12 Easiest Credit Cards to Get Approved in India, 29 Cards for Rs.15000 Income

Keeping cash in wallet is always dangerous because of the risk of damage and theft, as the stolen money cannot be recovered. This is the reason people want to carry out payments digitally using credit or debit card, online transfer, mobile wallets, PayPal etc. Of all these payment methods, credit card is most convenient due to following reasons:

  • Most important one is that the user gets FREE MONEY each month. This feature is what attracts users to own a card.
  • Helps in building credit history
  • Saves money due to rewards, cash back, discounts, etc.
  • Highly secured
  • Accepted worldwide, etc.

Easiest Ways to Get Credit Card Approved in India

However FREE MONEY is the main reason why card issuers get many applications either for a new one or increasing the limit. However this does not mean everyone gets approval because of strict eligibility criteria which issuers put to avoid loss. But this does not mean getting a credit card is difficult.

There are easy to get credit card in India as mentioned below:

Supplementary Card

The first option without the user having to prove his/her creditworthy is add-on or supplementary card. It is similar to having a joint bank account. If your family member owns a credit card and has good repayment and transaction history, then he/she can apply for a supplementary card for his/her family members (spouse, parents or children). This is the reason why this credit card is easy to get in India.

The credit limit gets divided between the two cards (primary and secondary). Monthly bills are in the name of primary card holder and statement is consolidated.

However the name on the new card is of the secondary owner. Although this is a hassle free way to get card in India, using it irresponsibly will affect the credit score of the primary owner. So be very careful while using the card.

This card is best recommended for:

  • Students
  • Retired senior citizens
  • Housewives
  • Individuals with poor or no credit history

You can get following add-on credit cards easily:

  • Aqua – Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • Urbane – Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • PVR Platinum – Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • Sapphiro – ICICI Bank
  • Signature – ICICI Bank
  • Rubyx – ICICI Bank
  • Silver – HDFC Bank
  • Gold – HDFC Bank
  • Titanium – HDFC Bank
  • Unnati – State Bank of India
  • Simply SAVE – State Bank of India
  • Simply Click – State Bank of India

Note that there are many other cards and banks that provide add-on card. So if anyone in your family member wants a card, ask the primary card owner to contact the bank and apply.

Cards against Fixed Deposit

Secured card is also an easiest way to get credit card to get approved in India. All you need to do is open or use existing fixed deposit account and get card against it. The credit limit offered is 80%-85% of the FD amount kept with the bank. The biggest advantage is that there is no minimum income requirement and income documents, credit score is not checked. And other documents required are minimal.

Listed in the below table are the credit cards against fixed deposit in India and the minimum FD amount to be kept with the bank:

Sr. No.Credit Card NameMinimum Fixed Deposit Amount RequiredCard Issuing Bank
1SignatureRs. 10,000Andhra Bank
2PaylessRs. 15,000Development Credit Bank
3AspireRs. 16,000Central Bank
4CoralRs. 20,000ICICI Bank
5Instant PlatinumRs. 20,000ICICI Bank
6Insta EasyRs. 20,000Axis Bank
7AssureRs. 25,000Bank of Baroda
8UsecureRs. 25,000Union Bank of India
9UnnatiRs. 25,000State Bank of India
10SolarisRs. 25,000Kotak Mahindra Bank
11Aqua GoldRs. 25,000Kotak Mahindra Bank
12Advantage PlusRs. 25,000State Bank of India

Cards that Low Salaried/Income Earners can get Easily

The easiest way to get credit card in India is against salary account. The bank account in which employee’s salary gets credited every month can help in getting a card. However there is a myth that cards are approved to the individuals with high salary as they are credit worthy.

But there are many cards for low income individuals (salaried/self-employed) as listed in the below table. These are unsecured cards which means the risk to the issuers is high.

Sr. NoCredit Card NameMinimum Annual Income RequiredEquivalent Minimum Monthly IncomeCard Issuing Bank
1Coral 20,0001,667ICICI Bank
2Visa Classic for Self Employed50,0004,167Vijaya Bank
3Visa Classic for Salaried60,0005,000Vijaya Bank
4Classic for Salaried60,0005,000Syndicate Bank
5Classic for Senior Citizen60,0005,000Syndicate Bank
6Bharat72,0006,000Indian Bank
7India Card75,0006,250Bank of India
8Empowerment for Salaried80,0006,667Jammu and Kashmir Bank
9Canara Visa Classic / MasterCard Standard1,00,0008,333Canara Bank
10Visa Global for Self Employed1,00,0008,333Vijaya Bank
11Classic for Self Employed1,00,0008,333Syndicate Bank
12Gold for Senior Citizen1,20,00010,000Corporation Bank
13Visa Global for Salaried1,20,00010,000Vijaya Bank
14Freedom Card1,44,00012000HDFC Bank
15Bharat CashBack1,44,00012,000HDFC Bank
16Visa Gold1,50,00012,500Bank of India
17Visa Gold International1,50,00012,500Bank of India
18MasterCard Titanium1,50,00012,500Central Bank of India
19Visa Gold1,50,00012,500Central Bank of India
20RuPay Platinum1,50,00012,500Central Bank of India
21Gold1,50,00012,500Indian Bank
22Classic1,50,00012,500Indian Bank
23Platinum1,50,00012,500Indian Bank
24Gold for Salaried1,50,00012,500Syndicate Bank
25Empowerment for Self Employed1,50,00012,500Jammu and Kashmir Bank
26Axis Bank Gold1,80,00015,000Axis Bank
27RuPay Platinum1,80,00015,000Andhra Bank
28Gold for Salaried1,80,00015,000Corporation Bank
29Gold for Professional1,80,00015,000Corporation Bank

Note that, these credit cards are easy to get approved provided you meet other criteria as well, such as good credit score, proper documentation, etc.

