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Instagram Reels

For anyone looking at businesses with the naked eye, it is evident that the impact social media has on businesses is immense and unmatchable. In the post Covid market, it is almost impossible for businesses to completely thrive offline and without some sort of social media presence. Similarly, having a well built and content driven social media marketing strategy could potentially make or break your business.

And one of the platforms that has acted as a catapult for thousands of businesses and creators alike is Instagram. Instagram is part of the metaverse and is one of the most effective channels of online marketing we have ever seen. With the apps built in features, flexibility and content customization options- Instagram is super useful for creating the right content to find the right traffic. No matter if you are a business looking to guide potential customers to your product or a creator looking for the audience you deserve, Instagram has a little bit of something for everybody.

Introduction to Instagram Reels

And one of the features that has allowed Instagram such a great space for creatures is something called “Instagram Reels”. The content behind Instagram Reels is basic and almost similar to stories. Via this feature, creators can create short, eye-catching and audience oriented videos that help them appeal to target customers. Since its launch in 2020, the feature has generated millions of videos from creators and has all but given Instagram a complete facelift. Even though the idea came from creating a competing feature to tiktok, the additional tools that Reels offers makes it an effective feature for all creators.

Within the Reels tab, you can mix, match and edit all of your video clips. Get access to thousands of pre-made audio clips and video templates that help you keep up with recent trends and keep your account trending. The newly introduced “Remix your Reel” allows creators to also collaborate and create trends for themselves. And the best part? Instagram’s ever changing algorithm always favors reels, making them the best tool to market yourself within the app.

How Users Discover Instagram Reels

Similar to Tiktok’s fyp or for you page, Instagram offers a dedicated Reels section via which trending reels are continuously featured. This in turn, allows users to discover new and interesting content. New and interesting reels are also continuously featured within the explore tab, which highlights all trending content. This means content that already has a certain number of likes is more likely to get featured and discovered, significantly increasing its business potential.

Creating Your Own Reel

Making your own Instagram Reel to market your account and your content is an easy process and super simple to access within the Instagram app. But if you are still confused, feel free to follow these steps to make your own reel:

  1. Tap the ‘+’ icon to open up a menu containing all of the types of content you can post. You can also swipe right from your Instagram homepage to directly access the camera containing the same posting options.
  2. Select ‘Reels’ from the camera menu.
  3. Upload footage from your gallery or record new footage from Instagram’s native camera. You can select any number of pictures or videos.
  4. Edit, synchronize and reorganize your videos to make them more palatable within the montage you are making.
  5. Add audio and re-synchronize your video to look better with the audio you are adding. You can either upload your own audio or choose from IG’s expansive audio library.
  6. Add a caption to your reel including all of your relevant hashtags. Once you are happy with the content, post away!

The Benefits of Buying Instagram Reels Likes

Now that we have firmly established the basics, let us take a deeper look into more details about how having hundreds of likes on your Instagram Reels could benefit you:

(a) Increase Account Credibility

Okay, so this one is very easy to grasp. When any content has a significant number of favorites or likes, a new viewer looking at the content is automatically biased towards following the account that just posted the content. This entire process not only increases the amount of visibility you can gain through your posts, but also boosts your overall account reputation. This means if you are a business operating via the platform, your product or Instagram marketing gathers better credibility and more views to customer conversion.

(b) Increase Visibility and Traffic

As you continue to post new reels with a significant number of likes on them day after day, Instagram’s built-in algorithm will read your content as interesting and feature you even more on both the explore and the reels page. This, in turn will allow more people to discover your content, increase the audience to whom you market your content and drive more people to both your profile and your business.

(c) Be a trend-setter:

If your content has enough likes, both the audience and the algorithm will actively follow your account and wait to see what you post. This gives you ‌unique leverage, as you can use your traffic to create trends and generate traffic based challenges that help you reach more people.

(d) Gain leverage in collaborations

One of the best parts of operating on the IG platform is the fact that it is easy to collaborate with other accounts and businesses to create content and generate more traffic for all parties. However, in collaborative negotiations, the account with more engagement usually gets more leverage. Thus, having a better like to view ratio on your reels will definitely allow you to find better deals during partnerships and collaborations.


Is it legal to buy IG Reels likes?

Ans: Yes, there are no rules as to how you increase engagement. However, buying fake likes from subpar vendors will ruin your reputation within the community. That’s why you should always choose a trusted website to buy from.

Can I get banned for buying likes?

Ans: You will only get banned if most of the likes on your accounts are from bots. To ensure that the likes you buy are legit, choose a trusted vendor.

Will I instantly gain more traffic?

Ans: Like any good thing in life, generating traffic via Reels takes a bit of time and patience. However, buying likes for your reels can make the process much faster and the wait time a little lower.

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