8 Benefits of Travel Card offered for Indians Going Abroad

Not everyone is able to travel abroad multiple times and is a dream come true for many of us. But whenever we travel, we want the best memorable experience with a complete peace of mind.

However one thing everyone wants is to save money wherever possible, be it at restaurants, hotels, air tickets, etc. But these savings are also largely possible through credit card or travel cards these days with each of these payment option having their own pros and cons.

However when it comes to saving money, travel cards always score above credit card. And here are the key benefits and features offered by travel card issuing companies/banks:

Easy Reloading:

Travel cards offer users a convenient way of reloading (i.e. adding money). Card user can load money in real time i.e. anyday and anytime as reloading service is offered 24*7. Moreover card can be loaded using smartphone or by any acquaintance residing at any location. Loading through smartphone is most convenient because it is the only device most of the people carry along with them whenever they travel. This feature particularly helps when user is travelling and balance in the card goes low.

Cross currency charges:

In case of travel card, when traveller loads money into the card at that time, forex rate gets fixed. And this rate stays the same until the trip ends. So fluctuations in the exchange rate is not a worry.

Load multiple currencies:

There are various cards out in the market which lets users to add multiple currencies. So irrespective of the country of travel, user can pay in local currency of that particular country. In short, user gets to carry a single card in their wallet with multiple currencies loaded.

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Common currencies which can be added are as follows:

  • US Dollar
  • Great British Pound
  • Euro
  • Canadian Dollar
  • Australian Dollar
  • Singapore Dollar
  • Japanese Yen
  • New Zealand Dollar and others.

Free Air Miles:

This is a money saving feature that comes along with travel card. Every international trip made earns free air miles for the user, which he/she can use during future trip.

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Travel cards comes with another exciting money saver feature i.e. issuing companies offer coverage for loss of passport or baggage, flight delays, and many other benefits.

ATM Cash Withdrawal:

This helps when cards are not accepted at the time of shopping. User can withdraw cash at ATM located abroad.

Free Replacement Card:

It’s very common that when travelling abroad card gets lost or stolen. In such cases, when cash is not available, having an additional card is badly needed. And this is what, card companies offer – free replacement card.


Travel card comes with many other freebies/discounts as well. Few common ones are joining bonus, discounts on booking air tickets, reward points i.e. earn while spend and few others depending on the card chosen.

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