2019: 5 Best Alternatives to Google Adsense to Try

Google uses a system called Contextual Display Ads. That is, the ad space where a publisher copies a code provided by the advertising network to display a contextual ad in the desired format and place. The concept is very easy to understand and integrate and very comfortable for the publisher who want to see increase in clicks and revenue.

However the fact is that – thousands of Adsense accounts are cancelled and removed from the Google Adsense program, every day. And being a blogger earning money from adsense and receiving account cancellation E-mail is definitely a nightmare. But don’t be discouraged, you haven’t been the first, and you won’t be the last one that this happens to.

There are many reasons why Google may cancel an Adsense account with breach of any of its TOS rules being the most frequent reason for this to happen.

Why you should not be discouraged?

If for any reason, your account gets cancelled, instead of cursing and attacking Google in the multiple forums you find on the network, And that there are plenty of alternatives to make the blog profitable. Although Google is the first choice of everyone, there are thousands of alternative advertising platforms.

Remember that the world does not end with Google and below are the 5 most advisable alternatives to Adsense.

Best Alternatives to Adsense

1. PropellerAds
2. Chitika
3. BidVertiser
4. RevenueHits
5. Exoclick

1. Propeller Ads

PropellerAds is a UK advertising platform with great success in terms of traffic worldwide. Founded in 2011, PropellerAds ads are automatically optimised by country and have high CPM pay rates. They have active advertiser campaigns worldwide and distributes profits to its users: specifically 80% of revenue share.

It is one of the most profitable ad platform, especially when you get a lot of traffic through social networks.

2. Exoclick

Exoclick is a Spanish company with offices in Barcelona and is the fourth largest advertising platform in the world according to W3Techs. It is an advertising platform very similar to those already mentioned.

This company offers the option to make each advertising space profitable through continuous optimization. Adserver works under a 100% proprietary technology that allows you to display best ads for each website.

But in reality, one of the reasons why Exoclick is so successful worldwide is because it admits websites with adult content.

3. Chitika

Chitika is probably the most similar advertising network to Google Adsense and according to the statistics, they have one of the highest “CPCs” (pay per click). But they also have another feature that publishers don’t like very much. At the end of each month, account clicks are audited and an arbitrary number of clicks and earnings are removed from your account, without explanation.

Chitika offers up to 60% of what the advertiser pays to the publishers (in that sense it is also very similar to Google Adsense). But of course, they don’t have the same number of advertisers.

4. BidVertiser

Like other advertising networks mentioned above, BidVertiser offers a contextual advertising service for publishers. Its system is based on pay-per-click, through which you will be remunerated for each click generated on your page according to the cost of each text link.

The design of text links is completely customizable and therefore adapt to any page or blog. If you’ve used Google Adsense before, you’ll be pretty familiar with the system used by Bidvertiser.

5. RevenueHits

Like Adsense, RevenueHits is a company that bases its strategy on Contextualized Display Ads. But unlike Google’s advertising company, its remuneration is based on performance.

What does that mean?

Instead of paying for a single click, you get paid for the activity user does on the advertiser’s page (for example, they will pay you more if you visit multiple pages, even more if you register, and even more if you end up buying something). Basically it’s an advertising network based on Cost Per Action (CPA).

RevenueHits is based in Israel and was launched in 2008 by MyAdWise Ltd. The big advantage is that, like Adsense, RevenueHits will display the ad it thinks is most convenient depending on the traffic. In that sense, it’s also a geo-targeted contextual advertising network that fits your blog or web traffic.

Why is Revenue Hits so successful with bloggers and webmasters?

  • It allows you to display ads in a variety of formats. You can include Pop-ups if you wish.
  • It is very flexible in terms of content types. All niches except Adult content are accepted.
  • They accept anyone who wants to monetize their traffic instantly.
  • They offer support to its users directly, you will not be banned without explanation and without getting an answer to the emails you send to support.

They pay by Paypal, Payoneer or electronic transfers when bloggers reach the minimum cap of $20.

Alternatives to Adsense: Recommendations

There are currently thousands of alternatives to Adsense that use advertising systems very similar to the Google advertising network. It is very important to know that there is a world beyond Google to take advantage of your hobby, and that you spend a little time researching on this subject so that you can really maximize your profits.

