Cloud Backup: 10 Reasons Businesses Should Adopt

Cloud Backup

Having a backup for the most critical data and systems makes a big difference in business. The loss of data in a company can occur for countless reasons: human error, natural disasters, theft, cyber attacks, … Information is exposed to many dangers and its loss can take a lot of time, money or even the continuity of a business.

In recent years, making an online backup of critical data and systems is simpler and cheaper than ever. Thanks to the cloud. And the recovery and restoration of these backups in the cloud have become safe and profitable.

These are some reasons why you should make a backup of your data on-premise in the cloud:

1. Easy data recovery

Data loss can occur at any time and for all kinds of reasons. Incremental backups allow you to easily restore specific files or the entire system. This is a simple and automated task; thanks to the installation of the copy of your data on the computers with a simple configuration.

2. Technological evolution and efficiency

Due to the diversity and constant evolution of backup services and technologies, it is normal that these infrastructures become obsolete quickly. For this reason, having cloud backup solutions means that the latest generation systems can always be used and their new functionalities applied without the need for long-term investment.

3. Automation and 24×7 operation

The backup is created automatically and immediately stored securely. By replicating the data in the cloud, you ensure that you have a copy ready for recovery in the event of any incident. This way, downtime will be minimal and the company won’t stop functioning more than the minutes it takes to perform the recovery.

4. Complete and uncomplicated data protection

After each backup, you will receive a full report on the backup. You can determine at what time of day the backup is made so as not to affect the productivity of the company. In addition, data protection includes not only backup, but also the ability to securely access files from anywhere.

5. Strong performance guarantee

Cloud back solutions offer high reliability and redundancy compared to traditional systems and their backup solutions.

6. Eliminating the limitations of traditional backups

Traditional backup solutions, such as servers and external disks, can be more costly, more vulnerable to physical damage, theft and loss. And become obsolete more quickly, in addition to the time involved in recovering data from these devices.

7. Intelligent use of today’s IT technologies

The cloud backup also offers great scalability, making it a flexible solution that can evolve with the business. It also guarantees the necessary size of storage at all times.

8. Profitability

Using cloud storage can save up to 80% of management time and costs.

9. 24/7 Availability

The backup is always ready to be restored, at any time, from anywhere, at the push of a button.

10. Pay per use

Online backup is flexible and affordable. You don’t need to buy or maintain equipment or software licenses, eliminating costly investments.

For these 10 reasons and for peace of mind, it is recommended to follow best practices for backing up critical data for the future security and success of your business.

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