What are the best metals for investment?

Investing in Metals

Investing money is a great way to build a financially independent life. Across the world, people have been searching for different investment methods to generate additional income. However, investing in precious metals continues to top the list of the best ways to generate high revenue and benefits in the long run.

However, it is essential to choose your investments wisely to bear expected results. Similarly, if you are thinking about investing in metals, the level of investment return rate depends on the type of metal you decide to invest in.

Here is a guide to choosing the type of metal for investment.


The palladium metal is used in the automotive manufacturing market. This metal has a huge role in the jewellery industry as well. Therefore, many people wish to invest in this metal at Auctus precious metals. Palladium is an affordable metal with promising returns. You can choose this metal to invest in if they are looking for something other than the popular choices, such as platinum and gold.

In recent years, the value of precious metals has been multiplying exponentially. The value of palladium metal in early 2014 was 419 USD, and by the end of the year 2014, the value was increased to 815 USD.

It is essential to verify the metal source, as it has a significant impact on the purity of the metal. For instance, the purest metal comes from Russia, Australia, Germany, France, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, and Italy. On the other hand, there are several instances where the metal had impurities. Contaminants can affect the pricing when melting the metal to make jewellery or sell the metal brick.


The metal gold has cultural and historical value and thus has been consistently increasing its overall value for several financial years. The metal is famous for financially serving people even during an economic depression. The price of gold is reduced very rarely and in minimal amounts. However, the price increases very frequently and massively. Thus, many people tend to choose this metal due to its consistent presence in the market with ever-growing value.

Due to the popularity and value of this investment metal, the market has various dealers who would state that their adulterated metal is pure gold. So, it is always essential to verify the purity of the gold to reap the benefits from the investment. Investing with reputed precious metal dealers is highly recommended to deal with pure gold only. Pure gold is usually brought from countries with high gold production, such as China, Australia, Canada, Uzbekistan, Russia, Peru, and Indonesia.

Currently, the value of gold is estimated to be an average of 950 billion USD, and the gold market is predicted to grow more.


This metal is popularly used in various industries, such as construction and electricals. Copper metal is being used for aesthetic purposes as well. Copper metal is used for making jewellery and has cultural significance, just like gold. Thus, it is one of the sought-after metals in the investment market.

As of now, reports estimate that the earth has a significant quantity of copper, and is estimated at 5.8 trillion pounds. Due to its vast availability, recyclability factor, and common usage, the percentage of value hikes is comparatively consistent and slower. However, many investment experts suggest that copper is gaining value these days and can hike in value shortly. This prediction was followed after the devaluation of several currencies.

It is always financially wise to invest in precious metals. The value of metals might fluctuate but would mostly have more value than the initial investment. It is always best to check the purity of the investment metal to gain the best benefits.

(This article is contributed by Auctus Metals Portfolio, a precious metal investment management company)

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