In general, for the option of integrating contextual display, Adsense is still the most profitable option and probably will remain so for a long time. But there are other advertising networks that have much less restrictive policies.

But keep in mind that it is NOT recommended to insert ads in your blog from day one. First you should focus on increasing the traffic and then put advertising on the blog.

It is totally legitimate to make your blogging activity profitable, monetization will take it to a more professional level and you will probably end up creating better content. Advertising should not be invasive and instead should add value to content.

Generating income with a blog is easy. Afterall, who would complain about generating extra money at the end of the month.

What advertising network do you use and what is your advice to monetize a blog? Mention in the comment box below.

4 Legit Ways for Writers to Make Money Online

Making money is an extremely important aspect of anyone’s life. Individuals make a lot of sacrifices and take every effort to generate enough monetary income to meet his/her need and their dependents. However, many of us rarely focus on enjoying these working hours. Don’t we?

Thousands of people around the world complain about their jobs and, unfortunately, feel compelled to attend more than seven or eight hours a day in an office. This time does not represent any pleasant or satisfying feelings. Moreover, it is associated with stress and worry. Even if the work climate is pleasant, they are always be concerned about the opinion of our boss, meet deadlines, and look forward to the weekend. Finally they arrive home exhausted and sleep, or at worst, continue working.

Let’s be honest, who enjoys such a life? Very few. As if it weren’t terrible enough, society tends to classify these series of activities and busy lives as “SUCCESSFUL”. While the concept of success is quite complete and subjective, it should never snatch our inner calm.

Fortunately, technology and advanced technologies have come to save entrepreneurs and open up the wonderful opportunity to work from home. There is the possibility of continuing your profession from home with a much more flexible schedule. However, the real value is that you can explore all your passions and monetize them.

In order for you to achieve this goal, the techniques listed below are most commonly used by entrepreneurs to earn money by doing what they love:

1. Are you an artist or a writer? Join a freelance platform

The arts are often poorly remunerated in traditional jobs. In addition, the job niches are not very broad. However, on the Internet you will find dozens of customers eager for a cartoonist, artist or writer to complete these tasks.

All you have to do is create your profile on various platform where you can offer your services as a freelance and create a portfolio with your work, be it text or images. You will have the opportunities to illustrate books, create logos, write articles, and even write a complete book on demand.

2. Create your own blog

If you prefer to start a business on your own. You can use your skills as a writer and start a blog for free. You can express all your passions and tastes, tell your experiences or give useful advice. It can be anything you want, yoga, literature, science, technology, etc. It depends on you and your expertise.

The most popular and easiest way for writers to earn money with a blog is through advertising. You must contact some entity or company related to the niche of your blog and offer them paid advertising.

3. Sell an eBook

If you want to take your literary skills to the next level, you can write a digital book and sell it. You don’t need the approval of any publisher to make it available to the public. The most used sites to promote your eBook are Lulu, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, Payhip, among others. Remember that each platform charges you a specific commission for each sale.

4. Express yourself with a YouTube channel

A lot of people have achieved incredible fame using this popular social network. If your videos are of good quality and are well received by the public, you can make a lot of money in this business. All you need is good ideas and a quality camera.

Do you like makeup? Create tutorials to get stunning eyelashes. Are you passionate about fitness life and the gym is your second home? Record videos of creative routines or meal plans. On the other hand, if you’re an academic, you can record virtual classes explaining a particular topic.

Turning your passions into income is possible with the help of the internet! Numerous world-renowned characters have expressed the importance of having a passion for work. From Confucius with his famous phrase “choose a job you like, and you’ll never have to work a single day of your life,” to successful entrepreneur Steve Jobs “the only way to do a great job is to love what you do.

And do you encourage yourself to align your passions with your job? Success awaits you!

8 Ways to Identify Counterfeit US Dollar

Isn’t it surprising to know that – one out of every 100 dollar bills in circulation is counterfeit. Although there are very well-made counterfeits, you can identify if your dollars are original by following eight tips.

Counterfeit dollars continue to circulate in the market despite the technology and security mechanisms available to the U.S. government.

Don’t let a cat get in the way of a hare. When you are going to buy dollars, do so at an exchange center. If you do it in the black market, it is likely that you will end up with fake dollars.

