28 Credit Cards with No Joining Fees in India

Benefits offered by credit cards are like some club memberships wherein the members giving higher contribution are offered more benefits. And same is the case with credit cards, higher the joining fees greater are the rewards and vice-versa. Higher income earners can afford to pay the joining fee and get cards. But what about people with low income earners who are not capable pay joining fee but still want to buy credit card? For such category of individuals, many banks offer credit cards with no joining fee which can help them in building credit history. Check out credit cards for poor salary individuals. Here is the list of banks in India offering credit cards with no joining fees:

Bank NameCredit Card Name
Kotak Mahindra BankEasyday Silver Card
Kotak Mahindra BankBest Price Business Card
Kotak Mahindra BankFortune Gold Card
Kotak Mahindra BankFeast Gold Card
Kotak Mahindra BankEasyday Titanium Card
ICICI BankInstant Platinum Credit Card
State Bank of IndiaSBI Dena Bank Secured Card
State Bank of IndiaSBI Maruti Card
HSBCPlatinum Credit Card
Bank of IndiaIndia Card
Axis BankMy Zone Credit Card
Andhra BankVISA Platinum
Bank of BarodaBOBCARD Assure
Canara BankVisa Classic
Canara BankMastercard Standard
Central Bank of IndiaTitanium Credit Card
Central Bank of IndiaAspire Credit Card
Ratnakar Bank LimitedGolf World Card
Standard CharteredVisa Infinite
Standard CharteredPlatinum Rewards
Standard CharteredEmirates Platinum
Standard CharteredInner Circle Platinum
HDFC BankMoneyBack Credit Card (Life Time Free, if applied through bank website)
HDFC BankAll Miles Credit Card (Life Time Free, if applied through bank website)
HDFC BankRegalia Credit Card (Life Time Free, if applied through bank website)
HDFC BankDiners Premium Credit Card (Life Time Free, if applied through bank website)
HDFC BankDiners Rewardz Credit Card (Life Time Free, if applied through bank website)
HSBCPlatinum Card
Condition for SBI Maruti Card is that if spend on card is greater than Rs. 2,000 within the first 60 days of card issuance, then joining fee is waived. Before opting for any card, make sure you are aware of following important fees charged by the banks, although there are many other charges:
  • Annual fees: There are many cards with zero annual fees but after completion of 1st year annual fee is applied and many card owners are not aware of this. So select a card, which does not put hole in your pocket and carries low or no annual fee.
  • ATM Cash Withdrawal: One of the biggest differences between debit card and credit card is that on debit card there is no charge on cash withdrawal from the ATM provided number of withdrawals are within the limit. However every cash withdrawal from ATM using credit card carries charge depending on the amount.
  • Late Payment: This can be either a fixed charge or small percentage of the amount withdrawn.

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