Ban on Rs. 500 & 1000 Notes: Advantages, 15 Impact Points, How to Return Notes

In one of the biggest reform in the history of India was announced LIVE on television by honorable prime minister Shri Narendra Modi on 08 Nov, 2016 – i.e. Ban on Rs. 500 & Rs. 1000 currency notes with immediate effect. This is one of the most bold decision taken ever. The announcement lasted for 40 minutes and was first addressed in Hindi and then English.

What is the action taken?

  • Rs. 500 & 1000 currency notes will be banned from midnight of 08 Nov, 2016.
  • Banks and post offices will remain closed on 09 Nov, 2016. And from 10 Nov onwards people can start returning Rs. 500 and 1000 notes in banks/post offices.
  • Very soon Rs. 2000 currency notes will be made available for usage. It will bear image of Mangalyan launch. Here’s the new Rs. 2000 snapshot:

New 2000 Rs. Note in India

  • New version of Rs. 500 will also be available for usage by Indian government. Here’s the image of the new Rs. 500 currency note bearing red fort in the background:New Rs. 500 note - 2016
  • At max, Rs. 20000 can be exchanged from bank in a week of Rs. 500 & 1000 notes.
  • The new notes are expected to chip enabled which will store information on how each notes have been circulated.
  • There is a cap of daily exchange of Rs. 10000 from bank in return of Rs. 500 & 1000 notes.
  • An individual can withdraw not more than Rs. 2000 per day from ATM. The ATM cash withdrawal limit has been raised to Rs. 2500 per card.
  • Documents required while asking for exchange is ID proof like PAN card, Aadhaar card, election card from 10 Nov – 24 Nov. Daily exchange limit is capped at Rs. 4000.
  • Withdrawal limit increased: For current account the weekly withdrawal limit has been raised to Rs. 50,000. For savings account the weekly withdrawal limit has been raised to Rs. 24,000.
  • Special waiver for farmers: They can withdraw upto Rs. 25,000 per week for crop loans. Also there is a extension given for paying the crop insurance premium to 15 days from the normal last date.

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Warning by the government released on 09 Nov, 2016: Anyone depositing cash over Rs. 2.5 lakhs threshold between 10 Nov, 2016 till 31 Dec, 2016 could attract tax plus 200% penalty if there is a income mismatch and eventually a case of tax evasion. Every account held by an individual will be checked against the cash deposited. Amount below 2 lakhs is anyways below taxable income and no action would be taken by income tax department on such individuals.

Latest update on demonetization: Government announces Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Deposit Scheme. Black money holders being given another final last chance to declare their undisclosed income.

What would be the impact because of this decision and who is most likely to suffer?

  1. Although the decision is in the favor of the whole country, the impact will be seen on individuals/businesses who accept/use cash only payment mode. This might affect common man the most and economy might get destablise for a while. But it would be for better India.
  2. If someone is getting married/have arranged any function this week/next; will face trouble because cash transactions involving Rs. 500 & 1000 notes won’t be accepted.
  3. Those who have limited currency note of lower denomination will have to face trouble while purchasing items like vegetables, groceries, and others. Common man will be directly impacted.
  4. Share market is likely to see the impact because of this decision. Stock prices will shoot higher.
  5. Impact is Rupee will be on a positive side as it will strengthen as the time passes. Inflation will go down which will benefit poor and middle class people.
  6. Indian who are currently travelling to some other countries and won’t be visiting India in the next 50 days will suffer. As they won’t have option to exchange money.
  7. Investments in gold and jewelries will increase as trust on currency will go down. More people will try to convert paper into gold. It will eventually increase investment in the government’s gold monetization scheme.
  8. More and more businesses will be organized those who accept paper money only such as small jewelers, hotels etc.
  9. Rise in plastic money like debit card, credit card, online transactions is evident.
  10. New opportunities will open up for poor and middle class people.
  11. Reach of real estate, education and health care will expand.
  12. Funding for arms, smuggling, terrorism will take a blow. This is most important advantage to the country.
  13. Circulation of counterfeit currency will see the end soon.
  14. Since ATM withdrawal will have limit, it will result in additional charges for those who use it multiple times.
  15. Shortage of Rs. 100 notes will increase.
  16. Those who do not have debit/credit card, online payment services such as internet banking will have to bear some pain.