Here are eight tips that can help you recognize if you’re really getting an original bill.

1. Feel the texture

The first thing you have to do is touch the note. When it comes to counterfeit notes, the paper used is of lower quality. Generally, these are covered with paraffin so that they acquire a greater roughness. However, the originals are more rough and, because of the wax, the counterfeits have a more “greasy” texture than the original banknotes.

2. Look at the colors

The color scheme of real banknote is very difficult to copy due to the contrasts between pale and vivid colors. For the most part, counterfeits tend to have a brighter green. In addition, the low quality of the paper causes them to lose their color with use. You may rub the counterfeits on white paper and they will fade, leaving a little green on the paper.

3. Look at the portrait

In the original banknote the features of the characters are carefully defined. If you compare it, you will find that in the counterfeit note, the face does not have so many details, the wrinkles are not marked and the edges are not well defined what makes that the face of these powerful individual is lost with the bottom.

4. Check for watermarks

If you are not sure yet, bear in mind that in the original note, you should see a clear image of the face of the character on the banknote. This image preserves all the details of the face: the nose, eyebrows, eyes and mouth are clearly defined. There should be no fine lines around the head. The watermark should be visible on both sides of the banknote.

5. Look at the numeric value (bottom right)

The number value in the lower right corner changes color. It changes from black to green and in the latest design, from copper to green. This value, like the text “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”, must be in high relief.

6. Browse Serial Numbers

Serial numbers are in the same color as the Treasure seal. On counterfeit notes the numbers may not be perfectly spaced or aligned.

7. Look for the security thread

The original banknotes have a security thread that translucently looks like a vertical silver line bearing the expression “USA” followed by the denomination of the banknote. For example, the US$100 banknote shows “100 USA 100 USA”.

8. Note the colored fibers on the paper

Real banknotes have small red or blue fibers. Counterfeiters imitate them by printing them or drawing them on paper, but remember that these fibers are part of the paper.

8 Free Google Courses to Learn and Earn Big

Google, the king of search and part of Alphabet, Inc. offers range of free online courses for everyone.

The most trusted and technologically advanced company in the world offers free courses for individuals who want to develop the skills that the technological world requires and make their future secure.

One of the greatest benefits of the advancement of the Internet is the democratization of education and learning. Before that becoming a specialist in a subject was time consuming and expensive process.

Today, the possibilities of expanding knowledge is within the reach of a click, and most importantly, without having to pay a single penny. And in a world where technology is a fundamental part of our day-to-day life, to sit back and watch the trends pass would be to condemn ourselves to unemployment.

For this reason more and more companies like Google open to their users the possibility of participating in free online courses, which can be taken from anywhere, at the pace you want and earn certificate.

1. Google Primer

This mobile app offers short, practical lessons on the world of marketing and business. It was designed specifically for students or entrepreneurs who want to gain new skills in the digital world. For example, tools to build a business plan, tips for creating a website, email marketing, content marketing, storytelling, initiatives to improve the user experience on the web, among others.

The app is available for iOS and Android devices. You can learn about business and marketing skills from Google Primer.

2. Digital Garage

This is an online platform created by Google with the aim of helping to exploit the digital potential of business. It has 26 topics divided into different lessons, each accompanied by explanatory and fun videos to facilitate the online learning process.

Some of them are: opportunities in the online world, how to take advantage of search engines, display advertising, online store, selling through the Internet, content marketing and more. The course can be completed in as little as eight hours if done in a row.

Learn new skills for a digital world @ Google Digital Garage

3. YouTube Creators

For video lovers, YouTube creator academy has an extensive catalog of training programs designed for those who are starting to build their content channel or for those who want to take it to another level.

The courses include information on how to earn money with YouTube, audiovisual pre-production, video game channels, music channels, YouTube Analytics, copyrights, live broadcasts, among other topics.

4. Google My Business

Through this tool, Google helps online and physical businesses to create presence in the search engine and constantly update their information with news, photos, promotions, location, and so on. While not a course in itself, Google My Business teaches entrepreneurs to position themselves correctly online and interact properly with their customers or potential buyers.