So as you can see, there are three easy options to get credit card in India. And most of these cards offer cashback on fuel/grocery spend, bill pay, recharges, air and rail booking, etc. making them attractive.

But remember that, credit cards are easy to get only when credit worthiness is proven by:

  1. Having good income
  2. Good credit score
  3. Keeping some kind of collateral with the bank e.g. FD.
  4. Proper documentation

Save Money for IVF: Free Financing of 5 Lakhs, Low Cost Treatment, Insurance

Being a childless couple is painful for both mother and father. And as they say, there are solutions to every problem in this world. The same goes true with infertile couples. We’re talking about In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment here. IVF has turned out to be the last ray of hope for couples, when every option to have a child fails.

However IVF cost, which is more than Rs. 2,00,000 per cycle, makes it unaffordable for many, especially poor. Although there are financing options available in the market, the high interest rate further makes it financially unaffordable for low income earning families.

As mentioned above, there are solutions to every problem, there is a solution to the high cost involved in IVF treatment which is Save Money.

Listed below are the options available to save money for IVF and related medical procedures:

  1. Free financing
  2. Low cost treatment
  3. Health insurance

Free Financing for IVF

Government of Goa has launched “Matrutva Yojana” for women from Scheduled Tribes (ST) community. Under the scheme, financial assistance in the form of money will be provided to the married couples. Rs. 5 Lacs is provided for FREE. And the money can be used for medicines, medical tests/treatments, doctor’s fees. However the condition is that – couples are unable to conceive their first child after three years of marriage. To further reduce the burden, Rs. 25,000 will be given in advance for doctor’s consultation and medical tests/examinations.

Isn’t this a great option to save money as the cost is borne by the government?

Low Cost IVF Treatment at AIIMS

All India Institute for Medical Sciences (AIIMS) – New Delhi offers low cost treatment for IVF which is nearly 70% less compared to private hospitals and fertility clinics.

Here’s the table showing the medical cost for various procedures involved in IVF from AIIMS:

Above Image Source: https://aiims.edu/images/pdf/rate/IVF.pdf

Health Insurance for IVF

Another way to save money for IVF is buying health insurance. By making periodic premium payment, policy holder can get cover amount at the time of IVF treatment. However there are very few companies offering IVF insurance in India as follows:

  1. “One Health” from Magma HDI General Insurance Company Limited – The health cover offered is small upto Rs. 50,000 but has waiting period of 3 years.
  2. BMB Nirbhaya – Bhartiya Mahila Bank and New India Assurance
    Note: Bharatiya Mahila Bank (BMB) has now merged with State Bank of India. So whether this product exists or not, is not known.
  3. Fertility Insurance Scheme (IVF Suraksha) by CRAFT Hospital and Research Center – This is on a expensive side and requires individual to become member by paying Rs. 2,75,000. After that, series of treatments can be availed. However if the treatment doesn’t give positive result, the scheme will refund the money.
  4. ‘Family Health Optima’ – Star Health Insurance offers maximum coverage of Rs. 2 Lacs for various Assisted Reproduction Treatments – intrauterine insemination (IUI), Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), In-Vitro Fertilisation( IVF) and TESA / TESE (Testicular / Epididymal Sperm Aspiration / extraction)

Hope the above listed ways to save money for IVF treatment helps. Should anyone have any queries, please mention in the comment box below. And the same shall be answered as early as possible.

Loan for IVF in India: Save Money, Lowest Interest, No Minimum Income Needed

Going through IVF treatment is painful and adding more to the pain is the treatment cost. Private centers charge a very high fee typically costing between Rs. 2,50,000 to Rs. 4,00,000 and varies with each treatment center, city you live in, etc.. And even after putting in so much of money there is no success guarantee.

For high income earners, spending this huge amount of money may not be a problem. But what about poor earning individuals taking loan? How can they afford high interest personal loan for IVF treatment?

Listed below are ways to save money when deciding to take personal finance for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment:

Apply for Minimum Loan Amount

Try to take smallest amount of loan possible and arrange money as much as possible either from your own savings or from your friends or relatives. In return, you can pay small interest to your acquaintances. This way, they would be more than happy to lend you money. Isn’t this a fair deal and money saving opportunity for you?

Why to bank rich?

Personal Loan against Fixed Deposit

Also called as overdraft loan. If you have invested money in FD and do not want to prematurely close the account then you can avail loan against FD. The interest rate is lowest and is typically 1%-2% above the interest rate offered on FD. Other advantages are the account holder continues to earn interest even after taking the loan. And the interest is charged only on the amount utilized. Compared to traditional personal loan, this financing option is a big money saver as the interest rate is nearly 3%-4% less.

Almost every bank in India offers loan against FD in India:

  • State Bank of India
  • ICICI Bank
  • HDFC Bank
  • Axis Bank and others

This type of secured loan is highly recommended due to the advantages offered. Of course, you have to keep money as collateral with the bank.

Check out low cost IVF treatment centers in India.

