8 Ways to Overcome Fear & Anxiety

What is fear and what is it for?

Fear is a feeling caused by the perception of a danger or threat that is usually accompanied by a series of changes in the metabolic and organic functions of our body. And also involves a change in the behavior of the person experiencing it.

Fear is a response of practically all living beings. It can appear as a consequence of a specific stimulus that occurs in the present or in anticipation or expectation of a future threat, which is perceived as a physical or psychological risk.

Some of these fears that have to do with the idea of a future threat or risk are known as anxiety.

Fear and anxiety can last for a short period of time and then disappear, or remain for weeks, months, or even years, causing the person to become trapped in them.

While it is true that experiencing a certain degree of fear is adaptive and can serve as a motor for action. And to change what we do not like or harm, when this feeling overwhelms us we can try to avoid situations that frighten us, cause anxiety and even paralyze us.

Although the emotional and behavioral dynamics produced by fear can be difficult to break, there are several ways to do so.

Whatever scares you, there are some techniques that can help you deal with our daily fears and anxieties.

In case you are suffering a more intense or extreme fear, as in the case of a phobia or generalized anxiety, it is recommended to consult a professional in psychology who can guide and help you find the most appropriate treatment for these conditions.

1. Take your time

When fear or anxiety floods you, it is very difficult to think clearly. To resolve it, the first thing you need to do is take your time to soothe the intensity of these emotions and allow it to flow until it allows you to think better.

If you move away from the worry that causes you anxiety for 10 or 15 minutes, you can calm your spirits and think better what alternatives for action you have.

2. Breathe

If you begin to perceive how fear begins to affect physically, with an increase in heart rate, increased sweating, palpitations, among other things; the best option is to try not to combat these symptoms. This is because, contrary to what you believe, this will only facilitate that you end up being a victim.

In these cases, the most effective alternative is to stay where you are, to feel this fear without letting it dominate, placing the palm of the hand on our stomach and breathing slowly and deeply.

The goal is to help mind get used to a panic situation. This is what makes the emotion of fear or terror less intense.

3. Face your fears

Avoiding everyday fears serves to scare you more and let them thrive. When it comes to everyday fears, if you confront them, they should begin to fade away.

4. Try to imagine the worst

Another technique that is very useful when facing fear is to imagine what is the worst thing that could happen and also analyze the real possibilities of this actually happening.

In addition to being more aware that there is surely no real risk, you can develop possible strategies for action for the different alternatives you face.

5. Visualizing a safe place

When you begin to feel that fear invades body and mind, take a little time to close eyes and imagine that you are in a safe and calm place.

During this period of time, let the positive feelings calm you down, giving a relaxed feeling.

6. Talk to someone

Sharing fear with other people can help you take a lot of weight off them and find different points of view on what is happening.

If you cannot share them with a family member, friend or trusted person, you should not hesitate to consult a psychology professional, who will provide advice or help.

7. Avoid evading reality

Many people turn to alcohol or drugs to get away from reality and relieve the feeling of fear or anxiety. However, this will only make the situation worse.

8. Give yourself a reward

Finally, when you have managed to face your fear, give yourself a whim or a reward. It doesn’t matter if things haven’t turned out the way you wanted or expected, the fact that you’ve overcome fear and faced the situation makes you an even braver person and that’s something that should be rewarded.

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