5. Machine Learning

This intensive Machine Learning course is one of the most specialized. Previous knowledge is recommended for study, for example, basic algebra, programming concepts and experience in handling code in Python. It offers 25 lessons, more than 40 exercises, real success stories and interactive visualizations of algorithms in action. It can be completed in 15 hours.

6. Google Analytics Academy

This platform educates users on how Google’s measurement tools work and provides them with resources to make intelligent use of the data they collect. It has three courses: one for beginners, one advanced and an introduction to Google Analytics 360.

7. Google Ads Best Practices

More than courses, Google Ads helps users learn how to take full advantage of the benefits of AdWords (sponsored advertising service). Guides on how to generate traffic in stores with online campaigns or on how to choose the right keywords to position the ads successfully in the search engine, are some of those offered by the site.

8. Google Cloud Platform Big Data and Machine Learning Fundamentals

Through Coursera, the online education platform, Google offers this intensive course on the macrodata functions and automatic learning of the Google Cloud Platform. Although it has a cost, interested users can take it for free only as attendees. To do so, they must have at least one year of experience in topics such as data modeling, Machine Learning or Python programming.

6 Affordable Alternatives to Halloween Candy

Halloween arrives on 31st October 2018.

And in 2018, Americans are expected to spend $9 billion on Halloween purchases! And that’s a whopping figure. On average, the amount is believed to be $86.79 per person, according to the National Federation of Retailers. Of course, a large portion of that money will go to buy candy.

But what if your finances are a little tight this year?

Don’t deprive yourself of celebrating Halloween because listed below are some of these inexpensive alternatives instead of candy. Most can be found in the dollar store. Take note along with the estimated prices!

1. Phosphorescent vampire teeth

No matter what children are dressed when they knock on your door, they’ll love this fun accessory that glows in the dark. You can buy 10 for just $1.

2. Brilliant foam stickers

They come in the form of skulls, bats and other classic Halloween elements. For $1, you get 75 stickers.

3. Thematic pencils

This is a practical gift but very fun, as they have designs of spiders, pumpkins and the like. The approximate cost is $10 cents per pencil.

4. Plastic Rings

You can buy them in the shape of spiders, bats, skulls… Each child can choose their favorite and, like a vampire denture, it is an accessory that enhances any costume. You can get 50 for $1.

5. Phosphorescent Bracelets

Everything that shines in the dark is a Halloween hit, including these fun colorful bracelets. Just wait for the kids to knock on your door and then shake the bracelets to activate their glow. Buy 20 for $1.

6. Horrible Creatures

In the shop you can find a variety of animals and plastic creatures that are ideal for children. For example, a centipede that shines in the dark. Get 12 of them for $1.

Finally, keep in mind that another advantage of replacing candy with these gifts is that you can save those you have left over for next year.

How to Become Rich – What Millionaires Do

It’s not impossible to make a fortune, but it’s certainly a goal that requires hard work, daily habits, and patience unless you are inheriting a huge wealth.

So if you’re wondering how to get rich, here’s what several millionaires did.

Small Habits

Although it is difficult to notice in everyday life, the key to becoming rich would be in the details: small daily habits that will bring you closer and closer to success.

When people say they want to know the secret of success, most just want shortcuts. They definitely don’t want to hear a boring list of what are, essentially, daily habits.

However these “small habits will determine the success or failure of your life.

So here’s what successful people do to become rich.

Reading, the key to learning

They read everyday, at least 30 minutes a day, not only to entertain themselves, but also to acquire knowledge.

In addition, they seek to perfect their skills on a daily basis. To do this, they also listen to the comments of others (mostly peers) who observe and evaluate them.


They stay in touch with influential people and build strong relationships.

The goal? In the future they might help you open doors. They also listen to the advice of their mentors, people who guided them on their path to success.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

They exercise every day for 30 minutes or more and eat a healthy diet. If they keep their body strong, they can work longer hours. With a clear mind they are able to find creative solutions to the obstacles that arise.


They work hard every day to maintain a positive attitude, especially when obstacles arise. This effort often requires them to sacrifice time with family and friends.

Smart Business

Not only do they spend less than they earn, but they also invest their savings wisely. They carefully research all possible investment options before taking a risk.

You know, there’s no shortcut to getting rich, but it’s a daily effort, small details and habits that lead to success. Go ahead!