Other types of secured loan

For those who are not aware, in addition to fixed deposit, you can also avail loan by keeping securities such as:

  • Gold – Borrower has to deposit gold – ornaments, coins, bars, etc. And depending on the purity, weight; money is lent which is 80%-85% of the value of the gold.
  • Mutual Fund – Another way to receive quick money from banks and NBFC is by pledging the mutual fund. However borrower cannot sell-off units as they are under lien.
  • Shares – Meeting contingency fund is also possible through loan against shares. However the loan amount is less, 50% of the current value of the collateral, which is shares in this case. Moreover credit is offered only against selected securities only e.g. blue chip companies.
  • LIC policy – At an interest rate of 10% which is nearly 40% lower than personal loan, you can get financing against endowment policy from Life Insurance Corporation of India. However borrower must have paid the premium for a longer tenure. You can also get loan against insurance policy from various banks, but the interest rate is on a higher side but lower than the personal loan.
  • Kisan Vikas Patra or National Savings Certificate – Pledging of KVP or NSC is also a lucrative option to avail finance. Loan amount is between 75% – 100% depending on the age of NSC/KVP.
  • Property – Loan is provided against either commercial or residential property provided the said property is in the name of the borrower. Although not everyone has property but this is a good option to avail financial support.
  • Car – If you are looking for personal loan at low interest rate, then pledging your car is another solution. However loan amount depends on various factors such as age of the car, condition, and current value. This is a common option to avail financing in western countries.

The interest rate is low in case of all the above listed collateral similar to overdraft loan. However note that, these belongings go under the control of the lender until you pay-off the loan completely. In case of default, lender has right to auction off gold/mutual fund/shares etc. depending on the security kept, and recover money.

Note: If you are planning to take loan for IVF treatment by pledging above listed securities then you won’t be asked for income nor the lender will check your credit score.

Personal Loan from Co-Operative Bank

Borrowing money from co-operative bank is little cheaper compared to commercial banks because of the low interest rate. Co-operative banks charge interest of 8.5% – 13% whereas commercial bank charge 9.5% – 15%. The eligibility criteria is less strict compared to commercial banks.

Loan against Fixed Deposit FAQ: Amount, Benefits, Tenure & more

When you need instant cash for medical emergency, unplanned travel for an emergency, house renovation, etc. then you have three choices:

  1. Use your own savings (highly recommended)
  2. Ask your friends or relatives
  3. Approach financial institutions for funding i.e. personal loan

Personal loan is most expensive financial service for a borrower and highly profitable for the lender due to high interest rate charged. But there is another type of loan which can be availed against fixed deposit (FD). This is nothing but a secured loan. And interestingly not many people are aware of such a money saving loan product.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

What is loan against FD?

Loan against fixed deposit is a secured loan. The borrower needs to keep his/her FD as a collateral with the lender.

Can I take loan against FD?

Anyone depositing the minimum amount as requested by the bank can avail loan in addition to other eligibility criteria. Most importantly, there is no income and credit score criteria.

Does taking overdraft against FD mean account break?

No. Instead of breaking your fixed deposit and liquidating the savings, you can take loan against it.

Can I get personal loan against existing account or do I need to open a new account?

You can get loan against existing FD account as well or open a new one.

How much loan can you get against FD?

Typically bank offers loan of 80%-85% of the deposited amount. However this percent varies for each bank and borrower needs to keep minimum amount. If your FD tenure is already over 2 years than the amount will be high.

What are the benefits of availing loan against FD?

The most important benefit is low interest rate which is 1%-2% higher than the interest earned on FD. And the interest is charged only on the utilized amount and tenure and not on the whole amount, which is the case with traditional loan. So if your bank is offering 8% on FD then the interest on loan will not be more than 10%. Other advantages are fast processing and disbursal, minimal documentation, flexible repayment options, no prepayment charges, etc.

Will the interest earned on FD stop?

No. This is what attracts small loan borrower as they continue to earn interest.

Can I extend the loan tenure beyond the FD tenure?

No. For e.g. if the FD tenure is 3 years then the loan tenure cannot be more than this.

I have joint FD account, can I take loan?

You can. But both the account holders will have to sign the documents by visiting the bank. But if the account is on a single name then you can apply online.

Should you break FD instead of taking a loan?

In case you want to terminate the fixed deposit account i.e. break, you should evaluate the premature withdrawal charges and interest rate on loan. If the loan required is for a short period of time, which you think can be repaid then go for overdraft. Moreover borrower continues to earn interest on the FD even after taking the loan. However if the loan amount is high and paying back seems difficult then go for premature withdrawal.

For any queries, please mention in the comment box and same shall be replied as early as possible.

Personal Loan FAQ: Income Rs.15,000 or Less, Easiest Way to Get Approved

The need of money can arise anytime. And when all the options of arranging the money fail, then the only solution is personal loan. However there are many doubts borrowers have and listed below are some of the most commonly asked questions and their answers related to personal loan.

Is personal loan unsecured?

Unsecured loan is just one of the type of personal loan, approved based on multiple factors with income being the most important criteria. The other type is secured personal loan offered against securities such as fixed deposit, gold, LIC policy, etc.

What is the biggest advantage of both secured loan and unsecured loan?

Secured loan is money saving since the interest rate is low. And unsecured loan does not require any collateral.

Why banks ask for income?

Income is asked in case of unsecured loan only. Since it involves lending money to unknown without asking for any security, bank asks for income to evaluate whether the borrower has repayment capacity or not.

How much loan amount can I borrow in case of unsecured and secured loan?

In case of unsecured loan, the amount depends on various factors such as income, credit score, age, professional status, city you live in, amongst others. However income plays a key role.

