Invest Rs.1000 in Domain Name & Earn Over Lakhs/Crores

The subject line of this post looks fishy or gimmick. But trust me, its not. Ever imagined any investment less than a Rs. 100 can fetch you over thousands, lakhs or even more?

Years back your grandfather must have purchased house/land for some 100 or thousand rupee whose worth today might be in Crores. But buying same piece of property today at the same price is IMPOSSIBLE. Real estate as an investment product, is now only for riches whether it is buying a property in a metro or tier-II cities.

So how can you still invest small and get excellent returns which are worth in thousands or lakhs. This is possible through domain investing, a very common type of investment in a technical industry. It is an investment type where you can invest money in buying a website domain name (for e.g. or

Now look at below mentioned domain names and the price which they were sold for:

Domain NamePrice Sold At (in Dollars)Equivalent INR
hotels.com11 Million73 Crores
internet.com18 Million120 Crores
privatejet.com30 Million201 Crores (Purchased by Facebook)8.5 Million57 Crores
Business.com7.5 Million50 Crores
Toys.com5.1 Million34 Crores
English.club17, 50011.75 Lakhs
Diamonds.club82485.5 Lakhs
S.club37, 98426 Lakhs

Whoever were owner of these domains, must have purchased them at a fraction of cost. And after holding for few months/years, they sold at above mentioned whopping sum. The returns would surely incomparable to any form of investments today.

How much does it cost to buy a domain name?

Two factors play a very important role in domain buying – name of the domain and the cctld (country code top level domain). Higher the demand for the name and cctld, higher would be the price for which it would be sold. But note that it’s very difficult to find such domains because they are unavailable or already purchased by someone else.

According to the domain experts, following TLDs are always high in demand:

  • .com
  • .net
  • .guru
  • .club
  • .live
  • .xyz

And better the name of the domain (i.e. with a high demand) e.g. hotels, london, dollars etc., greater would be its monetary value.

Where to purchase domains from:

There are many online companies’ websites you can purchase and put your domains for auctioning i.e. selling. Prominent and trusted companies across the world are:

  1. GoDaddy (Also provides auctioning service)
  2. Sedo (It’s a domain marketplace i.e. you can only sell/purchase)
  3. Google Domains (You can only buy domain name)
  4. Dreamhost (You can only buy domain name)
  5. Flippa (It’s a domain marketplace i.e. you can only sell/purchase)

If you visit GoDaddy website ( and search for then the selling price is Rs. 44 Lakhs, is available at Rs. 20 Lakhs and so on.

Are such worthy domains available easily in the domain marketplace?

Answer is No. But there are many untapped domain names which you can search, buy and put for selling.

How many domains should be purchased?

There’s no definite number. What matters is the name and TLD. Quality domains will sell the most and early. It’s like a real estate. Best one would fetch you the most money.

How much time it takes to sell a domain?

Again there is no definite answer to this. If the domain is good, you can even sell it within a week.

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