What is usually the first job for millionaires?

While some tend to boast their wealth, others choose to live frugally. But despite their differences, many of the richest people in the world would have this first job in common. Find out!

From sales to millions

Of the 100 richest people in the world according to Forbes, 53 began their professional life as employees of an organization. Of these, the majority (10%) took their first steps as a seller of products and services.

A recent study by the British recruiting firm, Aaron Wallis, says so. “It could happen that people who are familiar with business at an early stage of their career, take advantage of this to go further and be successful with (multi) millionaire businesses, later,” the study concluded, as compiled by Time magazine.

53 millionaires considered would have started working as:

  • Stockbrokers
  • Software developers
  • Engineers
  • Analysts
  • Accountants or another financial role.

Unlike them, on Forbes’ list, 30% of billionaires would have inherited their fortune, while the remaining 17% would have obtained it by establishing their own business.

Beyond the first job you choose, studying could also pave the way for you to make a fortune. Seventy-five percent of the world’s richest people would have a college degree, Aaron Wallis’ study indicates. Among them, the most chosen careers were:

  • Engineering
  • Business
  • Economy and Finance
  • Law

But the results suggest that people with an engineering or business degree have a better chance of becoming rich. For them, the effort would pay off!

2019: World’s 10 Best Countries to Live and Work – HSBC Survey

There are many things you can do to make more money and as 2018 is nearing to its end, you must have started thinking about how to make more money in 2019.

But did you ever consider moving abroad to increase your earning and quality of life? This big step could get you $21,000 more, on average.

This data, among others, reveals the new annual HSBC Expat survey, which lists the best countries to live and work in 2018, based on three factors as follows:

  1. Economy – Personal Finance, Local Economics, Career
  2. Experience – Lifestyle, People, Partner
  3. Family – Raising Children, Education and Childcare, Relationships

There won’t be a major shift in the ranking in 2019. And as 2018 is nearing to its end, you should start planning right now.

(Image source: https://www.expatexplorer.hsbc.com/survey/)

If you’re already starting to think about moving to another country in 2019, check out the top 10.

10. United Arab Emirates

It has a wide range of highly paid jobs, especially for young expatriates. Of course, a culture is so different from the West that it can be a barrier for many.

9. Taiwan

“It could be the best kept secret of the expats,” according to the HSBC report. It scored high in financial, personal, professional and family well-being. Salaries are not exceptionally high, but the cost of living is low, as per Business Insider.

8. Switzerland

Here, an expatriate could earn $203,000 annually: double the global average. But at the same time, the cost of living is high.

7. Sweden

It often appears among the lists of the best countries in the world in many categories, such as education or quality of life. But the expats warn that society can be closed and the climate is harsh, compiles Business Insider. At the same time, it would provide the best balance between professional and personal life, and is placed second place in the ranking in occupational safety. Besides, it would be the best place in the world to raise children.

6. Australia

“It offers expats a quality of life that they don’t want to leave,” says HSBC.

5. Bahrain

This small nation in the Persian Gulf is investing heavily in banking and tourism, so it could be a great destination for expats hunting for new opportunities.

4. Canada

It could not miss in this ranking. The North American country has set itself the goal of attracting 1 million expatriates by 2020. According to those who have already made that decision, it is easy to make friends and integrate into the local culture.

3. Germany

It would be the fifth best place in the world to raise children. Here, they work an average of 26 hours a week: 70% of expatriates said that their work-life balance was greatly improved. At the same time, the cost of living is high.

2. New Zealand

This country offers a great quality of life and is super safe. It has the second lowest crime rate in the world, compiles Business Insider.

1. Singapore

“It gathers everything an expat could want, in one of the smallest territories on earth,” summarized John Goddard, director of HSBC Expat, as compiled by the Bloomberg portal. It’s very easy to move to this country. You can enjoy living in the Far East, but still enjoy many aspects of your home in the West,” an expat told HSBC.

This nation ranked third in economics and fifth in experience. But the stress at work is high, according to expatriates.

