14 Part-Time Jobs for Seniors after Retirement in USA

If you want to stay active even after retirement, a part-time job may be the perfect answer for you. This way, you could also continue to make money during the golden years of your life.

So here are some great ideas to keep earning money after retirement for seniors:

1. Consultant

If you loved your career before retirement, offer your consulting experience, which involves fewer hours. The pay varies, but you can divide your old salary by the hours worked.

2. Tutor

It is an excellent choice for retired teachers. You can prepare students for exams such as the SATs, among others. The salary is about $17 an hour.

3. Sports Coach

If you love sports and want to share that passion with new generation, this job is for you. While it doesn’t offer a high salary, as it pays $14 an hour, it’s always good to have extra money.

4. Tax Preparer

If you have an accounting background, it may be an ideal option. In general, these people work long hours during the tax season, for a salary of $12 an hour.

5. Accounting Clerk

Surely you must know how to use some computer accounting software and also Excel spreadsheets. Your customers will appreciate your attention to detail and you’ll be paid $16 an hour.

6. Medical Biller

They are responsible for preparing, sending and tracking medical bills to patients. In general, companies prefer to hire people with a university degree. The salary is between $15 and $17 an hour.

7. Blogger


Do you like to write? This work requires minimal knowledge of technology and can be done from home. If you’re an expert on any subject, just get started. The salary will depend on the success of your blog, as companies would choose to advertise to those with more readers. You can also offer writing services to publication houses/website owners. There will be always a demand for quality writers.

8. Virtual Assistant

If you’ve worked as an assistant before and are comfortable with the technology, you can do it remotely and virtually. In general, this job pays about $15 per hour.

9. Customer Service

It’s another remote job, which can be done by phone or chat from home. It is based on counseling people who have problems with a service or product, and the wage is $13 per hour.

10. Pet Keeper

If you love animals, why not take care of other people’s pets when they’re not around? The good news is, this job is in demand year-round. Salary is about $13 an hour.

11. Driver

Companies like Uber and Lyft have made it much simpler: all you need is a clean, working car. The salary will depend on how much you work and the city where you live. But on average, a Uber driver earns minimum $700 a month.

12. Cashier

Depending on the time of year, stores really need to hire more workers. For e.g. during Christmas or Black Friday teh demand typically picks-up. The salary is about $10 an hour.

13. Craftsman

If you are skilled at creating or making crafts, such as carpentry, you can turn your hobby into a business. How much you earn will depend on the materials and the level of detail you have!

14. Translator

If you are bilingual, you could make a lot of money by working for companies or as a freelancer. Almost $20 an hour, according to PayScale.

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