In case of secured loan, the amount depends on the value of the collateral. For e.g. in case of loan against fixed deposit, if the FD amount kept in the bank is Rs. 1,00,000 then the loan amount approved will be in the range of Rs. 80,000-Rs.85,000. That is, 80%-85% loan amount is granted in case of loan against FD.

What personal loans are easy to get approved for?

The easiest personal loan to get is secured loan. However these days, mobile wallet apps such as Mobikwik offers pre-approved loan with no collateral. However the loan amount is small in case of wallet apps.

Why personal loan is an unsecured loan?

This is incorrect, personal loan is not always unsecured. There is another type of loan known as secured loan wherein you deposit collateral (fixed deposit/ mutual fund/gold/shares, and few others) with the bank. It is basically similar to mortgaging.

Can I increase my personal loan amount?

Yes, this is possible. Incremental need of money can arise anytime. For e.g. if you have taken personal loan for medical expenses and due to certain reasons if the cost of the treatment further rises, you can apply for additional loan amount. However in order to get it approved, you should have made regular payment of EMI. Meaning, there are no defaults or delay in repayment in the past.

Which banks has minimum income criteria for personal loan?

Amongst the commercial banks – State Bank of India (SBI) offers Xpress Credit Loan requiring net annual income of Rs. 60,000 i.e. Rs. 5,000 per month. And amongst the co-operative banks, The West Bengal State Co-operative Bank Ltd. (WBSCB) requires net monthly income of just Rs. 2,000 to avail personal loan. Refer this official website link of WBSCB  for more details.

My salary is below Rs. 10,000 per month. What are the options available to get personal loan?

Listed in the below table are the minimum monthly/annual income required for personal loan by various financial institutions. Note that, there are many other banks that offer personal finance but income criteria could not be found.

Name of Bank and Personal Loan ProductMonthly Income Required (Rs.)Annual Income Required (Rs.)
State Bank of India (Xpress Credit)5,00060,000
Canara Bank (Consumer Loan)6,00072,000
The West Bengal State Co-operative Bank Ltd.2,00024,000
The Andaman and Nicobar State Co-operative Bank Ltd.5,00060,000
The National Co-operative Bank Ltd.5,00060,000
Abhyudaya Co-operative8,00096,000
Canara Bank (Canara Budget)10,0001,20,000
Canara Bank (Teachers Loan)10,0001,20,000
The Greater Bombay Co-operative Bank Ltd.10,0001,20,000
State Bank of India10,0001,20,000
HDFC Bank15,0001,80,000
ICICI Bank15,0001,80,000
Axis Bank15,0001,80,000
Fullertoan loan15,0001,80,000
Punjab National Bank15,0001,80,000
Dena Bank (Suvidha)15,0001,80,000

What happens when personal loan is not paid?

This is the biggest mistake you will make. Not paying-off the loan is an invitation to more debt and harassment by the recovery agents. So, if you think repayment won’t be possible, contact your bank beforehand and ask for a solution – defer or reschedule the EMI payments. Debt collectors are aggressive whose job is to recover money in any case.

What if the bank does not defer or reschedule the EMI payment?

In this case, try for balance transfer i.e. move loan account from existing bank to a new one. Your remaining principal loan amount will be transferred to the new bank. The interest rate would be possibly low and EMI amount will change. While transferring you can ask the new bank to extend the tenure. However make sure to calculate the total outflow of the money.

Personal Loan FAQ: Low Salary, Minimum Income Reqd., No Job, Salary Slip & more

Personal loan is the best solution for individuals needing money in case of emergency situations such as medical emergency or home renovation, travel, etc. However there are many queries, loan applicants face on various processes involved.

So listed below are queries and answers related to personal loan.

How to qualify for a personal loan?

There are many eligibility criteria depending on the type of personal loan taken i.e. secured or unsecured. In case of secured loan; the main qualification criteria is the type of security and it’s value. For e.g. in case of loan against fixed deposit, the criteria is the amount and tenure. In case of traditionally applied loan, income is the most important criteria. Note that, the final decision to approve loan is with the bank. And in addition to these criteria, there are many other factors taken into consideration depending on case to case basis such as age, employer, city, and others.

From where can I get personal loan in India?

There are various avenues to get personal finance in India as follows:

  • Banks – Commercial, co-operative & others
  • Peer to Peer Lenders
  • Private money lenders
  • Financial services providers
  • Digital payment app companies

Which is the fastest way to get loan?

Amongst all the above listed options, cash loan is the fastest way to get loan amount in your bank account is cash loan offered by P2PL and mobile payment apps such as MobiKwik and Paytm.

How to get personal loan with bad credit?

The best solution for individuals with bad/no credit score is loan against securities. In India, loan can be availed against securities by keeping following assets as collaterals with the lender:

  • Fixed Deposit
  • LIC Policy
  • Gold
  • Property
  • Mutual Funds
  • Equities
  • Car
  • National Savings Certificate
  • Kisan Vikas Patra

You can also get loan against credit card.

Can you get personal loan without job?

Yes. Secured loan is the solution for individuals with no job. Type of securities that can be kept are listed above. All you need is approach bank and provide details on the securities. But remember that, asset should be in the name of the primary applicant.

How to get a personal loan when the income is low?