Without Job? 3 Ways to Get Credit Card in India Easily

Being jobless is a financially difficult period for everyone especially when the person is the sole breadwinner of the family. This is the time, when an individual is in dire need of money. And in order to meet the day to day expenses or any other money requirement individual has to:

  1. Depend on own savings
  2. Liquidate/sell investments or assets
  3. Lend money from friends or relatives
  4. Apply for credit card
  5. Apply for personal loan

However no income is a biggest hurdle when applying for a credit card or personal loan. Because regular income is the only way to prove credit worthiness apart from credit score. However when you are out of job, the chances of rejection will naturally be high as chances of payment default are high, since you won’t money to pay them back.

So is there a way to get credit card without job?

The answer is YES. In India, there are following three easy ways to get credit card when a person is unemployed.

1) Apply for card against Fixed Deposit when you are without job

FD is considered to be the safest and zero risk investment product because of the guaranteed return. Investor can get good night sleep as his/her money will continue to earn money without risk. Although the interest earned is small compared to high risk – high return products, it is still a favorite avenue amongst risk averse investors.

However not many of us are not aware of getting a card against FD (i.e. secured card) is the most easiest way to get a card in India, especially when person is without job. All you need is certain amount of money in the FD and apply to get a card against it. Also, the deposit amount is not very huge. You can open a new account or use existing account to get secured card.

Below table shows list of banks offering secured cards against FD and the deposit amount required:

Sr. No.Credit Card NameMinimum Fixed Deposit Amount RequiredCard Issuing Bank
1SignatureRs. 10,000Andhra Bank
2PaylessRs. 15,000Development Credit Bank
3AspireRs. 16,000Central Bank
4CoralRs. 20,000ICICI Bank
5Instant PlatinumRs. 20,000ICICI Bank
6Insta EasyRs. 20,000Axis Bank
7AssureRs. 25,000Bank of Baroda
8UsecureRs. 25,000Union Bank of India
9UnnatiRs. 25,000State Bank of India
10SolarisRs. 25,000Kotak Mahindra Bank
11Aqua GoldRs. 25,000Kotak Mahindra Bank
12Advantage PlusRs. 25,000State Bank of India

The money kept in the FD account acts as a collateral and the credit limit is certain percentage (80%  – 85%) of the total amount. Other highly beneficial features are:

  • None of these cards required applicant to produce income proof and related documents. So even if you are out of job, getting a credit card is easy.
  • There are very minimal documents required.
  • There is no credit score check done at credit rating agencies.
  • Depositor continues to earn interest on the FD.
  • Credit score can be built up or improved
  • Card user gets cashback, reward points, airport lounge access, etc. similar to a regular card.

2) Add-On Card – Another option for jobless individuals

Also called as supplementary card, it is another way to get credit card without job. If any of your family member (spouse, children, father, mother) has a credit card and has been a regular payer with no default/usage within the limit, and has a good score. Then primary card owner can apply for a add-on card for other family members i.e. they become secondary card owner.

No income or job details of the supplementary card owners are requested by the issuer.

Following are the add-on cards that are easy to get:

  • PremierMiles – CitiBank
  • Regalia First – HDFC Bank
  • Aqua – Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • Urbane – Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • PVR Platinum – Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • Sapphiro – ICICI Bank
  • Signature – ICICI Bank

3) Pre-approved card

There is also a possibility that at the time of application individual is jobless but was working previously. In such a case, depending on your financial transaction history, bank may also pre-approve credit card. Check with your bank, whether they can offer pre-approved card.

Apart from individuals without job, the three options listed above are also best for following individuals:

  • Students
  • Housewives
  • Senior citizens
  • Who are in their first job
  • With poor credit score
  • No credit score

12 Easiest Credit Cards to Get Approved in India, 29 Cards for Rs.15000 Income

Keeping cash in wallet is always dangerous because of the risk of damage and theft, as the stolen money cannot be recovered. This is the reason people want to carry out payments digitally using credit or debit card, online transfer, mobile wallets, PayPal etc. Of all these payment methods, credit card is most convenient due to following reasons:

  • Most important one is that the user gets FREE MONEY each month. This feature is what attracts users to own a card.
  • Helps in building credit history
  • Saves money due to rewards, cash back, discounts, etc.
  • Highly secured
  • Accepted worldwide, etc.

Easiest Ways to Get Credit Card Approved in India

However FREE MONEY is the main reason why card issuers get many applications either for a new one or increasing the limit. However this does not mean everyone gets approval because of strict eligibility criteria which issuers put to avoid loss. But this does not mean getting a credit card is difficult.

