When to Approach Insurance Ombudsman: 5 Reasons

When to Approach Insurance Ombudsman

With rising cases of insurance claim getting rejected or delayed with no fault of consumer, it has become very essential for policy holders to be aware of the reasons to contact insurance ombudsman in order to resolve any disputes. Here are some facts everyone must know about the insurance ombudsman:

  1. Policy holder can approach ombudsman office for all the personal insurance taken such as life, medical, auto, etc. But be aware that ombudsman does not take issues related to commercial disputes.
  2. If policy holders is having dispute with the insurance company in terms of premium being paid.
  3. Insurer is delaying settling of claim with no reasons.
  4. Insuring company has rejected the claim be it partial or fully with wrongful reasons.
  5. When the insurance company does not provide any document after the premium is paid.

The role of insurance ombudsman is to make things easier for the policy holders. Check out why claims get delayed/denied


Important Tips for Policy Holder

  • It is the duty of policy holder to provide as many documents possible while approaching the ombudsman in order to make the claim settlement faster as the battle lasts normally an year or longer.
  • Policy holder should control their greed and prevent themselves from falling into the traps by the insurance companies claiming to offer freebies, interest-free loans, ludicrous promises etc.

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