There are many financial institutions offering loans to individuals with less income/salary. Here’s the table showing list of lenders and the minimum income required to avail loan:

Name of Bank and Personal Loan ProductMonthly Income RequiredAnnual Income Required
State Bank of India (Xpress Credit)5,00060,000
Canara Bank (Consumer Loan)6,00072,000
The West Bengal State Co-operative Bank Ltd.2,00024,000
The Andaman and Nicobar State Co-operative Bank Ltd.5,00060,000
The National Co-operative Bank Ltd.5,00060,000
Abhyudaya Co-operative8,00096,000
Canara Bank (Canara Budget)10,0001,20,000
Canara Bank (Teachers Loan)10,0001,20,000
The Greater Bombay Co-operative Bank Ltd.10,0001,20,000
State Bank of India10,0001,20,000
HDFC Bank15,0001,80,000
ICICI Bank15,0001,80,000
Axis Bank15,0001,80,000
Fullertoan loan15,0001,80,000
Punjab National Bank15,0001,80,000
Dena Bank (Suvidha)15,0001,80,000

How to get personal loan without bank statement?

Typically bank statement is not always asked by the banks, especially in case of secured loan. However, if the main purpose of the bank asking for bank statement is to verify income, then salaried professional can provide pay slip for the last 6 months and self-employed can produce IT returns for the last 3 years. In both these cases, ideally, producing bank statement should not be a problem because income (salary / business income) typically gets credited in the bank account only.

How can I get personal loan, as my employer gives salary in cash?

This problem is faced by many individuals in India. The best solution is to produce – bank statement, offer letter, official letter from employer, income tax return. However, if financial institution still rejects the loan application, then you can apply for loan against securities.

Check this link for more details on how to get loan when salary is in cash.

What are the best ways to save money on personal loan?

Since interest rate on personal loan is high, saving money should be the objective for everyone. The best solutions are:

  • When opting for a traditional loan, select a lender offering lowest interest rate, minimum or no charges, flexible tenure, no pre-closure penalty and other charges.
  • If you are a regular repayer, ask your bank to reduce the interest rate. Ideally less interest should be charged by the bank.
  • Other money saving option is to go for loan against security as mentioned above. The interest rate is low in case of secured loan.
  • Try to take minimum loan amount and make as much use of own money to meet the need.

Can I cancel loan after approval?

Yes, it can be cancelled. In case loan is just approved (and money is not disbursed), it can be cancelled after providing notice to the bank and paying the processing fees. However if no agreement is signed by the borrower, it can be cancelled directly over phone.

Can I cancel loan after loan amount disbursal?

No. Once the money is credited to your bank account, cancellation is not possible and rules of loan get applied. However if you still want to close it, prepayment charges will be levied or other charges such as high interest, if any. Remember since you are opting out too early, it is not a profitable deal for the bank. So they will try to recover as much money possible from the borrower.

There are endless queries related to personal loan. Should anyone have any queries, please mention the same in the comment section below. And same would be answered as early as possible.

Credit Card FAQ: Income, Types, Fake Documents, Score & more

Readers of this site have posted various queries via E-mail or comments section. Many of the queries were related to credit cards. Most of these queries have been clubbed, listed below, along with the answers.

Here we go…

General Questions

What are different types of credit cards available in India?

There are three types – secured (offered against security – fixed deposit) and unsecured (offered depending on income, credit score, employment, city, etc.). The third option to get card is a supplementary card offered to family member of the primary card holder with good credit score and repayment history.

Also, why is credit score taken into consideration?

Look at it this way. Would you ever lend money to your friend who, in the past, delayed the money owed to you. Won’t you instead lend money to someone who had made the repayment without any default? This is the same logic used by issuers to verify authentic applicants. They will gather all the historic credit (loan/credit card) repayment history, number of loans/cards applied/rejected/in-use. And based on that, credit score is calculated.

Secured card or unsecured card, which one should I choose?

If credit history is not good very few banks will approve the application. So for such individuals, cards against FD is the best option. However the limit on such cards depends on the FD amount kept with the bank and 85% of the amount is offered as the card limit. However if you need a high credit limit then unsecured card is the recommended solution.

Does having a card affects credit rating?

No. But having too many cards does affect the score.

How many cards I can own?

There is no definite answer. But remember that, having or applying for too many cards displays credit hungry behavior. So two cards are enough.

Income Related Queries

Why card issuers ask for income when applying for a unsecured card?

Income is the only proof to evaluate whether the applicant is credit worthy or not i.e. repayment capacity and decide on the credit limit. Higher the income, higher are the chances of approval and vice-versa.  repayment capacity or not. Poor salary naturally indicates, the repayment capacity would be poor. So the risk is high.

What does annual income mean on a credit card application?

Whenever any individual applies for a unsecured credit card, issuer will ask for the annual income. Annual income for salaried employee means net income received via salary after all the deductions.

Is there any other way to get card when the applicant does not having any income source?

Yes – there are two options. Apply for secured card i.e. against fixed deposit. Fixed deposit is the only security accepted by banks in India. Another solution to get card is add-on card.

Can I lie about income while applying for credit card?

NEVER do this. You will get caught since issuer will ask for document showing your income. It’ ok to not have card then having a one which was bought fraudulently.

Can you get a credit card with no job and bad credit?

Yes. Credit card against fixed deposit is the best solution for such individuals. You need to open FD account and deposit a minimum amount and get card against it. You can also get card against existing FD. Another option is supplementary card. This way you can start building credit history or repair existing bad score by making timely repayment, in full and without crossing the credit limit.

I have low income, can I get credit card?

There are many banks in India offering credit card to people with poor income. For e.g.

  • Visa Classic from Vijaya Bank requires annual income of Rs. 50,000 (i.e. monthly income of Rs. 4,167)
  • India card and Visa Gold credit card offered by Bank of India requires applicant to have minimum annual income of Rs. 75,000 (i.e. monthly income of Rs. 6,250)

Can I include parents income on credit card application?