There are easy to get credit card in India as mentioned below:

Supplementary Card

The first option without the user having to prove his/her creditworthy is add-on or supplementary card. It is similar to having a joint bank account. If your family member owns a credit card and has good repayment and transaction history, then he/she can apply for a supplementary card for his/her family members (spouse, parents or children). This is the reason why this credit card is easy to get in India.

The credit limit gets divided between the two cards (primary and secondary). Monthly bills are in the name of primary card holder and statement is consolidated.

However the name on the new card is of the secondary owner. Although this is a hassle free way to get card in India, using it irresponsibly will affect the credit score of the primary owner. So be very careful while using the card.

This card is best recommended for:

  • Students
  • Retired senior citizens
  • Housewives
  • Individuals with poor or no credit history

You can get following add-on credit cards easily:

  • Aqua – Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • Urbane – Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • PVR Platinum – Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • Sapphiro – ICICI Bank
  • Signature – ICICI Bank
  • Rubyx – ICICI Bank
  • Silver – HDFC Bank
  • Gold – HDFC Bank
  • Titanium – HDFC Bank
  • Unnati – State Bank of India
  • Simply SAVE – State Bank of India
  • Simply Click – State Bank of India

Note that there are many other cards and banks that provide add-on card. So if anyone in your family member wants a card, ask the primary card owner to contact the bank and apply.

Cards against Fixed Deposit

Secured card is also an easiest way to get credit card to get approved in India. All you need to do is open or use existing fixed deposit account and get card against it. The credit limit offered is 80%-85% of the FD amount kept with the bank. The biggest advantage is that there is no minimum income requirement and income documents, credit score is not checked. And other documents required are minimal.

Listed in the below table are the credit cards against fixed deposit in India and the minimum FD amount to be kept with the bank:

Sr. No.Credit Card NameMinimum Fixed Deposit Amount RequiredCard Issuing Bank
1SignatureRs. 10,000Andhra Bank
2PaylessRs. 15,000Development Credit Bank
3AspireRs. 16,000Central Bank
4CoralRs. 20,000ICICI Bank
5Instant PlatinumRs. 20,000ICICI Bank
6Insta EasyRs. 20,000Axis Bank
7AssureRs. 25,000Bank of Baroda
8UsecureRs. 25,000Union Bank of India
9UnnatiRs. 25,000State Bank of India
10SolarisRs. 25,000Kotak Mahindra Bank
11Aqua GoldRs. 25,000Kotak Mahindra Bank
12Advantage PlusRs. 25,000State Bank of India

Cards that Low Salaried/Income Earners can get Easily

The easiest way to get credit card in India is against salary account. The bank account in which employee’s salary gets credited every month can help in getting a card. However there is a myth that cards are approved to the individuals with high salary as they are credit worthy.

But there are many cards for low income individuals (salaried/self-employed) as listed in the below table. These are unsecured cards which means the risk to the issuers is high.

Sr. NoCredit Card NameMinimum Annual Income RequiredEquivalent Minimum Monthly IncomeCard Issuing Bank
1Coral 20,0001,667ICICI Bank
2Visa Classic for Self Employed50,0004,167Vijaya Bank
3Visa Classic for Salaried60,0005,000Vijaya Bank
4Classic for Salaried60,0005,000Syndicate Bank
5Classic for Senior Citizen60,0005,000Syndicate Bank
6Bharat72,0006,000Indian Bank
7India Card75,0006,250Bank of India
8Empowerment for Salaried80,0006,667Jammu and Kashmir Bank
9Canara Visa Classic / MasterCard Standard1,00,0008,333Canara Bank
10Visa Global for Self Employed1,00,0008,333Vijaya Bank
11Classic for Self Employed1,00,0008,333Syndicate Bank
12Gold for Senior Citizen1,20,00010,000Corporation Bank
13Visa Global for Salaried1,20,00010,000Vijaya Bank
14Freedom Card1,44,00012000HDFC Bank
15Bharat CashBack1,44,00012,000HDFC Bank
16Visa Gold1,50,00012,500Bank of India
17Visa Gold International1,50,00012,500Bank of India
18MasterCard Titanium1,50,00012,500Central Bank of India
19Visa Gold1,50,00012,500Central Bank of India
20RuPay Platinum1,50,00012,500Central Bank of India
21Gold1,50,00012,500Indian Bank
22Classic1,50,00012,500Indian Bank
23Platinum1,50,00012,500Indian Bank
24Gold for Salaried1,50,00012,500Syndicate Bank
25Empowerment for Self Employed1,50,00012,500Jammu and Kashmir Bank
26Axis Bank Gold1,80,00015,000Axis Bank
27RuPay Platinum1,80,00015,000Andhra Bank
28Gold for Salaried1,80,00015,000Corporation Bank
29Gold for Professional1,80,00015,000Corporation Bank

