“Do Not Retire” – Says Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara

Shigeaki Hinohara, the Japanese physician who lived 105 years always recommended: “Do not retire”

Life expectancy has increased in recent decades and it is actually a wake-up call for each one of us. And especially the one who have reached 55 years of age, one question for those: When would you retire?

This question is best answered by Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara who lived 105 years and has redefined ageing!

For those who don’t know who Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara is – This energetic man was a physician from Japan and most renowned and respected personality in Japan. In fact, he was considered as a national treasure who served his country’s people till he lived i.e. till the age of 105 years. He passed away in July 2017.

When he was 97, in 2009, Shigeaki Hinohara was one of the doctors and educators with more years of experience and service in the world, according to The Japan Times.

Hinohara worked since 1941 at St. Luke International Hospital in Tokyo, where he also taught, institution that was honorary director since 1990. And this is not enough, he also published about 150 books.

Hinohara died in July 2017 at 105 years. The doctor worked about 18 hours a day until the last months of his life and evinced his great passion for his profession.

Here’s the message from the respected Shigeaki Hinohara –

The Japanese doctor gave some advice on lifestyle in a 2009 interview with The Japan Times: “There is no need to retire, but, if you really want, it should be much after 65 years”. Why?

According to Hinohara, in Japan the current retirement age (65 years) was established half a century ago, when the average life expectancy in the country was 68 years and only 125 Japanese had more than 100.

“In Japan, women today live about 86 years and men 80 years. There are even 36 thousand centenarians in the country, “the doctor said in that interview.

Life expectancy and retirement

In the case of the US, most people stop working at age 63. However, to Suze Orman, personal finance expert, the new retirement age is 70 years, according to CNBC.

Orman has extended what Hinohara pointed in financial terms: As people live longer, the retirement savings should also last longer.

“If you stop working in your sixties, your retirement fund should be sufficient to feed you for about 30 years, not 15,” Orman says.

The secret? – “The energy comes from feeling good,” according to Hinohara. What do you think?

Irrespective of the country you live in, give a deep thought about retirement for a happy living during your golden years.

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