No. Applicant can get card based on his/her income.

Self Employed & Credit Card

How can self employed get credit card in India?

Self-employed individuals can get card through 3 ways – against FD, traditional card, and add-on card.

Does being self employed affect credit score?

No. Factors affecting credit score are – repayment history, number of credit applications made, card usage, etc.


What are the various income related document proof requested by the issuer?

Documents vary depending on the profession of the applicant.

For salaried individuals:

  • Monthly pay slip for last 3 months
  • Bank statement for last 6 months
For self-employed individuals:
  • Income tax return for last 3 years
  • Form-16A

Note: Depending on the case, issuers may ask for other documents.

What if I provide fake documents and mention incorrect income?

Many times, when the income of applicant is low, he/she produces forged documents with inflated income or fake company address, etc. But this should NEVER be done. With evolving technologies and strict background check, it is now very easy for issuers to verify authenticity of the applicant. And, if caught, it can lead to legal case especially if you are a salaried professional. It is a criminal offence especially when you are a salaried employee since you are using official company document for personal benefit.

Producing fake document (salary slip, bank statement, etc.) may result in job loss and no experience or relieving letter will be provided due to termination of job. Also, future career prospects will be at risk. This is because if your employer files police complaint then getting a passport/renewing will become difficult, since police case is registered on your name. Also, future employer also verifies whether police records exist on the candidate’s name. So always remember, not having a credit card will not make you poor, but obtaining it through unethically will take you to the path of poor.

Quite often getting the queries answered related to credit card becomes difficult. And every individual has different set of queries related to it.

Should you have any queries related to credit card, mention it in the comment box below. And the same will be answered as early as possible.

The ONLY 3 Ways to Make Money Are….

What is Money?

It is simply a means for people to achieve certain ends and to lead a dignified life. Money is similar to energy. It keeps on coming and going. And the process continues.

Is it the best solution?

This is difficult to answer but there are hardly any other options to choose from.

But for all those who think that money is something very dirty, vulgar and ordinary, the recommendation is to open the mind.

Money, like almost everything, is neither good, nor bad, nor regular. It depends on how you get it and use it. But it is necessary. Whether you like it or not, everyone needs it. If someone thinks otherwise, perfect. Mention why in the comments section at the end of this article.

Most people consider that money is necessary to live and this thinking forces them to learn ways and solutions to earn…In short, one wants to learn how to make money, how to create different sources of income, generate profits or create constant cash flows, according to Robert Kiyosaki. But what for?

There are broadly two reasons – Either to lead the life they want OR at least, to stop worrying.

Having said all that, we can start with the following assumptions:

  1. How to generate sources of income is something that interests most people.
  2. They are interested because some of them are unemployed. Or, if this is not the case, they may not get enough income (in many countries, working no longer brings you out of poverty).
  3. To create sources of income, to make money, you need ideas, solutions and something very important, without which everything fails: a strategy.

And this article proposes a strategy, a way, so that you can finally stop worrying.

Here we go.

1. Make money offering own products or services

This is the first step you can take if you are a creative person. If you are not, move on to the next point. But it’s worth reading, as you never know, it might open your mind, as mentioned above.

How to make money. Creativity.

To create your own products or services (in short, to create whatever you want) you can take into account these little tips:

  1. Examine what you’re good at, what are your skills or talents. It will be easier for you to do what you know than what you have to start learning.
  2. Inclination for the fields, sectors or activities that you like. This will constantly motivate you to do better and keep you away from things you don’t like.
  3. If there are things you don’t know how to do (which there will be, for sure). Either you give it up or cooperate with people who know how to do it.
  4. Don’t lose sight of the fact that there is always a natural flow of things that pushes you and puts what you need in the life’s journey. When you tell life that you’re willing, that you’re there, that you want to do things, you’ll get answers! Just open your eyes and stay awake. Sleeping is a rather nocturnal activity.
  5. Be aware of something very simple – some activities work in automatic or semi-automatic mode and others do not. If you want time and freedom, you already know where to choose. As a general rule, if you start a certain service you will have to be physically present to provide it. If you create one or more products it is more likely that you can automate the process.
  6. When you talk about customers, don’t limit yourself to who passes in front of you. The world is very big and has enough people to sell to…!
  7. Try to have fun, have a good time, discover things, meet people, learn what interests you. Remember this is not a job. It’s a game, a fun, a challenge…Don’t be boring, don’t panic or panic because everything is a pleasant adventure.

Read tips on determining what business to start.

In short, creating your own products or services is the first answer to how to make money and generate sources of income. But if you nevertheless feel that the creative vein is not your thing and you are not for inventions, then no problem, don’t worry, move on to the next point.

Read: 9 Steps to start a business with little investment

2. Make money promoting other people’s products

If you don’t want to create anything of your own, offering the products or services of others is also a fantastic solution to earn income. But with passion and hard work.

You can do it either physically, in person, as you have done all your life, or online, through Internet business. It’s called affiliate marketing, And in either case, it’s a way of doing business with which you can of course achieve success.

Advantages? You don’t risk thinking about whether the product will work or not, because it is already doing so. So you’re on the safe side.

Disadvantages? The profits per unit are lower than if you sold one of your products. But don’t be fooled, there is actually a trick – what do you prefer to sell? 10 units for $5 or 100 units for $1? Do the math. But take the word – if you decide to jump to affiliate marketing for making money then the internet offers abundant legit products to sell.

