The Various Aspects of HR: A Detailed Look

HR Operations

Every single business and organisation is made up of people, individuals who come together to work towards specific goals. In previous times, a large company would have an HR department to manage the workforce, yet outsourcing is now the way to go, when a team of HR professionals effectively manage everything from recruitment to staff training.

Here are the major sections of a comprehensive HR operation.

  • Recruitment – This section is responsible for job advertising, screening and interviewing job applicants. It is vital that you screen all applicants for suitability; work experience, qualifications and most importantly, attitude towards work. You ideally want team players with a desire to learn and with a good agency in your corner, you will interview the best applicants. Making good use of HR analytics tools, recruitment can be improved.

  • Salary & benefits – Salary needs to be a) accurate and b) on time, while other benefits should be managed and available. The HR agency uses state of the art payroll software and it can integrate seamlessly with all payroll systems, ensuring that your workers are always paid on time. Employers’ social security responsibilities must be met and the team report to company management on a quarterly basis.

  • Staff training – It is important to offer training and courses that enable personal development; your employees will appreciate the opportunities they receive, plus new knowledge can be applied directly, benefitting the business. Promote from within whenever possible and instil a life-long love of learning new things. Click here for a list of the best income generating assets a business possesses.

  • Workforce management – A large workforce demands professional planning, covering for absenteeism, annual leave and sickness. Assigning tasks to those who are experienced is another vital aspect of workforce management; always making sure to be compliant will labour laws and regulations.

  • Performance management –Every employee should have short and long-term goals, with a one-on-one meeting every quarter to analyse progress. Performance management tells you who is excelling and who needs some help; the HR agency has the best performance management software to help you make data-driven decisions about the workforce.

  • Diversity & inclusion – Ideally, you want to create an inclusive culture within the organisation, embracing cultural diversity, in line with government guidelines. It is easy to get into hot water with the government, with race-related issues emerging and when you partner up with a leading HR agency, you have the best legal advice 24/7 from legal professionals.

  • Termination & employee conflicts – This can be a nightmare area and one that dneeds the right legal advice. You must follow a very specific protocol when terminating employment, which must be followed to the letter; failure to do so could lead to a large compensation payout and that could wipe out a small business.

If you join forces with a top HR agency, they will manage all of the above, ensuring that you are always compliant with the many labour laws here in Australia. If you would like an informal Zoom call with an HR agency, Google can help you find the right agency and you can take the first step to managing your workforce effectively.

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