7 Techniques to Achieve Success & Fame

Success and fame is something most of us live and fight for. Even those who say “I just want to live quietly”, at a certain point, they want to be successful and that is a fact. But we don’t usually know what to do or what techniques are needed to achieve that great goal.

Life is roller coaster ride. It is like a road full of obstacles that sometimes force us to take decisions lightly, right and wrong, depending on the time and place. But the goal is always the same i.e. to achieve a personal or professional success.

Reaching this end is complicated and does not depend largely on us, but on external factors that we can hardly control. Only by being aware that not everything is given away and that effort and work must be constant, we will know how to face the setbacks and recover with the strength to move forward.

In order to do this, there are 7 techniques that you need to have to assimilate and introduce into your day-to-day life in order to end up at the top. But these techniques are fundamentally centred on three pillars:

  1. Personality
  2. Communication
  3. Professionalism

These three elements are very important in the social development of the person, since they form part of the human ecosystem. And there are still tools that, if strengthened, will improve your social relations and help you to achieve fame.

This fame should not be confused with that of celebrities. While it is true that some have earned it based on effort and perseverance, others have been fortunate enough to inherit this social power with minimum effort.

Here we are going to focus on a popularity that has more to do with efficiency, the ability to do things well and to unleash a deserved recognition, whether at work, in the family or with friends.

Having clarified this, we are going to develop each one of the pillars in order to understand its meaning in depth.


People are what define you, a set of traits and qualities that mark your way of being and make you unique.

Many times we focus on resembling idols and people we admire without stopping to think that we hide particularities that, knowing how to exploit, can turn us into someone of value.

All you have to do is stop and think and review yourself. What do I stand out or am I good at? What can I contribute to others and to the world?

Surely you have plenty of answers to these questions, just identify your strengths and make the most of them.


Communication is undoubtedly a very important characteristic. Introverted and shy people don’t usually succeed in life because they unconsciously restrict their communicative abilities which prevents them from climbing the social pyramid and strengthening their effective-communicative ties with the rest of the people.

However, knowing how to express yourself well, synthesizing the fundamental ideas to give a reasoned argument and possessing a certain eloquence will help you achieve many purposes in your daily life.

Even in this digital era, where many of the communicational relationships happen on social networks, the exchange of information and conversations is more necessary than ever.

Why? Because it is necessary to adapt the language to totally different canons and provide us with the right tools for effective communication, whether you are a person or a company.

In this sense, there are agencies that dedicate themselves to carrying out a personalized follow-up in order to highlight the communicative points in which individuals fail in order to improve them and push entities and companies to the highest level.

Therefore, a communication agency can be an excellent coach providing you with the necessary tools to enhance these attributes.


It is the third and last characteristic that cannot be missed in the puzzle of success.

Being a professional is not easy and requires a lot of work, time and passion. When you do things because you like them, you don’t encounter any impediments and the results are always satisfactory. We enjoy doing what we love.

The key is to give an unwavering focus to everything we do. In fact, there will be times when we don’t feel like doing something. Things we don’t sympathize with, but we’ll have to be patient and set an optimistic objective, so that the task when accomplished isn’t boring or annoying.

Imagine, for example, what you will achieve later, or add a plan or later proposal that motivates you to undertake what you dislike.

7 techniques to take you places

We have explained these three characteristics that everyone should take into account. And the list below details the seven techniques through which you will be able to go far. Some advice that will try to strengthen these three pillars, which are, after all, the foundations that sustain everything else.

1. Resilience: the ability to solve problems and adapt

We all make mistakes and have difficulties. However, most of the time we don’t have the courage to face these problems and we choose to flee, avoid or ignore them. Nothing is worse than that.

Accommodating everything and clinging to the law of minimal effort is not a solution. Sometimes, facing setbacks requires leaving our comfort zone, so you should always see an error or problem as a signal for improvement.

It is often said that you learn from the mistakes and it is true. It will always be engraved in your mind and you will hardly stumble upon the same stone if you take note of what it has given you.

This makes you see those problems as opportunities, that’s where resilience resides. When you have such an optimistic view of this, he will learn to take advantage of it.

Don’t get stuck and drag the faults. As a person, you evolve and so do your successes and failures.

Therefore, it is useless to think for hours about your mistakes if they are not going to affect you later. Focus on what is really important and draw all the benefit from these experiences.

2. Find out what your passion is and stay motivated

Getting to the top will be easier if what you do is pleasant and fun for you. The effort is obvious, but that work or effort should not turn into suffering.

