greed is good”. Wall Street is also the classic financial film, with Michael Douglas as the leading actor.

3) The Big Short

Anyone interested in the bursting of the real estate bubble in the USA will find this movie as a good entertainer. Based on the book by bank employee Michael Lewis, it is about New York in 2005. With increasingly complex real estate products due to a booming economy, a strong dollar, excellent returns and minimal risk, even the unemployed still manage to buy real estate.

Hedge fund manager Michael Burry predicts the resulting collapse of the global economy after the bursting of the real estate bubble years before – but nobody wants to listen to him, the bank bosses are too greedy. So now he’s betting against the financial system and making big money while millions of people become homeless and unemployed.

4) Equity

Investment banker Naomi Bishop, driven by greed and ambition, knows how to find her way in the male-dominated world of work. Everything dances according to her nose: in her private life as well as at work. In order to secure a promotion, she takes on the task of managing the IPO of a start-up company. When – as always – she succeeds, problems suddenly arise.

5) The Knights of Fortune

If you’re in the mood for a comedy, you’ve come to the right place. A fraudulent beggar, played by Eddie Murphy, changes roles with a fraudulent Wall Street financier for two wealthy brothers on a bet. When this film was made, insider trading was not yet prohibited. When the regulation was introduced, it was called the “Eddie Murphy Act” in keeping with the film.

6) The Great Crash

Another very good financial film about the 2008 financial crisis. As a broker, investment advisor and stock broker with high amount of money earning high profit margins, top risk analyst Eric Dale, who is working on an analysis of the current corporate situation, suspects the worst.

On his release, he hands over this data to Peter Sullivan, who further analyzes it to see that the company is on the verge of collapse. The company management then decides on a highly speculative rescue operation.

7) Company Men

The movie shows how austerity measures in a company are changing the lives of three employees who have led a carefree life so far. Their lives as happy men, spouses and fathers have to be completely reorganized when all three lose their jobs in turn.

But the fact that there is something more important than the constant pursuit of career and money only becomes clear to the three men after their defeat.

8) American Psycho

This movie is based on the novel of the same name. And tells the story of the life of the young investment banker Patrick Bateman, who lives in the upper class at the end of the 1980s.

The superficial life of wealth and abundance causes him a great emptiness, which he tries to fill in his secret, second life full of violence and murder. In the frenzy of drugs and bloodlust, he loses the boundary between reality and fantasy.

9) Capitalism – A Love Story

The documentary film of the well-known US-American director Michael Moore deals with the financial crisis that took place in 2007. Even if other films already take up this topic – this documentary film should not be missed.

A judgement as to whether Michael Moore has correctly captured the truth in this film must be made by each individual.

10) Money Monster

A TV investment guru, played by George Clooney, is taken hostage by a small investor because of a false tip that has led to the loss of his savings. The film takes on an interesting twist as they join forces to get the cheats on their market manipulations. A very interesting film with a very powerful star cast.

11) Inside Job

This documentary by Charles H. Ferguson deals with the global financial crisis since 2007. The film gives an insight into what led to the great financial crisis of 2008, which led to a loss of over USD 20 trillion and drove millions of people to financial ruin.

Which is your favorite film on finance and stock market?

Mention the movie name in the comment section below. Also mention – WHY you like that movie.

Author Bio:

This article has been written by Chandra Mehta.

CL MehtaChandra is a seasoned banker with 35+ years of experience in banking and financial services industry. He’s a retired banker and has served as Chief Manager and Assistant Vice President in State Bank of India/or its subsidiaries. He has authored many articles on this site (allonmoney.com).

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