3. Make money by investing money

And at the end, once you start earning income, the next step is to put the money to work for you. Make it grow, make it generate more money.

So here’s how to grow money when you have enough money:

  1. Invest in other people’s companies: If you have money and don’t want to start something on your own then, you can invest in other people’s companies.
  2. Crowdfunding: What is it? Collective participation, along with others, in third party projects.
  3. Loans to others: The money you earn, in turn, you can lend to others in exchange for a certain interest. It’s nothing but private individual working as a bank. This is nothing but crowd lending.
  4. Other possibilities: There are other options, as well, needing a little training, such as investing in the stock market, generating dividends in stock markets, debt instruments, etc.

Do not forget, in any case, that money can be invested when you have too much and have no debts or risk of falling into any type of insolvency.

In short, and to sum up the 3 ways to make money are:

  1. Becoming creator i.e. produce your own products/service
  2. Sell products/service made by others
  3. Invest money to grow money

Do you think there are enough ways to make money and create sources of income? Then mention that in the comment box.

Lack of Money Causes Anxiety and Easy Ways to Fix It

Whether you agree or not: lack of money is one of the causes of anxiety. And this article explains WHY.

How many times financial issues keep you worried and change the mood?

Many times it even becomes a cause for discussion with your loved ones. This is the reason to tell you what anxiety is, and how lack of money influences it.

Let’s begin with…

Understanding Anxiety

It is true that anxiety displays external symptoms, such as…

  • Tightness in chest
  • Sweating
  • Palpitations
  • Dizziness
  • Headache; etc.

But it is mainly, a problem originating from our thinking. It is not a medical illness.

Therefore, we could say that anxiety is a distortion of our thinking that takes us to a mental place making an individual feel helpless, small and insecure.

Is anxiety and stress the same?

It’s the same thing with different effects. Anyone who suffers sustained stress can develop anxiety.

Here are some more details to know, if you suffer from stress:

Stress Symptoms

Stress symptoms varies from person to person and circumstance.

There are many physical illnesses caused by stress, but stress shows symptoms such as…

  • Tiredness
  • Bad mood
  • Apathy
  • Lack of appetite, etc.

Maybe now you’re thinking that everyone you meet is under stress.

Well… the truth is a widespread plague. Because stress results from our habits, customs, attitudes and decisions. And often, technology and society reinforce it.

So are you suffering from anxiety symptoms?

Beyond the common anxiety attacks, there are also internal symptoms warning us that something is wrong.

For example when…

  • You feel a tightness in your chest
  • You feel like eating too much, or eating when you’re really not hungry
  • You have irrational fears. You worry about things that you know most people wouldn’t worry about, or at least not with the same intensity
  • You begin to avoid uncomfortable situations. You try to nullify and park what makes you feel insecure; etc.

These are the symptoms and the main differences between stress and anxiety.

Okay, so what does all this have to do with money?

Lack of Money Influences Your Mind

When there is a lack of money at home, the situation of insecurity, and sometimes impotence, is not only psychological, but there is real insecurity. There is the possibility that you may not be able to eat or may be left without a home.

Sometimes it won’t be so extreme. Basically lack of money results in personal insecurity because we are talking about an unsatisfied primary need.

And when you begin to doubt yourself, even others, the ground begins to tremble… The base is not firm.

How to eliminate the causes of anxiety?

There are many ways and resources to manage anxiety. However, the easiest and most effective path that has helped many are:

Environmental Preparedness

If there is something external, that is currently creating a discomfort in your life, the first thing is to eliminate it.

So the first step is to identify the main sources of stress. They can be people or situations.

Write them down on a sheet of paper.

Do you have it? Then let’s move on to working on your mentality.

From lack of money to abundance

Lack of money is a situation. But abundance is a state of consciousness.

And it’s not just about money. It has to do with…

  • Feeling worthy to live in better situations than you have lived to this day
  • To allow you to try new things and opportunities (it is also a question of self-esteem)
  • Value all the facilities you have had in some aspects of your life. Be able to identify and thank for everything that has gone well
  • Be thankful to all the people who are and have been a part of your life; etc.

If you think you are a victim, you are unable to think that you have everything you want and need.

Therefore, to cure anxiety, and your economic situation, which will surely be closely related to your mind, you have to start there, by healing your thoughts. 

Here’s how….

Mental Preparation

Let’s see what you can start doing to heal your mind and, consequently, your finances.


Feng Shui and Buddhism say you have to make room for new things to come in.

They are still booming after thousands of years. So why not pay implement them?

So start with an external cleaning:

  • Clean the home
  • Car
  • Relationships that are no longer productive
  • Situations that don’t bring you anything (maybe watching TV)
  • Tasks that are not focused on your well-being; etc.

Literally leave empty spaces in your house, car, and above all, in your diary. And that’s because if you’re not currently doing very well on money, it’s because what you’ve been doing so far is not effective, and you have to start doing different things.


It is essential to educate your mind to not let yourself be carried away by worries. And on the other hand, to put all your attention where you really want.

In addition, living more relaxed will allow you to feel and see more clearly, and therefore make better decisions.


Sit down and think about things, alternatives, resources and people that would help improve in your current situation.

You need to redesign your experience and finance. So it’s time to think, maybe, about things you already know how to do, or that are closer to you than you thought, that you could use now.

Write them down on paper!


Well, so far you have…

  • Identified the stress causing factors in your life
  • Left a place in your life for new things to enter (taking out everything old or useless)
  • Learned, or learning to relax through meditation
  • And created several options and alternatives that you can develop in the coming days to improve personal and financial situation.

