13 Habits of Millionaires Who Started at the Bottom

Habits of Millionaires

Not all millionaires were fortunate from the beginning. In fact, many of them started at the bottom and their habits transformed ordinary people into millionaires.

Take a look at these habits and find out how many of these you have. Maybe you are a potential millionaire and didn’t know it.

(1) They read and are self-taught

Almost 90% of millionaires spend 30 minutes or more studying on their own or reading things that allow them to acquire or update their knowledge. What do they usually read? Biographies of successful people and history or self-help books.

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(2) They exercise

Affluent people engage in daily aerobic exercise for 30 minutes or more. This type of activity includes cardiovascular exercise such as running, walking or bicycling. Cardiovascular activities favor the development of neurons, according to the researchers.

(3) They surround themselves with successful people

Millionaires surround themselves with successful people, that is, optimistic and enthusiastic people who are characterized by setting and achieving goals. On the other hand, negative attitudes or influences can distract and cause the failure of those who are seeking success.

(4) They pursue their goals passionately

Wealthy people pursue their goals with passion, which translates into a higher degree of long-term happiness and greater wealth accumulation. Passion provides the energy, persistence and focus needed to overcome failure, mistakes and rejection.

(5) Early Bird

Millionaires wake up at least 3 hours before their workday begins. Getting up at 5 a.m. helps meet the day’s main objectives and reduces stress caused by daily interruptions.

(6) They have several sources of income

Wealthy people have least three sources of income before reaching their first million dollars. Real estate income, stock market investments and co-ownership in a business are some of the examples.

(7) They rely on mentors

Millionaires routinely seek advice from mentors, experienced people who offer advice and valuable lessons on what to do and what mistakes to avoid. Finding a mentor puts individuals on the fast track to wealth accumulation.

(8) They are positive

Wealthy people are characterized by having a positive mindset and timely identification of negative thoughts they may have. You only realize you are having negative thoughts when you force yourself to be aware of them. Mindfulness is key.

(9) They don’t follow the majority

Generally, people tend to feel more comfortable following the majority. However, millionaires tend to do the opposite. For them, the idea of separating themselves from the crowds and developing projects that attract people who agree with their way of thinking and living is more appealing.

(10) They learn the rules of etiquette

Wealthy individuals who started from the bottom have learned basic rules of etiquette such as sending thank you notes and messages of appreciation on special occasions, as well as rules for dressing appropriately and attending formal meals or events.

(11) Helping others to be successful

Another habit of millionaires is to help more people achieve their own success. Of course, they don’t support everyone. But only those who show a real interest in being successful and who have clear objectives to achieve it.

(12) They spend 15 to 30 minutes thinking

Every day, rich people usually isolate themselves for at least 15 minutes, especially in the mornings, with a single objective: to think. To do so, they usually question themselves constantly on how they can improve their finances and how satisfied and healthy they feel with their decisions and attitudes.

(13) They seek feedback

Millennials seek feedback and objective opinions on the decisions they make professionally. Feedback helps them understand if they are on the right track. Criticism, good or bad, is a crucial element for learning and growth

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