Exploring the Possibilities of Earning Money with NFT Gaming

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In the new world of blockchain technology, gaming has gone far beyond just a fun pastime. Today, gamers can actually make money with NFTs, nonfungible tokens, in a number of ways. If you are new to NFTs within the metaverse of gaming, it will take some time to understand just what NFTs are and how you can actually earn money gaming. Let’s look at just a few of the ways in which gamers can begin making money doing something they love and that would be gaming.

A Quick Look at NFTs

In short, NFTs live in the digital world on a blockchain, and all tokens can be tracked because of a digital public ledger which is, in fact, the blockchain. All NFT transactions can then be tracked back to that ledger to verify ownership of the token. It sounds a bit more confusing than it is. Think of it as a digital token that exists in a ledger that includes all the info to verify ownership and originality – meaning they are one of a kind. While it’s a cryptographic asset, it is unlike cryptocurrencies because they cannot be traded or exchanged for anything of equivalent value. They remain always with the underlying asset.

A Variety of Ways to Create NFTs in Gaming

Now let’s enter the world of gaming and how to create an NFT from which you can make money. First, let’s use the example of a player stepping out of the game for a bit to create a weapon or armament needed to continue competing. They would go to a site like the NFT marketplace where they could upload their image in one of several formats and then a value is assigned. The originality of creation and ownership is digitally logged into the blockchain (ledger). The player goes back to the game with the newly created asset. If other players want to use that asset, for example an axe, they would then need to pay to use that asset, the axe. Imagine all the tools and weapons, animals, vehicles and other items you could create and log as an NFT! Isn’t that a fun way to make money?

Other Ways to Make Money with NFTs in Gaming

Of course, there are other ways to make money with NFTs in gaming, but it will take a bit of research to understand what each one is. For the time being, let’s say that within gaming you can earn with NFTs in the following ways:

  • Scholarships
  • Minting
  • Breeding
  • Trading NFTs
  • Virtual Real Estate
  • Tournaments

And those are just an assortment of ways in which to create and/or earn with NFTs. As a gamer, you love the thrill of playing but it gets even more exciting if you can make money at it. Never let anyone tell you ever again that gaming is just a fun pastime. As the technology grows and as more gamers begin creating their own NFTs, it will be interesting to see just how much money you can make overall.

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