First, you have to define a series of realistic goals and objectives, always in the short term. Be sure that you are going to achieve it.

Second, don’t forget to clearly define what you want in order to be motivated. No one who has achieved success has ever said it was simple.

As with everything, there are ups and downs and a lot of bumps before you get to the top. It’s a good strategy to believe it and be self-motivated in these cases, something you’ll achieve by being optimistic.

3. Discard your defects and keep your virtues

Criticism and self-criticism are processes that can help you improve as a person. Both can be constructive and serve as a guide.

Once you have identified goals, guide your abilities to achieve them.

Are you good at writing, talking, computer skills…? Highlight your talents and give them the value they deserve. They may be necessary in your social life and at work. You must stop wasting time on what doesn’t work out or you don’t do well and reinforce your talents.

At this point, perseverance is also essential. Never throw in the towel, for the best is always to come.

4. Don’t forget to communicate with transparency and brevity

We need communication to achieve things on different planes. It is the sustenance that feeds our relationship with others. You must bear in mind that problems always appear when there is no communication between individuals.

Transparency, clarity and brevity set the guidelines for the achievement of goals at both the personal and business levels.

Strengthening your skills in this sense will help you gain concretion, assertiveness and persuasion to communicate effectively the values, objectives or intentions you intend.

In addition, talking about anything, including problems, helps to improve and prevents conflicts from festering, making it much more difficult to solve them over time.

Much of the problems in couples, between people or companies is due to lack of communication, as we try to hide the problems and do not go to the stage to apologize and rectify when we make mistakes.

This is a very common situation in companies, which tend to err when it comes to solving a crisis that, due to mismanagement. This ends up diminishing their prestige.

Following an adequate communication strategy helps to avoid making these mistakes and to extract the best from it.

5. Control your confidence and have will power

Think positive. You’ve probably read Rhonda Byrne’s book The Secret. It’s a bestseller which says that positive things can change results, as if it were a law of attraction.

Logically, just thinking positive doesn’t make you healthier or guarantee you’ll never get sick. But it’s a wild card that helps you do things with passion and energy.

If you visualize yourself triumphing or acquiring what you propose, it will help you to move forward and do things with sufficient motivation. This is the only way to make you feel like it.

Also, you should not abandon confidence in yourself. As it will serve you to work better, without forgetting the advice and comments of all those people who can bring another perspective to what you do. Because there are times when we do not realize if we are doing the right thing.

Willpower is a very important factor to keep in mind. This is an exercise that not everyone is capable of doing, but it works. Without willpower we run the risk of abandoning our goal as soon as we run into some difficulty.

You have to know that the success you are trying to achieve leads to stubbornness. Because it would not be worthwhile to achieve anything easily. Everyone who has achieved fame in life is because he has fallen several times and has risen again to continue with his dreams. He has not ceased in his efforts.

6. Surround yourself with courageous and sincere people

Don’t forget your own. Among your closest supporters surely there is someone with some wise advice or words of encouragement that will help you walk head-on.

It is not easy to find these people, but they are fundamental allies. There are some who will know how to bring out your good side. Therefore, always stay away from the toxic people who just want you to do wrong and bring out the worst in you.

Get to know yourself and ask yourself how many and what kind of people you want to surround yourself with. If you align yourself with successful, hardworking and positive people, you will be infected by their personality.

Attitudes and moods are transmitted. We are constantly influenced by other people’s opinions, which affect our behaviour, and we tend to pay more attention to those who are negative than to those who are positive.

Your goal is never to feel bad about what they may think or say about you. So it’s a good idea to look for friends or colleagues who highlight your values.

7. More than being yourself, arm yourself with sincerity

Everyone has feelings, emotions and secrets that, for social reasons, shame or for not offending people, we tend to hide.

Being yourself can bring problems, because it often involves saying what you think. In this respect, it is convenient to do a measurement exercise. And without deceiving anyone, express what you feel or what bothers you about others to help repair it.

One of the keys to success is to be honest in a measured way, without getting to hurt the feelings of those around.

Lies, on the other hand, always gum up and end up tarnishing your reputation.

These are the most important tips that should accompany you in your daily life, whether at home, at work or with friends. You must work on them step by step, since they do not get stronger overnight.

Achieving success and fame means a great effort, but knowing your abilities and limitations, as well as with the help of these techniques, you will know how to go the best way to achieve your goals.

Your goal is closer than you think!

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