13 Credit Cards for Grocery Shopping in India with Reward Points

There are credit cards for almost every usage which includes fuel purchase, travel, entertainment, and many others. As more and more merchants online and offline are going digital, the demand for cashless economy is set to rise in India. And after demonetization, the usage of plastic money is certainly going to boost.

According to the report by India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), the retail industry is expected to reach USD 1 trillion by the year 2020.

Grocery or day to day purchases are very common and every one wishes to buy stuffs which offers discounts or offers. Although in India, cash transactions is widely used, there are individuals who make use of credit cards for everyday purchases. Listed below are the cards for grocery shopping:

Card NameIssuing BankNo. of Reward Points
SimplySaveState Bank of India10x per Rs.100 spent
BuzzAxis Bank5% off at Flipkart
6 eDGE Loyalty Reward Points on every Rs.200 spent online
2 eDGE Loyalty Reward Points on every Rs200 spent
Rubyx American ExpressICICI Bank6 Payback points on every Rs. 100 spent
Coral American ExpressICICI Bank2X Cash rewards
Coral & Rubyx MasterCard ExpressICICI Bank4 Payback points on every Rs. 100 spent
IndianOil Citibank PlatinumIndusInd2x with every Rs.150 spent
SolitaireHDFC Bank3 reward points for every Rs. 150 spent
Diners clubHDFC BankDouble Reward Points on Grocer, supermarket purchases
3 Reward Points on Rs 150 spent
FreedomHDFC Bank5% Cash back
Prosperity CashbackYES Bank5% Cashback
Prosperity CashbackYES Bank5% Cashback
IndianOil Citi Titanium & Platinum CardCitibank1 point per Rs. 150 spent
EssentiaKotak Mahindra Bank10 Saving Points for every Rs. 100 you spend

Things to look for while buying credit card for grocery in India:

Easily redeemable: Every point you earn on shopping should be easily redeemable either in cash or gift card or others. But prefer a card which offers cash option.

Acceptance at majority of supermarkets or local or small grocery stores: Read terms and condition of the card mentioning the supermarkets/local stores where card is accepted. Ideally you should buy a card which is accepted at most of the stores irrespective of the size.

Low interest rate: If you are heavy shopper and solely rely on credit cards for grocery or any other type of purchase, then buy a card with low interest rate. Because a single missed or delayed payment will carry a charge in the form of interest rate. Check out few cards which offer low interest rate.

Zero annual fee: Although it is very difficult to find credit cards with zero annual fee which offers cashback or reward points. But if your sole intention of buying a card is very general then you can look for these cards with no annual fee.

Who should buy credit cards for grocery shopping?

Normally in India it is women who takes care of grocery shopping in India be it online or any store. So those who are frequent shopper should buy such cards. Check out cards for housewives in India.

Such cards are more recommended for heavy shopper. Those who do not spend much on grocery shopping should avoid buying card with the purpose of just grocery.

Buy such cards as an add-on card for someone with no credit history. With timely full payment, this can help in building credit history for individuals with no credit in the past.

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