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Which currency notes have not been impacted?

Notes & coins of Rs 100, Rs 50, Rs 20, Rs 10, Rs 5, Rs 2 and Re 1 will not be impacted.

Why such an action was taken in a short notice?

There is no reason provided by the government for such immediate effect. However the decision was taken to prevent the illegal financial transactions such as fake currency, black money, corruption and money laundering which has been India as a whole for years. Removal of big currency is the first step in preventing illegal financial activities.

This big decision was not taken in a day or two. Lot of research was done in the initial phases to arrive at this conclusion. Moreover according to the estimates by the world bank and various Indian and international agencies, the estimated size of shadow economy in India is near to 20% which has been badly impacting the economy.

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Note: Please avoid exchanging these notes from vegetable/fruit vendor & others who may not be aware of this ban. They will end up taking note from you but may not get an exchange from somewhere else. There is a big section of Indians who are void of TVs, internet and other mediums and may not be updated of this change and the impact.

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Is the acceptance of these notes illegal across India from 08 Nov, 2016 midnight? Where will these notes be accepted?

  • No. In some government hospitals and medical facilities these notes will be accepted till 11 Nov, 2016. They can also be used for booking bus, train & air tickets at the counters.
  • Even petrol and diesel station, CNG stations run by public sector companies will accept the notes for the next 72 hours.
  • Government recognized co-operative shops, kendriya bhandar, ration shops and diaries will accept the notes.
  • Those who are traveling abroad can exchange the old notes at international abroad. But cap is of Rs. 5000.

How to return the notes held and till what period?

Individuals have been given a time to return the notes either at banks or post office before 31st December, 2016 (total of 50 days). Post that, if someone wants to return the notes, he/she can provide ID proof and submit the notes. But the last date for this would be March 31, 2017.

Currency note holder can also exchange these notes in return of lower denomination notes at designated banks and post offices.

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This boldest decision is therefore being termed as the BIGGEST SURGICAL STRIKE AFTER INDEPENDENCE. Remember that some decisions are taken for a better future. And this is just the beginning.

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  • Harshad Prajapati

    Hi team,
    Can you please tell me exactly why is it good to ban a 500 and 1000 Rs note?

  • हरिओम मिश्र

    आज तक भारत में न ऐसा प्रधानमंत्री हुए थे न होंगे। हमे आप पर गर्व है मोदी जी।

  • Vishal Patel

    Hi Team,

    Would you please provide me what are the advantage & disadvantage of money change? I want give brief description to my team.

  • Rohit Menon

    I am a big time supporter of BJP and a big fan of Mr.Modi…and support the move 100% ..still I have couple of questions.

    My questions are, even though understanding the steps taken to reduce corruption, black money,busting terrorist ops…

    How would it help in the future if they are going to be new 500, 1000, 2000 notes to be introduced? Wouldn’t there be people who would do it again what they did in the past.

    Shouldn’t they have circulated more of lower denomination notes in rural areas and concentrate more on plastic currency in urban areas
    Never found a satisfactory answer on news channel… would you have one?

    • AllOnMoney.Com

      Hi Rohit, Very good questions. My personal opinion below:

      Firstly because of this move, the corruption will definitely reduce. Although not completely because miscreants will still emerge and they will find ways to trick the system as usual but they will be very careful. But the scale at which corruption is today will certainly go down. Because every person will think twice, what will happen if I ask for a bribe and what if I give bribe? Will I get caught? Moreover the new higher denomination notes is believed to have a security feature, so reproducing counterfeit notes will be impossible. Plus, you never know what would be the next government move. Also, people will initially have “limited quantity of new notes”, so if a real estate developer asks for Rs. 50 Lakhs, no consumer can pay it in cash due to non-availability of cash in that many quantity. Hence people won’t/cannot pay black money (i.e. in cash) to the developer as they had been doing in the past. And builder cannot ask to pay all the money via online transfer otherwise he’ll have to pay taxes. And even if someone pays via cash, he’ll get caught because he would be asked source and reason for getting such big sum in cash.

