4 Excellent Precious Metals to Consider Investing In

Investing in Precious Metals

Precious metals have been coveted for ages and recognised as a status symbol in societies across the globe. But in recent years, people have begun looking at these spectacular metals in a whole new light as invaluable investments that can come in handy on a rainy day.

Licensed and reliable websites such as indigopreciousmetals.com offer a wide variety, quantity, and quality of these items. Many of them also provide secure vaults where buyers can keep their valuables safe.

Those who are considering purchasing some form of valuable metal as an investment will find this article very informative. The following list of popular metals to invest in can help you make a sound decision.


This precious yellow metal is arguably the most commonly sought-after investment globally, and it contributes vastly to the precious metals market, being used in jewellery, medicine, dentistry, and aerospace. Unsurprisingly, gold has also successfully entered the cosmetic and food industries with innovative ideas like “gold facials” and “gold leaf,” respectively.

This durable, sturdy, and beautiful metal is most in-demand in countries like China and India, with millions of people investing in gold coins, bars, and other collectibles. Reputed sellers customise bars, coins, and other items based on client requirements.


Among the rarest metals in the Precious Metals Group (commonly called PGMs), rhodium has been widely accepted as the costliest metal in the world. This announcement followed a steep increase in rhodium’s market value and rate in the past couple of years. According to estimates, its value increased by over a hundred and fifty per cent in 2019.

A significant reason for this sudden sky-high growth is that rhodium is highly in demand in the automotive industry. A byproduct of platinum and nickel mines, rhodium is also used in chemical industries. Besides being useful in manufacturing motor vehicles and nitric acid, this metal is also used as a finishing ingredient in mirrors and searchlights.

Invariably, it is one of the best metals to invest in, ensuring you have a safe fallback in case of emergencies.


Silver is undoubtedly one of the best metals to invest in, possessing unbelievable ductility, incredible strength, and remarkable beauty. The famous metal has diverse properties that enable it to be successfully used in every possible industry, from pharmaceuticals and battery production to water purifiers and nuclear reactors.

Investing in silver is excellent for people who do not have the budget necessary to purchase costlier metals such as gold or platinum. Gradual investments in silver can quickly add up over time and become significant.


Although platinum is not as popular as gold or silver in terms of investment, it is still a sound choice. It is widely used in the automotive industry’s catalytic converters with the sole aim to reduce the adverse effects of emissions. Moreover, several people are now choosing platinum rings, bracelets, and other jewellery items over gold or silver, as this metal represents strength, beauty, and character.

But the most significant advantage of investing in platinum is that its rates and value is more stable than other metals across various markets.

Besides the above precious metals, you can consider investing in palladium and copper. Moreover, expert dealers offer rare metals such as iridium, ruthenium, dysprosium, rhenium, and more.

(This article is written by Indigo Precious Metals; a bullion trading and storage company in Singapore, Malaysia and the UK)

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