Note that, these credit cards are easy to get approved provided you meet other criteria as well, such as good credit score, proper documentation, etc.

So as you can see, there are three easy options to get credit card in India. And most of these cards offer cashback on fuel/grocery spend, bill pay, recharges, air and rail booking, etc. making them attractive.

But remember that, credit cards are easy to get only when credit worthiness is proven by:

  1. Having good income
  2. Good credit score
  3. Keeping some kind of collateral with the bank e.g. FD.
  4. Proper documentation

Save Money for IVF: Free Financing of 5 Lakhs, Low Cost Treatment, Insurance

Being a childless couple is painful for both mother and father. And as they say, there are solutions to every problem in this world. The same goes true with infertile couples. We’re talking about In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment here. IVF has turned out to be the last ray of hope for couples, when every option to have a child fails.

However IVF cost, which is more than Rs. 2,00,000 per cycle, makes it unaffordable for many, especially poor. Although there are financing options available in the market, the high interest rate further makes it financially unaffordable for low income earning families.

As mentioned above, there are solutions to every problem, there is a solution to the high cost involved in IVF treatment which is Save Money.

Listed below are the options available to save money for IVF and related medical procedures:

  1. Free financing
  2. Low cost treatment
  3. Health insurance

Free Financing for IVF

Government of Goa has launched “Matrutva Yojana” for women from Scheduled Tribes (ST) community. Under the scheme, financial assistance in the form of money will be provided to the married couples. Rs. 5 Lacs is provided for FREE. And the money can be used for medicines, medical tests/treatments, doctor’s fees. However the condition is that – couples are unable to conceive their first child after three years of marriage. To further reduce the burden, Rs. 25,000 will be given in advance for doctor’s consultation and medical tests/examinations.

Isn’t this a great option to save money as the cost is borne by the government?

Low Cost IVF Treatment at AIIMS

All India Institute for Medical Sciences (AIIMS) – New Delhi offers low cost treatment for IVF which is nearly 70% less compared to private hospitals and fertility clinics.

Here’s the table showing the medical cost for various procedures involved in IVF from AIIMS:

Above Image Source: https://aiims.edu/images/pdf/rate/IVF.pdf

Health Insurance for IVF

Another way to save money for IVF is buying health insurance. By making periodic premium payment, policy holder can get cover amount at the time of IVF treatment. However there are very few companies offering IVF insurance in India as follows:

  1. “One Health” from Magma HDI General Insurance Company Limited – The health cover offered is small upto Rs. 50,000 but has waiting period of 3 years.
  2. BMB Nirbhaya – Bhartiya Mahila Bank and New India Assurance
    Note: Bharatiya Mahila Bank (BMB) has now merged with State Bank of India. So whether this product exists or not, is not known.
  3. Fertility Insurance Scheme (IVF Suraksha) by CRAFT Hospital and Research Center – This is on a expensive side and requires individual to become member by paying Rs. 2,75,000. After that, series of treatments can be availed. However if the treatment doesn’t give positive result, the scheme will refund the money.
  4. ‘Family Health Optima’ – Star Health Insurance offers maximum coverage of Rs. 2 Lacs for various Assisted Reproduction Treatments – intrauterine insemination (IUI), Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), In-Vitro Fertilisation( IVF) and TESA / TESE (Testicular / Epididymal Sperm Aspiration / extraction)

Hope the above listed ways to save money for IVF treatment helps. Should anyone have any queries, please mention in the comment box below. And the same shall be answered as early as possible.