Now you only have two more steps left: Organize and Execute!

So give yourself a couple of hours to answer all these questions. And then, open your notepad to materialize these good ideas that are going to turn your life around.

Take control of your personal finance and eliminate the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

It is must to think, organize and act differently. If not, nothing will change.

So come up with your best ideas with this reflection. You have already seen that in two hours of your life, you can change several years of sorrow and anguish.

Write down when you are going to start doing each thing:

  • How are you going to delimit the stressful factors?
  • When are you going to start meditating
  • To implement each new idea to re-establish your economy
  • To clean the house; etc.

You now have valuable information but will work only with your execution.

So beat that anxiety and achieve financial success.

Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching & Security Certifications for Establishing a Career in Networking

With hundreds and thousands of people entering the IT industry, it has become tougher than ever to establish a rewarding career in this line of work. Aggressive competition and constant technological advancements make it extremely difficult for anyone who wishes to build a career in IT. That is the reason why more and more IT professionals try for different IT certifications in their respective field to be able to beat the competition and jump-start their career. And, the good news is that there are numerous IT certifications available, however, not all are recognized as well as Cisco certifications, especially CCNA Routing and Switching certification and CCNA Security 210-260.


This certification is best-suited for network engineers who want to establish a career in IT (Information Technology). It lets you take a deep dive into routing and switching and evaluates your core networking skills. In order to attain this certification, candidates can pick any of the 2 exams, the 200-125 CCNA or 100-105 ICND1 and 200-105 ICN2. Clearing either of these 2 exams will help you receive the valuable certification. Here we have listed the reasons why this certification is the industry standards for building a career in this industry.


Validates Professional Networking Skills

The CCNA Routing and Switching certification is not easy to earn. A lot of people try its exam but fail to pass even after numerous attempts. The reason being that this exam tests the foundation networking knowledge and skill set of a person by asking both theoretical and practical questions. That’s right. The multiple-choice questions in the exam test a person’s knowledge about the basics while the simulation questions are designed to evaluate the ability of a person to handle devices in the real life. By clearing this exam, a person successfully validates his or her networking skills.

Being certified with Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching certification proves that an individual possesses core networking skills that are required to handle real-life scenarios that involve devices. Not just basic configuration and troubleshooting but performing various other tasks and being aware of LAN/WAN and many other technologies. Having this certification attached to the profile proves that the person can confidently and successfully handle networking problems.

Adds Weight to the Profile

The Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching certification is a well-known IT certification that is recognized and valued in the industry. This certification demonstrates the individual’s core networking skills and proves that he or she possesses foundation networking knowledge. Cisco Certified network engineers stand out from the rest because clearing the certification exam is not something that everyone can do. Only the ones with a strong grasp of the foundation networking knowledge earn this certification.

That is why having this certification can add value and weight to your profile. It can give your career a great start and help you secure a job in a prominent IT company. In the competitive field of IT, having this Cisco certification can prove to be extremely advantageous for any individual who wants to establish a career in this industry. That is the reason why the CCNA Routing and Switching certification is often cited as an industry standard for building a career in IT. So, go ahead and get this certification to get ahead of the curve and push your career forward.

PrepAway: https://www.prepaway.com/

Career Enhancement

The one thing that earning this CCNA 200-125 or 210-260 certification does to an individual’s career is to help it advance further. Having this certification can prove to be highly rewarding for network professionals. This certification is recognized all over the world and possessing it can prove to be highly beneficial for your career. This associate-level certification is ideal for network engineers and other professionals who want to master the networking skills and get an opportunity to move ahead in their line of work.

This certification can add another feather to your cap and accelerate your professional career. As possessing a CCNA Routing and Switching certification can serve as a strong foundation for advancement and prove that you are equipped with the required knowledge base and networking skill set. The next step for you can be CCNA Security 210-260 exam to expand your knowledge.


Improves Salary Package

Companies in the IT industry look for highly skilled individuals who are updated with the latest advancements and can demonstrate the skills required to perform a plethora of tasks. Most companies prefer to select candidates who can prove that they possess the required knowledge and skill set essential for their respective line of work. The same goes for network engineers and other professionals. While a college degree is something that everyone possesses, the ones who are certified with valuable certifications such as CCNA are most often given a higher preference.

Globally recognized certifications such as Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching certification are in demand in the IT industry. Whether it is about hiring a new employee or promoting an existing one, companies put more weight on networking professionals who are Cisco certified. That is why Cisco certified networking professionals are known to receive relatively higher salary package than others. From improving the salary package to increase the current salary of an individual, the CCNA certification not only provides a jump start to the career but also ensures better rewards in terms of money.

Professionals Become Eligible for Higher Level Certification

CCNA stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate and getting certified with this certification opens the door of opportunities for any networking professional who wants to build a career in IT industry. In order to keep moving forward in this line of work, it is imperative to learn new skills and expand the knowledge base. And, that is where the higher-level certification comes into the picture.

An individual who has earned Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching certification becomes eligible for higher-level certifications such as CCNP and other expert-level IT certifications. To be able to accelerate the career, one should seriously consider getting certified with these extremely valuable certifications. And, CCNA Routing and Switching certification can act as an ideal stepping stone because it lets you prove that you possess core networking skills and also that you are eligible and qualified for higher-level certifications.


Become a Cisco certified network professional to meet key performance targets and prove to be a valuable employee for the company you work for. This certification stays valid for a good 3 years. After that, you can either get recertified or try for higher-level certifications. But in order to build a career, it is best to start with the Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching certification.