7 Services to Look for in an Order Fulfillment Company

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When you’re selling online, a lot has to happen for your product to reach the customer from the warehouse. And even beyond that, there’s still the whole shipping and delivery process, which includes setting up warehouses, organizing inventory, and getting everything ready for shipment. For all these things to work together seamlessly (and keep costs down), you need an order fulfillment company.

Real-Time Tracking

Real-time inventory tracking is critical for companies that sell products online. You need to know which items are in stock, which is out of stock and when new orders can be fulfilled. If your fulfillment company does not have this capability, you will be disadvantaged in optimizing inventory levels and keeping customers happy.

Picking and Packaging

Order picking and packaging is the process of packing your goods for shipment. This is one of the most important steps in an order fulfillment process, but it’s also one that can easily be overlooked. If you’re looking for a reliable partner who’ll help you deliver on time and within budget, look no further Red Stag’s order fulfillment service provides an end-to-end customer experience, from purchase to returns processing.

Shipping and Mailing

The next thing to consider is shipping and mailing. Whether you want your product shipped directly or through a third party depends on your business model and goals. Direct shipping can be more effective if you’re selling physical products because it allows customers to get their hands on the items as quickly as possible.

Returns Processing

The returns process is a necessary part of e-commerce. Returns are often the result of damaged goods, the customer’s unavailability, delayed shipping, or the customer changing their mind after purchasing. In either case, you need to be able to handle returns in a way that is convenient for your customers and gives them peace of mind when making purchases online.

Kitting and Assembly

Kitting is the process of combining items that are sold together, and order fulfillment centers are excellent at assembling and packaging them. For example, if you sell a product that includes two parts (a battery and an adapter), kitting will combine these two parts into one package.


Storage and warehousing are key parts of any order fulfillment process. The right storage facility will have security systems that are monitored 24/7 and can only be accessed by authorized employees. It’s also important to ensure the facility has enough space to accommodate your growth and additional facilities if needed in the future.

Customer Portal Access

The customer portal is a convenient way for customers to track their orders. It allows them to manage their account and view the status of each order, including returns. The portal also provides access to other important features, such as the ability to add products or services or make changes to an existing order. As you evaluate a potential fulfillment partner, look for a company that can handle your needs and allows your business to scale without any worries.

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