Double Money in India with 4 Zero Risk Investments

There’s a very simple rule which every health expert suggests – “Eat less and exercise more, if you want to lose weight”. Same fundamental applies to money i.e. “Spend less and save more”. Be it retirement planning or investment goal, sooner you start investing smartly, earlier you will reach your financial objective.

According to Rule 72 (Source: Investopedia)  – To find out number of years required to double your money at a given interest rate, you divide annual rate of return by 72. The Rule of 72 is widely used in financially industry.

So how does compounding work: Suppose you invest Rs. 100 in the year 2014 and get annual interest rate of 10%. After one year i.e. in 2015, you’ll get Rs. 110. In the next year i.e. 2016, interest rate would be applied on Rs. 110 and your investment will grow to Rs. 121. Similarly in 2017, interest rate of 10% would be applied on Rs. 121. And the calculation will go on. This way your initial investment will rise with time.

When will the amount double? Applying rule 72 to the above example, the formula gives 72/10=7.2. This means your money will double in 7.2 years, Rs. 100 will earn you Rs. 200. So higher the amount you invest consistently, higher will be your return. For e.g. Rs. 1,00,000 will become Rs. 2,00,000 in 7 years provided interest rate of 10% is given every year.

Investment options in India which doubles your money:

There are many investment products to double money in India. However following are the 4 options which are highly secured and ZERO risk. Here’s the list:

  1. Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP): It is one of the safest investment scheme which doubles your money in 8 years and 4 months (100 days). You can invest in KVP only at Indian Post Office. Annual interest rate offered is 8.7% and money can be invested in denomination of Rs. 1,000, Rs. 5,000, Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 50,000.
  2. Public Provident Fund: Ask your parents, where to invest money safely? And their answer would be PPF. It is amongst the most preferred investment product offering 8.70% interest rate (2014-2015). And you can get your money doubled in nearly 9 years. Although the interest rate changes every year, you can expect nearly double returns in 8-9 years. You can open PPF account in post office and almost every major Indian banks such as State Bank of India and it’s subsidiaries and others.
  3. Fixed Deposit Schemes: Almost every bank in India offers fixed deposit with interest rate anywhere between 8.25%-9.25%. At this rate, you can double your money in 8-9 years. So if you invest Rs. 50,000 with a tenure of 9 years, the maturity amount you’ll earn would be Rs. 1,08,620 assuming a fixed interest rate of 9%. Similar to PPF, FD account can be opened at post offices and most of the banks (public/private/co-operative).
  4. National Savings Certificate: This is also a safest investment scheme offering interest rate of 8.50%. So if you stay invested with Rs. 1000 for a period of 9 years, the maturity value would be Rs. 2,115. There is no maximum investment limit
  • baapu

    Is KVP rate of interest is more than the finantial bank fd rates? If yes than is kvp a more suitable for long time good returns . Is there other more good option for long term good returns. More than kvp

  • Vishal


    One time single investment cannot give good returns if you are expecting something very big at the end… Max short time returns would be in Stocks with risk attatched and also you can invest in some business

  • Rohidas

    I am poor family , I want Save for my future & for my baby future .But I want Invest only one time single investment Rs , 1000-5000/- only
    which I want good returan in short time , , please Gide me ,

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