How Cloud Computing Improves Business Productivity

Productivity using Cloud Tools

One of the concerns of any entrepreneur/small businesses is to improve the productivity of his/her business and with speed. And to do so, they will want to have all the tools/infrastructure available which are of highest quality and cost effective too. And one such solution is is cloud computing.

And in this article, we’ll discuss about how businesses can improve productivity using cloud computing solutions.

Tools/features offered by cloud computing to improve productivity

Large storage space

You can start by saying that the cloud allows you to store a large amount of data without the need for physical memory. This is an advantage for companies with a lot of information to store or where the data size is growing.

Updated infrastructure

By using the cloud, you can count on an updated environment, as you will always have the latest version of the contracted service. The best thing is that, you won’t have to stop working to update the working software. It also removes concerns about installing programs, as it makes them unnecessary in many cases.

Analytics tool

Being able to access the data from anywhere is a great analysis tool, especially when it comes to customer information. An example could be given with the case of a salesperson who goes to visit a client. With the data in the cloud, he will be able to see what products he has bought before and what his track record with the company is, so he will know better how to orient his sales strategy.

Billing tools

As in the previous case, having any information needed anywhere makes it easier to invoice and manage budgets. In fact, it even allows you to introduce some automation into the processes, if you have the right tool. It is even possible to simplify self-assessment models for the tax authorities.

A flexible and synchronized environment

If you want to increase business productivity, it is important to have flexibility. This means being able to go on business trips and even work from home. For all this, it is essential to be able to work from anywhere.

As cloud computing allows access to the necessary tools from home and from any location, it also makes employee mobility possible. This does not mean that teamwork is no longer possible, since all the group’s employees can access the same applications and work simultaneously from any location whether or not internet is available or not. Files that an employee works offline can be synced to cloud, once he/she has internet connection.

Document creation tools

There are also certain cloud applications that make it possible to create content, whether it is a text document such as a presentation or a spreadsheet. In this way, it becomes realistic to work efficiently from anywhere.

Cost saving

With so many applications available online, there is less need to install programs on the computer. This ends up translating into a lower expenditure invested in software, besides that there is also a saving in storage space as there is no need for physical memories.

On the other hand, cloud computing tools tend to be easy and intuitive. This also means that in many cases technical support can be reduced, with the financial advantages that this entails.

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Private cloud

There are companies that handle sensitive data, such as personal information about customers. In this case, there may be a concern as to whether this data will be secure in the cloud. There is no problem, since the private cloud gives access only to certain users. This means that it is very easy to control who can and cannot access the information.

In the event that the entrepreneur needs to send certain data to the general public, what he can do is use the hybrid cloud. This combines the public cloud with the private cloud, so that some data will be more protected than others. Hybrid cloud technology is highly recommended especially for banking/financial and healthcare companies, as the customer data is highly confidential.

An efficient environment

Employees often spend a lot of time installing programs, learning how to use them, and solving different problems as they arise. The cloud saves installation time and, because it is so simple, it can also be used without having to invest so much time in training. The hours gained can be spent on tasks that improve business productivity and deliver effective results.

In fact, that time can be the difference between getting to an innovation before the competition or not. This is why it is so advantageous to save time on functions that are not entirely necessary, which cloud computing allows.

In short, it can be seen that cloud computing saves time, money and provides tools that are not accessible with other traditional software. For this reason, more and more business people are working in the cloud, because it is as flexible and efficient as it is easy to use, features that greatly increase productivity.

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