How to Keep Going When You Just Want to Give Up

Never Give Up

Let’s not fool ourselves: life can be very hard. Problems that don’t have an easy solution. Losses that break your heart. Not knowing what will happen…

These are the reasons that lead us to have doubts about how to move forward and, in the end, to want to give up when all seems lost. Feeling alone and helpless when you encounter problems that will end your life, or to have to say goodbye to someone when you least expect it.

And no matter how strong you are, sometimes the pressure is so great that you can only remain paralyzed as you sink deeper and deeper. There will be situations when you will want to give up and do nothing. And sometimes there will be a desire inside that will tell you to keep fighting and keep going.

And for those situations where you need a boost to get you out of the hole, you need to follow a series of steps that will help you move again and regain your lost energy.

Here are the 6 tips that will help you to recover the desire to move forward, and that will help you not to give up even in your most difficult moments.

6 tips to keep going when you just want to give up

1. Remember your past

You should always remember the moments in your past when you were afraid. Those times when you were so distressed that it was difficult to get out of bed or have a single positive thought.

You’ve been through some pretty tough times, but here you are. You have overcome, the wounds have made you stronger, and you’ve moved on with your life.

If you got through those situations, now you can get through them again.

There is no obstacle or problem that you cannot face and come out victorious, if you believe in yourself and all the potential that is within you.

2. Imagine the best thing that can happen

In the face of bad times, it is normal for us human beings to be so overwhelmed by the situation that we think about what is the worst that could happen to us.

The problem with having such negative thoughts is that we only get paralyzed by fear, and do nothing to get out of the hole we are in. Often we spend all the energy imagining worst situations, complaining and regretting what is happening to youself. But this doesn’t do any good.

At that moment, instead of thinking that I couldn’t go on with the life, imagine all the good things that were to come if you dared to forgive yourself and fight the way out of it. And that’s what will give you the needed boost to get the strength back.

When you find yourself in a low point where you think nothing can go right, change your thoughts and imagine all the good things that can happen once you’ve overcome your problems.

Think of all the paths you can follow, the new people who will improve your life and who you are yet to meet, all the beautiful experiences you are yet to have.

Don’t give up, because you still have a wonderful way to go in your life full of surprises.

3. Give yourself a break

Constantly thinking about the problems that keep you from moving forward, and obsessing 24 hours a day about finding a solution, is the worst thing you can do. All that will do is exhaust you physically, mentally, and spiritually.

When you focus too much on a situation like this, you put all your thoughts and strength into overcoming that challenge. But at the same time, you are also spending all your energy without giving yourself time to rest and renew your strength.

That’s why it’s so important that you give yourself a chance to take a break, spend some time alone and give yourself time to regain the energy you need to keep fighting.


4. Use rituals to regain your strength

In life’s toughest moments, perform a series of rituals to help regain self-confidence, strength, and motivation. And use them every time you have to face a challenge in life, or when you feel the need of extra help to overcome an obstacle.

The habits that work best are reading inspirational quotes for difficult moments every day, watching motivational videos on YouTube, doing two or three yoga sessions a week, and listening to relaxation audios at night.

By doing these kinds of rituals your thoughts will be balanced, you will start seeing problems from a more optimistic perspective, and give yourself the lost confidence.

You don’t need to practice the same habits everyone does. You just need to find your own routines that calm your mind and make you stronger.

If reading motivational quotes inspires you, great! But if instead of doing yoga or watching videos you prefer to walk in a beautiful park, write in your journal, or think about all the plans you have for the future, do it.

It is important that you find rituals that fit your taste and, above all, that you feel hopeful inside.

5. Live in the present

The biggest reason why you feel you can’t move forward when faced with a problem, and you just want to give up, is because you think more about the past and the future than the present.

You start to remember how things were before, and compare them to your situation now. You imagine yourself 4 or 5 years from now with the same problem you have now, and that only triggers your anxiety and distress even more.

However, bad moments are not solved this way. They are solved by thinking about the present. By doing one thing at a time, seeing what you can do today, not tomorrow or a month from now.

Your future will not come all at once, but it will take days and weeks before it does. And now what you must do is live this day and think about today’s solutions.

6. Nothing is forever

The most terrible thing about hard times is that they feel like they’re going to last forever. But the truth is that nothing lasts forever, even the most horrible emotions or the worst problems.

If you remember this every time you want to give up, it will help you see things more clearly and give you strength to keep going even in your worst moments. Whatever problems you have now, keep your faith in yourself and that you can overcome them. Your most difficult moments will make you a better person, and they will lead you to your greatest successes.

But you must trust yourself, keep going, and never give up.

Remember: a bad chapter in your life does not mean the end of your story!

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