4 Benefits of Cloud Accounting Softwares

Cloud Accounting Software

Companies carry out a myriad of processes on a daily basis: they interact with others to reach commercial agreements, incur debts, generate income and acquire raw materials or products that support their commercial activity. In all this, there is an individual that -many times- goes unnoticed, even though he is the axis of all this activity: the accountant.

We are talking about a professional whose daily work is full of difficulties, from those related to transparency – due to the handling of confidential information – to mastering the different tax regimes, such as Simplified Taxation and Presumptive Income, specifically designed for small and medium-sized companies. All this would have an impact on the accountant’s work, making it even more challenging.

While years ago, the work of accountants was limited to the physical format (imagine the amount of papers or filing cabinets that had to be managed!), today technology has been put in their favor.

Thanks to accounting software, today they can simplify their daily work, make transparent the processes that involve the joint management with their clients, have a better order and back up the necessary information to fulfill their duties.

Considering the level of digitalization in recent years, it is to be expected that this percentage has grown considerably, especially since the mandatory electronic invoicing and the modernization of tax processes.

Fortunately, accountants have cloud accounting softwares, thanks to its Accounting, Electronic Invoicing and Remuneration solutions, facilitate their daily work, improving visibility, accessibility and communication with their clients.

Cloud Accounting Software Benefits

Therefore, it is worth mentioning some of the most important benefits of an accounting software in the cloud.

Improved visibility

By relying on cloud accounting software, accountants can have a better visualization of the necessary information to carry out their duties in an efficient manner. This, thanks to an intuitive interface, the generation of financial reports and the ordering of data around purchases, sales, debts and everything related to the financial situation of their clients.

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Several user profiles can use it

One of the great advantages of cloud accounting platforms is that they allow you to generate user profiles, facilitating access to valuable information only to previously defined people. Thus, own and third-party data are better protected.

Ensures synergy between company-accountants

In addition to the above, by working with accounting software in the cloud you can collaborate jointly with your clients, improving communication between both parties and providing greater transparency in accounting work.

This is a particularly important aspect, since companies are not only looking for a person who is in charge of calculating taxes: they require a strategic ally with analytical vision to provide timely guidance and optimize resources.

24/7 Accessibility

Finally, another great benefit of cloud accounting software is that you can access the information whenever you need it: you only need a computer with Internet access.

Digitization is a global process and, as far as accounting is concerned, there are several tools that can optimize the work of accountants to the maximum.

All you need to do is analyze them and choose one that provides 24/7 technical support, facilitates integration between its modules and, of course, operates in the cloud. With this, you will be able to choose the accounting solution that best suits your needs.

When choosing an accountant, companies tend to evaluate aspects such as proactivity, references and management of technological tools, a point of special relevance if we consider the tax digitalization we are going through.

Thus, the use of an cloud accounting software constitutes an extremely important added value for every accountant, as this -in addition to facilitating their duties- streamlines and makes communication with their clients more transparent.

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