Safest Investment Options Other Than Gold & Silver

Gold and silver prices are falling down. More over share market is too fluctuating and is going up and down haphazardly. And under such market conditions the retail investors are confused on which is the safest investment options with high returns. So listed below are the investment options other than gold and silver:

Investing in Debt Fund: According to the investment experts, debt fund is one of the safest investment bet as of now. All the investments coming through debt fund is invested either in government equities or non-convertible debentures by the mutual funds whose rating is given by agencies. Initially rating to the companies is decided based on that money is invested in those companies non-convertible debentures. Currently debt fund return from debt fund is between 12-15%.

Invest in commodities exchange: In India similar to share market there is a commodities exchange where commodities are traded. Normal retail investors can make good profit from it. Experts feel that so far retail investors are not inclined towards investing in commodities. Similar to agricultural products demand for non-agricultural products is also rising and their prices are increasing. So with proper planning retails investors can book good profit short term as well as long term.

Systematic Investment Plan: Experts suggests that with proper analysis, retail investors can book good profits through systematic investment plan (SIP). For this they need to study market and wait for perfect time to invest. For SIP, every month small saving is taken by the investor after which it is invested in the market. SIP should ideally be taken for the period of 6 months to 1 year.

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