      Check out the benefits of currency bank on Indian economy.

      Your suggestion for circulating lower denominations in rural areas is fantastic as India’s remotest places still have no access to banking and it’s various services. For e.g. Northeast regions. People from these regions will suffer. Therefore for ensuring smooth functioning, SBI has announced cash being airlifting from Calcutta to NE regions so that there is no shortage of Rs. 100 notes. Two helpline numbers have been activated for the people from these regions viz. 0361-2237596/ 2237979.

      Reg. plastic currency, it’s demand is expected to increase. However banks do not offer plastic money (e.g. credit card) to every applicant. They do thorough back ground check which involves getting your credit history record from CIBIL. And then decide on approving any credit card or loan application. However demand for debit card and digital wallets such as PayTM and others will definitely increase, which will give boost to digital India initiative.

  • kashish

    a very nice decision smartly taken by prime minister…hope for a better future

  • Jose

    Excellent action indeed !!! Thanks to our Prime Minister

  • Ravindra

    What is the assurance that Over the period of time blackmoney will not be regenerated ? And if it does than 2000 rs currency will be beneficial for black marketers ?

  • satish

    Can you elaborate your view on this statement –
    “Abroad travelers who may not be visiting India in the near time might suffer”.

    • AllOnMoney.Com

      Dear Satish, Suppose you are in USA and are planning to visit India in April 2017. Assuming you have these currencies in the form of hard cash with you in India or USA. How will you get it exchanged? You will have to either ask your friends/relatives to get it exchanged after giving them consent letter. However there is a limit to which it can be exchanged and they might not be of much help to you since they might be also in the process of exchanging the notes. Hope you understood. Thanks for the query.


    An Very Good decision by Narandra Modi

    Mahesh.N Mandya

  • aditya prakash

    I m big supporter of modi ji. I. e. Our prime minister

  • Ravneet

    Correcting a minor mistake.
    Its 31 March 2017 not 2016

  • HItesh Soni

    May You Explain the Effect of Baning and Reissue on Share Market, Also Why This Effects Share Market.
    What are the circumstances where any people Fails to Change Old Notes Before 31 March 2016

    • AllOnMoney.Com

      Dear Hitesh, investors who do cash transactions while buying physical shares will face trouble. So this will directly impact the trading amount. If anyone fails to change the notes before 31st March 2017, then hopefully government won’t accept such notes. Also no shop, vendor and others will accept the notes. So it would be a worthless piece of paper. Government has anyways given ample amount of time to every Indian to disclose all the income.

  • Dr. G. Viswanathan

    Very nice and bold decision. We have to bear the initial difficulties for the sake of nation welfare

  • kailas Narale

    Periodically changes of currency is one of activity of reserve Bank
    to keep economy balance
    action taken is correct Black money if not reported value will be Zero
    national benefit that old note if not deposited in Bank it will zero value
    Economical Purification drive by Reserve bank it is very very essential to stop
    black Money
    impact of this operation common Man support surly
    PM Narendra Modi planned to operate from six month
    systematic operation will increase value of nation
    I am Happy 100 % for this operation
    it give satisfaction to common man

    Power of Black money will be ZERO after 50 days

    reserve bank to increase RS 100 notes and Rs 50 should available to avoid inconvenience of day to day activity of common man

    [email protected]
    pune -India
    Jay Bharat Mata ki Jay

  • Shaikh Amzad Gulam HUSEIN

    An excellent decision by modi,hope it raise our living standards..

  • Mini.S

    “Post that, if someone wants to return the notes, he/she can provide ID proof and submit the notes. But the last date for this would be March 31, 2016.”

    I believe you meant to write March 31st 2017??

  • kotla jaswanth reddy

    Thanks for important. Information

  • Akash Chheda

    Good job, creating such insightful article in such short time
    In third last para please correct the date as 31st march, 2017

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