8 Benefits of Travel Card offered for Indians Going Abroad

Not everyone is able to travel abroad multiple times and is a dream come true for many of us. But whenever we travel, we want the best memorable experience with a complete peace of mind.

However one thing everyone wants is to save money wherever possible, be it at restaurants, hotels, air tickets, etc. But these savings are also largely possible through credit card or travel cards these days with each of these payment option having their own pros and cons.

However when it comes to saving money, travel cards always score above credit card. And here are the key benefits and features offered by travel card issuing companies/banks:

Easy Reloading:

Travel cards offer users a convenient way of reloading (i.e. adding money). Card user can load money in real time i.e. anyday and anytime as reloading service is offered 24*7. Moreover card can be loaded using smartphone or by any acquaintance residing at any location. Loading through smartphone is most convenient because it is the only device most of the people carry along with them whenever they travel. This feature particularly helps when user is travelling and balance in the card goes low.

Cross currency charges:

In case of travel card, when traveller loads money into the card at that time, forex rate gets fixed. And this rate stays the same until the trip ends. So fluctuations in the exchange rate is not a worry.

Load multiple currencies:

There are various cards out in the market which lets users to add multiple currencies. So irrespective of the country of travel, user can pay in local currency of that particular country. In short, user gets to carry a single card in their wallet with multiple currencies loaded.

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Common currencies which can be added are as follows:

  • US Dollar
  • Great British Pound
  • Euro
  • Canadian Dollar
  • Australian Dollar
  • Singapore Dollar
  • Japanese Yen
  • New Zealand Dollar and others.

Free Air Miles:

This is a money saving feature that comes along with travel card. Every international trip made earns free air miles for the user, which he/she can use during future trip.

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Travel cards comes with another exciting money saver feature i.e. issuing companies offer coverage for loss of passport or baggage, flight delays, and many other benefits.

ATM Cash Withdrawal:

This helps when cards are not accepted at the time of shopping. User can withdraw cash at ATM located abroad.

Free Replacement Card:

It’s very common that when travelling abroad card gets lost or stolen. In such cases, when cash is not available, having an additional card is badly needed. And this is what, card companies offer – free replacement card.


Travel card comes with many other freebies/discounts as well. Few common ones are joining bonus, discounts on booking air tickets, reward points i.e. earn while spend and few others depending on the card chosen.

18 Travel Cards for Indians Visiting Foreign Country & How to Choose

When planning for a personal or business trip abroad, the first thing everyone wants is a peace of mind. However there is a common dilemma that often comes to the mind on how to carry money while travelling to a foreign country?

There are multiple options for carrying money when going on an foreign trip such as – cash, travelers cheque, credit card, international debit card, travel card and few others, with each having its own pros and cons. And in this article we’ll discuss about travel cards.

Travel cards are basically prepaid foreign currency card in which the person can load multiple currencies and carry just a single card. So instead of carrying multiple cards for each currency, the traveler can load multiple currencies in a single card. For e.g. someone wanting to visit USA and Korea can load the card with USD and KRW.

Travel cards are highly recommended for frequent international travelers who wants to stay away from carrying cash or credit cards or travellers’ cheque. After all everyone wants to have seamless and worry free travel and at the same time save money wherever possible.

So which are best travel cards available in India?

There are many financial entities offering travel cards for Indians going to a foreign country and here is the list:

Travel Card - NameIssuing Entity
Multicurrency Travel CardICICI Bank
Student Travel CardICICI Bank
Single Currency Travel CardICICI Bank
ForexPlus CardHDFC Bank
ForexPlus Chip CardHDFC Bank
ForexPlus Platinum CardHDFC Bank
ISIC Student ForexPlus CardHDFC Bank
Regalia ForexPlus CardHDFC Bank
Multi-Currency Forex CardAxis Bank
World Traveller Forex CardAxis Bank
Diners CardAxis Bank
Single Currency CardAxis Bank
India Travel CardAxis Bank
Citi PremierMiles CardCitibank
Multi-Currency Foreign Travel CardState Bank of India
One Currency CardThomas Cook
Indus Multicurrency Forex CardIndusInd Bank
Multi Currency World Travel CardKotak Mahindra Bank

How to choose the best travel card?

Ease of transaction: The whole purpose of this card is to ease off pain transacting in multiple/single currency depending on the country visiting. So choose a card offering seamless transaction.

Easy reloading: Make sure you are able to reload the card conveniently, 24*7, via your smartphone or through someone located in your native country. Smartphone, because this is the only device most of the people always have it handy when travelling. This is very important because if the balance is low, you may not be able to use the card further. So card should come with real-time reloading and completely free.

Cross currency charges: When you use credit card abroad there are multiple charges associated of which cross currency conversion charge is always applied. And the rate depends on the day and time of transaction. But in case of travel card, while loading or buying the card before the trip, you fix the forex rate and till the end of the trip same rate would be applied. So there is no worry of fluctuating currency.

Load multiple currencies: This is very important feature to be taken into consideration when choosing a travel card, especially by travellers visiting multiple countries. Opt for a one, which lets you load multiple currencies so that you can pay in local currency anywhere you go. Most of the cards listed above let you load these currencies – USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, AUD, SGD, AED, CHF, JPY, SEK, ZAR, SAR, THB, NZD, HKD.

Funds transfer: If you have insufficient funds in a transaction currency, the balance of the transaction will automatically be deducted from other available currency loaded in the card.

Maximum air miles: Especially for a frequent traveler, the most important thing that matters is the air miles. Higher the air miles offered, higher would be the savings as you plan your next trip and so on.

Validity period of the air miles: Choose a card with no validity on the redeeming the accumulated air miles. If you are not a frequent traveller and validity is applied on your card then it makes no sense to use a card with an expiry date. Normally there is an expiry date associated with a travel card. And within that period if the miles are not redeemed they expire. So everything is lost and so are your savings. Best solution is to choose a card with no expiry date.

Joining bonus: It is similar to a performance received by individuals in a job. This bonus is always welcomed by everyone. Same applies to travel cards as well, although you don’t get actual money but you get signup bonus in the form of free miles, discounts on dining or booking hotels, cab booking etc. and obviously it will be loved by the card user.

Insurance: Nothing better than a card offering insurance cover for your trip duration covering loss of passport or baggage, flight delays, and many other benefits. Although you can buy travel insurance exclusively, but why not save money if the coverage offered in a travel card is same as that of traditionally purchased travel insurance.

Free replacement: Loss or theft are very common but when it happens outside of your home country then it is highly worrisome. In such cases, opt for a travel card offering a free replacement for your card in an easy way.

Balance Refund: After your trip is over, if there is any balance left in your account then you should be able to encash it.